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Active Combat Zones ravaged DMZ . . . and Operators who resorted to friendly fire learned quickly that they should not cross the Shadow Company.

In fact, that faction has some new missions for Operators:


Shadow Company Tier 3, 4, and 5 Missions

“I don’t make threats, I make guarantees.” — Phillip Graves, Shadow Company CEO, Modern Warfare II

Shadows are Oscar Mike.

Three tiers of Shadow Company missions will be available following the Reloaded update. These missions include acquiring a Heavy Chopper or an MRAP, extracting leftover gas canisters from the Observatory’s underground lab, and going face-to-face with a Commander known by his call sign “Rhino.”

For your efforts, there are [[REDACTED]] rewards waiting for you, including some that can be carried forward to Modern Warfare III.


Communications Station Additional Upgrades

In addition to unlocking Urgent Missions for all five Factions, Operators can unlock additional permanent benefits by completing new Communication Station upgrade tasks in Season 05 Reloaded.

These upgrades include lengthening the duration of UAV Tower and SAM Sites, so be sure to see what Mission Objectives are needed to get these in-match boons.


Patch Notes for Rebalancing, Other Additions

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