Warzone™ 2.0 Season 03, Including Tips and Tactics

Weapon Detail: FJX Imperium

Weapon Blueprint: “Dead Center” (Sector C17 In Battle Pass)

Since its first version in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 (2009), the FJX Imperium is a mythical Sniper Rifle that rewards accurate Operators with lightning-quick elimination potential. The weapon’s recommended attachment setup is built for more traditional sniping roles, as it kits the FJX Imperium for steadiness when aiming down sight and phenomenal accuracy at longer ranges.

If you have the hand-eye coordination, try “quickscoping” with this weapon, aiming down sight just enough to see a target down range, then firing and scoping back out. This allows for high mobility before or during engagements, which is ideal for an aggressive style of play.

FJX Imperium Full Loadout Recommendation

Secondary: Combat Knife

Perk Package: Bomb Squad, Battle Hardened, Focus, Ghost

Equipment: Proximity Mine, Shock Stick

Field Upgrade (If Applicable): Tactical Camera

Whether you need a fast way to move around the map or a blink-and-they-miss-it fisticuffs melee option, the Combat Knife is a formidable combination with the FJX Imperium. A Sidearm is also great for those not ready to play around with melee options — we especially recommend the automatic X13 Sidearm (or one of the two new ones coming at mid-season) for this job.

The Perk Package, Equipment, and Field Upgrade recommendations are all built for a traditional sniper playstyle. Bomb Squad and Battle Hardened are great Perks due to their protection against enemy equipment, and Focus allows you to aim while holding your breath longer, which is ideal for making long-range shots. Ghost rounds out the Package as an all-around great Ultimate Perk against enemy UAVs and other reconnaissance tools.

The Proximity Mine and Shock Stick are two great defensive equipment pieces that can cover your flank or make a high-traffic area tougher to navigate. Also, a quick pro tip: Both of these equipment pieces have special water properties…

As for the Tactical Camera, it is useful when placed in a high-traffic location. At the very least, it will warn you when enemy players are in its field of view, and at best, you can take a break from sniping and call out enemy positions by tapping into the camera remotely.

Mode Spotlight: Massive Resurgence

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