Warzone™ 2.0 DMZ Season 03 Overview

By far one of the largest changes to DMZ since its launch, Active Duty Operator Slots are a critical part of this experience’s core value of taking calculated risk for incredible rewards.

At the start of Season 03, every player will have three Active Duty Operator Slots, which equates to three separate Operators that have their own on-soldier items. These items include your Backpack, Plate Carrier, Killstreaks, Self-Revive, and Gas Mask. You are free to swap around who these Operators are in your Active Slots, so if you have a Default Operator skin for a while and pick up Alejandro or Valeria in the Battle Pass, there is no need to worry about losing that Active Duty slot’s progress.

Before launching into a match, you choose which Active Duty Operator you bring into the Exclusion Zone. Whatever they bring back that is not part of the global loadout – Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Lethal, Tactical, and Field Upgrade – is only for that specific Active Duty Operator. That means Contraband Weapons are shared between Active Duty Operators, but not Keys.

As we suggested in our Announcement blog, Active Duty Operator slots allow for strategies around designated Operators for specific Missions or supply runs. Another way to think about it is that Active Duty Operators are like “lives” in DMZ, but again, remember the core part of “taking calculated risks” part of DMZ. Each Operator life is separate and can easily go back to barebones.

In other words, using just one main Operator – like in DMZ prior to this update – may limit you to strategies like building up every Operator to full strength on scavenging runs, then using them all, if necessary, to knock out a difficult Mission or secure a Weapons Case.


New Equipment – Plate Carriers, Backpacks, Rebreather

What will those Active Duty Operators bring back from Exclusion Zones? In addition to the abundance of existing on-soldier items, there are a few new items that are coming in at launch and during the season:

New Backpacks – Secure and Scavenger

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