Tips for Beating the Heat during the Days of Summer Event

Complete 12 Tasks to Unlock the Purifier – H20 Skin

If you recall The Forge trailer, you noticed the Purifier – H20 skin, a water-based skin for the Purifier Operator Skill that douses your enemies with water like a giant toy spray gun rather than in flames.

How can you unlock this, as well as other cool items and XP? By completing challenges – the full list of which is here:

·      Play 3 Juggernaut Matches   

·      Play 10 Juggernaut Matches   

·      Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Kill 15 Enemies on it  

·      Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Play 5 MP Matches with Friends on it  

·      Kill 30 Enemies in Juggernaut Matches   

·      Stay Online for 15 min in total   

·      Stay Online for 30 min in total   

·      Stay Online for 45 min in total   

·      Stay Online for 60 min in total   

·      Play 3 Gunfight Matches   

·      Send 5 XP cards to Friends   

·      Play 5 Kill Confirmed Matches

All and all, these tasks are fairly straightforward and won’t be too much of a challenge for a seasoned veteran. Still, here are our top five tips for completing them:

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