The Modern Warfare® Season Five Battle Pass is Now Live

Three Wartracks : Hop in your vehicle and instantly hear music courtesy of Wartracks, a new customization item for vehicles. You’ll get three songs, including the pulse pounding ‘Sepulchre’ Juggernaut song, that plays for you and your squad whenever you drive a vehicle. Equip war tracks in the Vehicle Customization menu (similar to Battle Horns) to have them queued up and ready for the ride. 

Rodion ‘Archangel’ Skin: Operator Rodion joins Lerch in the Shadow Company, donning the new ‘Archangel’ skin to show off his allegiance. Complete his Operator Mission to unlock the ‘On Guard’ and ‘Sable’ skins, the ‘Deleted’ voice quip, and the ‘Shadow Ops: Rodion’ calling card.

Seasonal XP Boost: Purchase the Season Five Battle Pass to reap the benefits of a 10% XP boost that lasts the entire Season.

This is just what you get to start, and there’s a whole lot more to earn through 100 tiers of content.

1300 Call of Duty Points

Unlock up to 1300 COD Points just by playing the game. That’s enough for next Season’s Battle Pass or can go towards picking up a new Operator or blueprint bundle in the Store. 

New Free Base Weapons

Expand your loadout choices with two new base weapons, free to earn by all players.

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