Wrapping Up Season Five with a Triple Double Weekend

Top Rank Up Tip – Triple Double Weekend!

Although I usually break down the seasonal Operator Challenges at this point in the season, I can imagine that plenty of players are already making the most out of their Battle Pass well before this season is over.

Plus, there’s a more pressing tip that needs to be talked about: the Triple Double XP event that will send Season Five out with a bang.

As someone who was at different stages of ranking up across the board – some seasons I wasn’t at Max Rank by this point, while others saw me lag behind on Battle Pass progress – I wanted to lay out an extremely simple, four-step plan of attack for this weekend, so that no matter where you are on this rank up journey, you can finish the season out strong.

Here’s my personal checklist for the end of the season:

1. Get to Max Rank

The most obvious benefit of a Triple Double XP weekend is a double earn rate for XP.

That also includes XP earned from Trials and Challenges, so if you have any leftover Trials tickets or have yet to clear every Weekly challenge, go out and make the most of this XP boost across the board.

This also brings me to “1a” on my checklist:  finish all 100 Officer Challenges.

I detailed ten of them that I felt were the hardest in a previous Rank Up Report, with the rest being a matter of time and proper preparation. Given all the XP rewards on offer, however, you’ll want to complete these challenges on the road to Max Rank, especially during this Triple Double event.