Welcoming in Season Five, Shadow Company and Multiplayer Tips

I ironically named it Benevolence. It has the Bloodlust blueprint as its base, and keeps its pre-configured Heavy Barrel and No Stock attachments. 

Then, if you have the The Uprising blueprint from the Season Two ‘Insurgence Store’ bundle you can attach, then customize, the Snatch Grip and Tac Laser to get a contrasting, yet sleek, look. Finally, the added Monolithic Suppressor takes on its appearance from the Forester blueprint, found in ‘The Gardener’ Store bundle released during Season One.

In terms of stats, the barrel and muzzle significantly extend the weapon’s highest damage output range, with the barrel also helping with recoil control. The Snatch Grip and Tac Laser also help with recoil control and increase aim down sight (ADS) speed, and No Stock allows for both faster movement and ADS speeds. 

Configured as such, this LMG has an emphasis on fantastic damage range, and is built for overall balance, if you can deal with its high recoil potential – despite three attachments helping it – and its iron sights. 

If you need to better control its recoil, mounting on a piece of cover will help significantly. However, once you learn its high and side-to-side recoil pattern, you might just be able to master this weapon like I have.