Modern Warfare III Is Officially Live Worldwide — Play Now!

Massive congratulations to all of the many incredible and talented developers across our Studio teams who made Modern Warfare III possible:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is published by Activision. Development for the game is led by Sledgehammer Games, in partnership with Infinity Ward. Development for Modern Warfare Zombies is led by Treyarch, working closely with Sledgehammer Games. Additional development support provided (in alphabetical order) by Activision Central Design, Activision Central Technology, Activision QA, Activision Shanghai, Beenox, Demonware, High Moon Studios, Raven Software, and Toys for Bob.


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Primary and Secondary Weapons Detail for Modern Warfare III

Within a specific modification menu, or the Show Details submenu of a specific mod, is another option: Filtering. This allows you to fine-tune a weapon using only the statistics that are particularly important to you. You can:

            Filter by statistic: This allows you to further compare attachments of the same type (i.e., an Optic, Barrel,  or Muzzle) with each other in regards to one, two, or up to seven of the main statistics. You can turn the filter off and on, allowing easy comparisons between mods , to further hone your own individual meta.

         Filter by Attachment: You can also filter to show only attachments you’ve unlocked, or those you still need to unlock, so you know the granular information of an attachment before you fit it onto your armament. You can filter by Aftermarket Parts, too, as appropriate.


Weapon Tuning Removal

With the additional statistical knowledge you’re able to receive while swapping between modifications, providing an impressive amount of incremental weapon meta building, Weapon Tuning has been removed, a feature that appeared in Modern Warfare II. This change to Weapon Tuning applies to both MWII and MWIII weapons that utilize modifications.


Modern Warfare III Launch Comms Continues

Be sure to check back at the Call of Duty Blog between now and launch, as we confirm in-game content and offer deep dives on both Multiplayer and Zombies. Here’s what to expect prior to November 10:


Blog 1: Pre-Season Preparation: A look back at Intel Drops, confirmation of Preload and Early Access Times, and confirmation of the rewards you receive for playing the Campaign. Read more here.

Blog 2: Mapping Out Multiplayer: Details on the launch modes (3v3v3, 6v6, and 32v32), Additional Mode Intel, all the launch maps (both Core and Ground War), Carry Forward Maps, and the Modern Warfare III Operators from SpecGru and Kortac. Read more here.

Blog 3: Fully Equipped: A Deep Dive into Loadouts (MP, MWZ): Gear up for the evolution of Perks, with detailed confirmation on all the launch Equipment, including Vests, Gloves, Boots, and Gear. Tacticals, Lethals, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks are also confirmed. Read more here.

Blog 4: Upping Your Arsenal: Primary and Secondary Weapons (MP, MWZ): You’re reading this Blog!

Blog 5: Cosmetic Customization: Weapon Camos (MP, MWZ): Could this be the biggest weapon progression feature in Call of Duty history? We detail the immense Multiplayer and Zombies Camo Challenge and Weapon Mastery system for your MWII and MWIII arsenal! Coming soon.

Blog 6: Modern Warfare Zombies: Launch Content Overview: Join Operation Deadbolt, learning about the Mission structure, your Equipment and Zombies Field Upgrades, Acquisitions and Schematics, Acts, Tiers, Rewards and what to find during your deployments to the Exclusion Zone. Coming soon.



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This is the Modern Warfare Zombies Content Overview

The Vest, Gloves, Boots and Gear Perk system is not available in Zombies. Instead, receive a permanent boost (throughout a Mission, unless you fully die) to various in-game attributes by finding (or crafting) a Perk-a-Cola:


Deadshot Daiquiri

Aiming down sight moves to enemy critical location. Increase enemy critical damage.


Death Perception

Obscured enemies, chests, resources, and item drops are more easily spotted.


Elemental Pop

Every bullet you fire has a small chance to apply a random Ammo Mod effect.



Increases maximum health.


PHD Flopper

Diving to prone triggers an explosion. The explosion increases the higher you fall. Immunity from fall damage while diving. Immunity from area-of-effect damage from weapons you are using.


Quick Revive

Reduce the health regeneration delay time by 50%. Reduce the time it takes to revive an ally by 50%.


Speed Cola

Drink to reload and replate armor faster.



Increases run and sprint speed.


Tombstone Soda

On death, you create a tombstone stash at that location, containing your backpack inventory in the next game.


Ammo Mods

Modern Warfare III on Twitch and Earn Rewards in Modern Warfare III

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Modern Warfare, Including Warzone – A Store Bundle Refresh Featuring Mace!

A week after the massive Season Three update, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® is getting another shipment of new bundles in the Store.

Whether it’s a fresh and frightening new Operator skin for Mace or weapon blueprints fit for a fight, here’s what’s live now in the Store for this week:

Mace: Guns Blazing

Mace is back, and he packs a punch to add to your loadouts.

‘Mace: Guns Blazing’ bundle features the ‘Undertaker’ skin, a new set of threads that makes this vicious operator look even more menacing. Also included is a new voice clip and Finishing Move for Mace, a watch, weapon charm, calling card, emblem, and three new weapons: the Epic “Coffin Nail” Combat Knife, the Legendary “Garrote” blueprint, and the Legendary “Drawn and Quartered” blueprint.

A Brief Breakdown on Mace’s Arsenal

The Drawn and Quartered blueprint for Assault Rifle Juliet for superior accuracy at range with multiple attachments that boost the weapon’s aiming stability and recoil control. Specifically, the Compensator helps you wrangle in the weapon’s vertical recoil, and the FSS Blackjack is great for reducing idle sway.

The included XRK CZEN Mk2 boosts your effective range slightly, making this weapon deal its max damage at nearly another dozen meters out. Topping this blueprint off is an extended magazine, which will give you enough bullets per mag to deal with a whole squad… or maybe two.

In general, this blueprint is a great weapon for mid-range engagements across Warzone and Multiplayer. Just remember: that Tac Laser is visible to enemies, so aim down sight only when it’s necessary!

Like Drawn and Quartered, the Garrote takes Submachine Gun Golf and configures it with attachments that make it easier to handle at the slight cost of mobility. You’ll have less trouble keeping that aim steady and that recoil under control with the FTAC Precision Field Stock, 300 mm Poly Barrel, and Tactical Foregrip.

Throw those three attachments together with a sleek 45 Round Mag and a picture-perfect Viper Reflex sight, and you have a weapon that can deal sustained damage even at a dozen meters out. That’s great for Warzone matches where you need a reliable option in close-quarters, but also out in open fields in a pinch.

Those who purchased the Season two Battle Pass and completed it may want to combine the Drawn and Quartered blueprint with the Shadowsight for a weapon that is a balance between accuracy and speed, or the Undertaker with the Garotte for an SMG that is an all-around lethal weapon. 

While You’re in the Store…

… why not pick up some of the other awesome bundles that were released today?

The Plunder Pack offers a boatload of new Vehicle Skins so you can show off all over the Warzone, Multiplayer, or Co-Op. Get the full lowdown on this new bundle here.

In the blueprints section, you can find the all new Avant-Garde bundle, fit for the artist or the art aficionado out there.  

The shotgun and SMG included in this bundle are splattered with lime green paint. It is truly a bold and brash paint job that’ll accent the true masterpiece that any disaster artist in training wants to make out in combat.

And, if you haven’t picked them up already, check out some of the other bundles that are rotating in the store right now from previous weeks.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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For more information and the latest intel on Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, check out: and follow @InfinityWard and @CallofDuty on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

For more information on Activision games, follow @Activision on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: SKS

Unlocked at Tier 31 in the Season Three Battle Pass, the SKS is a hard hitting and agile weapon that focuses on utility over accuracy, featuring a faster fire rate than the other marksman rifles. Its unique Gunsmith options give you the power to tailor this classic DMR into a weapon that best fits your playstyle, whether you’re looking to up its punch at range or boost its handling speed and mobility.

Whether you’ve already unlocked the SKS or you’re still working up the early tiers, this weapon detail will help you make the most of this versatile rifle. Read on for weapon tips and an in-depth look at the Legendary Utility Tool blueprint, as well as two suggested loadouts for Multiplayer and two for Warzone so you can dominate with this weapon no matter where you play.

SKS Overview

The SKS comes equipped with 20-round magazines firing 7.62x39mm ammunition. It’s got a fast fire rate, but don’t think that means it doesn’t pack a punch. Well-placed shots will make quick work of enemy players, and with the rifle’s manageable recoil and healthy ammo supply it’s forgiving as well when you need to fire several shots quickly.

Add Gunsmith into the mix and you’ve got a whole range of directions to take this rifle in. Kit it out with a long-range optic and a damage extending barrel for sniping duties, or build an on-the-move setup using the Sawed-off Stock and the lightweight 10 Round Mags for improved movement and ADS speed. With this versatile weapon, there are endless configurations to suit your needs in battle.

Blueprint Review and Loadout

Utility Tool

Available at Tier 100 in the Battle Pass, the Utility Tool Legendary blueprint is as deadly as it is gorgeous, featuring a golden dragon design that perfectly exemplifies the weapon’s lethality.

Try this setup when you first lay hands on the Utility Tool:

Primary: SKS — Utility Tool (Tier 100)
FTAC Landmark, Tac Laser, PU Scope, FTAC Hunter-Scout, 10 Round Mags

Secondary: Renetti w/ Mk3 Burst Mod (Tier 15)

Perks: Warzone: Cold-Blooded, Ghost, Tracker / Multiplayer: Scavenger, Ghost, Amped

Field Upgrade: Stopping Power Rounds

The PU Scope’s 7x magnification is ideal for sniping support, offering a clear precision picture that works well at mid-range, too. The FTAC Landmark improves the rifle’s damage range and bullet velocity for those long-distance engagements in Ground War and Warzone, with the FTAC Hunter-Scout adding stability to ensure that each shot hits its mark. And it’s snappy, too — Tac Laser and 10 Round Mags vastly increase the weapon’s handling speed so that you can react in a flash when timing matters most.

If the enemy attempts a flank, knock them down using the powerful Renetti with the Mk3 Burst Mod, and then get back to sniping. In Warzone, the blueprint’s high magnification and damage range extend your lethality against distant targets, whether you’re in a shootout between buildings in Downtown Tavorsk or taking aim at a squad on the move between zones. Our suggested Warzone perks ensure a low profile with tracking abilities.

The SKS has the handling speed to compete against the higher rate of engagements in Multiplayer as well, especially in mid- to large-sized maps or along any of the long sight lines that can be found in every map. Here we replace the first and third perks with Scavenger and Amped to keep you loaded and switching weapons fast when the need arises.

In Warzone, while the clear PU Scope still functions well at closer ranges, we suggest Overkill with an assault rifle for an automatic fire option during heated close- and mid-range engagements. Equip Cold-Blooded to prevent being highlighted in thermal optics and Spotter to help you and your squad home in on enemy strongholds. In all modes of play, Stopping Power Rounds transform the Utility Tool blueprint into an absolute killing machine.

Two Warzone Loadout Suggestions

1. Raid & Plunder

Primary: SKS
Scout Combat Optic, Bipod, SKS Rifle Stock, 30 Round Mags, Focus

Secondary: Renetti

Perks: Double Time, High Alert, Battle Hardened

Field Upgrade: Deployable Cover (*Field Upgrades can be equipped in Plunder loadouts)

This mid-range loadout is ideal for the fast-paced action in Plunder as well as Battle Royale when you’re escaping the gas or on the move completing Contracts. The Scout Combat Optic lends a precision picture that functions well from a variety of distances, with added stability from the SKS Rifle Stock to help hit moving and far off targets. Crouch or go prone to deploy the Bipod’s recoil control when you really need to zero in. 30 Round Mags minimize your downtime, and Focus keeps you on target when taking damage.

Switch to your pistol of choice for CQB or replace it with another weapon found in the field. Double Time helps you reach power positions more quickly while High Alert reduces your chances of being flanked — tell your squad when it pulses to fend off new threats together. Battle Hardened takes the edge off incoming tactical grenades. In Plunder, Deployable Cover lends protection in a pinch when you’re spotted in the open.

2. On the Move in Verdansk

Primary: SKS 
22” DSS M59/66, Integral Hybrid optic, Sawed-off Stock, Commando Foregrip, 30 Round Mags

Secondary: Launcher

Perks: Double Time, Hardline, Amped

Field Upgrade: Recon Drone (*Field Upgrades can be equipped in Plunder loadouts)

While there is always an opportunity to pick off players at a distance, many engagements, particular during the final circle, happen up close. This SKS configuration gives you a highly agile and devastatingly effective marksman rifle for both the beginning and the end of a match. Paired with a Launcher, feel free to take out enemies on the ground, above, or absentminded cruisers who enter your sights.

The Integral Hybrid gives you the flexibility to switch between fights up close and at range. Your perks all up your mobility and empower you to be even more dangerous in the field. Double Time will help you escape the gas or get behind cover in a pinch, Hardline will lessen the price for Killstreaks when you need them, and Amped ensures you can switch to your Launcher faster to eliminate a vehicle-based foe. 

Two Multiplayer Loadout Suggestions

1. Done For

Primary: SKS
G.I. Mini Reflex, Compensator, Commando Foregrip, 22” FSS M59/66, FMJ

Secondary: Launcher

Perks: E.O.D, Ghost, Amped

Killstreaks: Counter UAV, Cruise Missile, Sentry Gun

Field Upgrade: Munitions Box

What you give up in speed you make up for in recoil control, stability, and damage range in this Multiplayer-focused Gunsmith configuration. The G.I. Mini Reflex paired with the recoil minimizing Compensator and Commando Foregrip ensure highly stable and precise fire over successive shots. The 22” FSS M59/66 barrel maintains the rifle’s high damage output in long-range fights, and FMJ makes it more difficult for the enemy to find a safe haven behind cover.

Use your launcher to keep the skies clear of enemy threats, and against stronger aerial killstreaks follow up your missiles with shots from the FMJ-enhanced rifle — choppers and VTOLs aren’t such a threat now, are they? Equip E.O.D. for valuable explosive defense, especially useful in Hardpoint, Headquarters, and Domination. Ghost keeps you off the enemy radar and Amped minimizes downtime between launcher shots. The Munitions Box will keep you stocked when you’re on a streak.

2. Out in a Flash

Primary: SKS

Flash Guard, 16” FSS Para, Tac Laser, Sawed-off Stock, Sleight of Hand 

Secondary: Pistol

Perks: Quick Fix, Hardline, Tune Up

Specialist: E.O.D., High Alert, Battle Hardened

Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

Handling speed and mobility are the key points here. The SKS’s clean iron sights are used instead of an optic, with Flash Guard reducing muzzle flash so that you don’t lose your target while firing. The rapid handling speed and mobility come from the combined use of the 16” FSS Para, Tac Laser, and the Sawed-off Stock, all working together for a huge boost in ADS and movement speed, with Sleight of Hand as the fifth choice for speedy reloads.

Quick Fix keeps you healthy between fights, Hardline provides faster access your Specialist perks, and Tune Up to increase the number of times you can use Dead Silence when coming up behind enemy players. The Specialist perks all boost your defensive capabilities, so that the more kills you get, the harder it is for the opposition to exact revenge. This is a great loadout for fast-paced game modes like Kill Confirmed and Cranked.

This is just the start of the possibilities available to you when using the SKS marksman rifle. Have fun using this weapon once you earn it at Tier 31 in the Season Three Battle Pass system, and keep tinkering in Gunsmith as you earn weapon levels to master its near infinite possibilities.

We’ll see you online.


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A Guide to Season Three Trials in Modern Warfare® PT 1

Season Three remixed some classic Trials from previous seasons to create the most interesting, and potentially most difficult, collection of challenges yet for those who want to trade in their Trial tickets for a shot at a boatload of XP. One Trial ticket will allow you three tries at the best time in each Trial, with a three-star ranking giving you 10,000 XP. 

Don’t forget that a three-star ranking could reward a whopping 22,000 XP with both the 10% Battle Pass XP and Double XP activated. If you know your way around these Trials, you can earn that XP in only a few minutes of your time.

Gun Course

Make your way through the course as fast as possible while clearing all enemy targets and avoiding civilian casualties.

*** = :40

** = 1:00

* = 1:30

Season Three’s Gun Course takes place on Vacant, which we broke down in-depth here. There are two versions of this Trial: one with smoke throughout the complex, and one without. 

We highly recommend playing the smokeless version first, as there are no differences between the two outside of the smoke, which makes it more difficult to identify targets.

You have the following weapons at your disposal:

·      Handgun (Starting) – A great secondary, recommended weapon.

·      Shotgun – Double-barrel bullpup. Not recommended.

·      SMG – 10mm rounds and high mobility. Recommended weapon.

·      Assault Rifles – Three in total. Pick your poison, all are solid. Recommended weapon.

·      LMG – A high damage, but slower fire rate comparative to assault rifle; not recommended.

If you choose an assault rifle or SMG, consider changing the firing method to semi-auto to conserve ammo and place accurate shots on those one-hit targets.

Above is Vacant’s layout, with five numbers corresponding to the five areas you’ll travel through. 

1: Six targets, two civilians. Hit multiple moving targets at once to increase your accuracy past 100%. The last of the six targets pops up before the double doors.

2: 11 targets, two civilians. Thoroughly check this room for hostiles.

3. Three targets, one moving civilian. Avoid the civilian. 

4: Seven targets, two civilians. Check Offices and Atrium for hostiles and look up through the skylight to find one of the targets.

5: Seven targets, two civilians. Clean up and sprint for the finish!

In total, there are 34 targets. Getting 100% accuracy shaves five seconds off your time, so speed and precision is key to a three-star ranking.

Marksman Challenge

Engage waves of long-distance targets and beat the clock. Missed shots burn time.

*** = 4,250 Points

** = 4,000 Points

* = 3,500 Points

This Trial has two versions: One with Sniper Rifle Alpha (the semi-auto sniper rifle) and one with Handgun Echo (the hand cannon). Both take place on Euphrates Bridge against 37 total targets, some of which have flashlights to mimic sniper glints.

Remember, hitting targets only account for 3,700 points, the rest is up to seconds remaining at the end of each wave and each wave gets progressively harder.

Also, only in the sniper rifle version, civilian targets will appear, and shooting one will subtract 100 points from your score. Hitting just one of these means you must save an additional 10 seconds across the four waves in order to make up the point differential, which hinders your ability to get three stars.

In order to get that three-star ranking, you not only have to avoid the distraction of sniper glints, but also track down moving targets. Save time and hit targets when they line up for multiple collateral hits.

Ultimately, practice makes perfect; learning where the targets are across all the waves will be key to getting a three-star ranking. Once you gain this knowledge, that 10,000 XP reward is all but yours.

These are our tips for the two of the latest Trials available in Season Three. Stay tuned for Part 2 and good luck getting that three-star ranking reward. 

See you online!


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A Guide to Season Three Trials in Modern Warfare® PT 2

In our first deep dive into Season Three’s Trials, we covered the Gun Course and Marksman Challenge.

Looking for even more XP rewards? Get our tips and tricks on Shooting Range and Risky Parkour to help max out this Season’s Officer Ranks. 

Shooting Range

Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition.

*** = 0:30

** = 0:45

* = 1:00

Season Three’s two locales for the Shooting Range Trial are Docks and Stack.

These two Shooting Ranges have different target locations and weapon choice, so  the way an Operator should tackle these is wildly different; let’s begin with Docks:

Above show the number of targets in each area – 40 total –  that are found across Docks. Note that there are three targets on top of the bridge, and six under it.

Despite the three targets atop the bridge, consider staying on the ground level. There are no targets deep inside the buildings, and an Operator can easily walk from the starting location to the east and hit every target on the way.

Here’s your arsenal, as well as our recommended picks:

·      Sidearms – Two in total. One has a 13-round mag, which is our recommended secondary weapon.

·      Assault Rifles – Five solid choices. Recommend switching weapon to single fire mode to prevent overshooting.

·      LMG – A slower fire rate compared to assault rifles; not recommended.

On Stack, consider “stacking” (hitting multiple at once) targets with the help of wide-barreled shotguns. Whenever possible, aim down sights and position yourself in front of multiple targets. If you do it right, you can blow away two, three, or even four targets at once.

Your accuracy bonus here can be remarkable – potentially at 200% – which will let you shave serious seconds off your final time.  In other words, with enough practice, you can easily crush the 30 second clear time for a 10,000 XP bonus and then some.

Risky Parkour

Move through each checkpoint and finish the course as quickly as possible. (Destroy mines blocking your path and) Beware of the heavy toxic gas on the low ground.

Risky Parkour is back and riskier than ever thanks to Proximity Mines.

Mines are only present in two of the Risky Parkour variants: Gun Runner and Piccadilly. The other variant of this Trial, Hackney Yard, has you using a Riot Shield against active enemy Operators. 

Hackney Yard

*** = 1:00

** = 1:15

* = 1:30

In theory, this is a super-quick route through the Warehouse of Hackney Yard. However, those four numbered points have active hostiles. 

You can either move when they reload and bash them with the Riot Shield, or use your two Throwing Knives on hand to deal with them from a distance. Be warned: you only get two of them, and if they miss the mark, you may have a hard time getting them back.

The beginning section could trip some players up, as you’ll be walking along the walls for a bit. Tread carefully with your Riot Shield, then, if you can, chuck a Throwing Knife at the first enemy.

The rest of the course is straightforward and forgiving. Just take down those tangos and sprint to the finish.

Gun Runner

*** = 0:54

** = 1:02

* = 1:11

Gun Runner is the first of the two mine-filled Risky Parkour courses and could be described as the easier of the two. 

Note that the red X’s indicate where mines are. You must shoot them before your approach, otherwise, they will pop up and explode, killing you if you are standing up, and badly damaging you if you are crouching.

At start, shoot the first mine before leaving the truck at spawn. This will save you a little bit of time. After hopping into the building, you’ll crawl across the catwalk, shoot another mine, and pop out onto the roof.

When hopping across the trains, try landing on the corners of the red coal cars, as their checkpoints are generous enough to allow you to hit them and jump to the next one. Remember to destroy the mines before jumping, throughout, and avoid touching the ground at all costs. 


*** = 0:45

** = 0:50

* = 1:00

Arguably the hardest of the three parkour courses, Piccadilly will take you across very narrow platforms.

From the start, you should shoot the first two mines: one is directly in front of you, the other is on a police vehicle to the right. 

The homestretch could be described as a gauntlet, with two mines and a few precise jumps across vehicles and crates. Try sweeping the mines first before jumping, and if possible, run as far ahead of the clear time as possible through the first through sections before going through this trickier finish.

Above all else, be careful when making jumps around the map, especially on the central buses. It’s easy to miss platforms or slip down onto the street, where the gas will deal damage and give you a time penalty. 

With these tips, we hope you earn three-star rankings and reap the rewards. 

Feel free to share your best times with the community and stay tuned for more Trials guides in the future.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Hardhat

“The only truth I found is that the world we live in is a giant tinderbox. All it takes…is someone to light the match.” – Captain John Price, Call of Duty®: MW3

A familiar construction site towering over an urban landscape will signal home for veterans of the Call of Duty franchise. For those experiencing it for the first time, Hardhat – yes, from Call of Duty: MW3– will welcome you in for fast-paced skirmishes regardless of the game mode.

Whether it’s locking down the Bulldozer to hold an important objective flag, or smoking out Operators skulking within pipes, Hardhat looks like a CQB player’s paradise with tight corners and two main interior chokepoints. However, mid-range builds and sharpshooters alike can take over the map by finding key lines of sight to command lanes and force action elsewhere.

This is your Tactical Map Intel for Hardhat:

Lay of the Land:

Previously, Hardhat was set near the first main Campaign level of MW3: “Black Tuesday”, a mile or so from Downtown at a construction site.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Hardhat takes place at an Operor Construction site in London, England on Day 157 of the global conflict. At 10:30 a.m., both Allegiance and Coalition members arrive at opposite ends of the block to investigate the area after an anonymous tip brought them here.

Unfortunately, it seems as if it was a false alarm to distract our Operators from the true fight at hand… Or maybe those containers and piles of construction material hide an actual threat.

Most everything that a veteran remembers about Hardhat is here: the big yellow Bulldozer, the massive wall held up by support beams, a busy Central Building, and, of course, the big concrete Pipe that connects the north side of the map to the south.

Map Detail:

Hardhat is a medium-small sized map that is suited for 6v6 playlists. Action will be fast-paced and take place within unfinished buildings, underneath scaffolding, and even in concrete pipes, but there are also multiple lines of sight that snipers can use to counter run-and-gun players.

Here are the 13 distinct zones that this map contains: 

1. Offices – Coalition Spawn

2. Elevator Structure

3. Support Beams

4. Dumpsters

5. Scaffolds Building

6. Center Building

7. Bulldozer

8. Pipes

9. Concrete Formwork Building

10. SUV

11. Stairs Building

12. Cherry Picker

13. Containers Area – Allegiance Spawn

Map Overview

The following set of maps detail the entirety of Hardhat, including the zones, the locations of important areas in different game modes, and a topographical image. Swipe or click left or right to see them all:

Map Zones Overview:

1. Offices – Coalition Spawn

The usual spawn area for Coalition members is comprised of two inaccessible office trailers and a stack of construction materials. At the beginning of the match, Coalition Operators will want to rush out of here towards the Pipes, or around the Elevator Structure and Support Beams to the Center Building.

Because of Hardhat’s size and design, spawn areas aren’t considered especially “safe”, meaning an enemy can just as easily flank you here as if it were just another zone.

With that in mind, use the center stack of materials to take cover from enemy bullets, or to help make unusual movement patterns to try and throw off their aim.

2. Elevator Structure

This massive block of concrete separates the offices from the Support Beams, creating two lanes down to the massive metal wall on the map’s east side.

Use either lane to move to-and-from these zones or trick an enemy into chasing you around this square structure. The slight inclines do offer a slight advantage to those coming from the Offices, but it’s not too dramatic to completely make those on the low ground sitting ducks.

Another cover piece of note is the stack of concrete blocks shown above; it’s a great place to mount a weapon and cover this zone, or the Support Beams area. Be warned, however, that a well-placed equipment piece can easily catch someone who gets too comfortable on these blocks.

3. Support Beams

Several support beams hold up a massive metal wall that separates this construction site from the rest of London.

Here, one could use the concrete bases for temporary cover, but it may be too small to hide an Operator for too long. Ultimately, this area is a transition zone to the Center Building, Dumpsters, and Elevator Structure, with a wide open playspace for big team fights to take place.

Furthermore, because this is one of the few areas with little overhead covering, this is a popular spot to drop an aerial Killstreak, such as a Cruise Missile. Keep that in mind when travelling through here.

4. Dumpsters

A few dumpsters and crates mark this zone between the Scaffolds Building and the Support Beams. As you would expect, these objects make great cover pieces, or a place to quickly stop, reload, and recover health.

Just don’t get too sucked into the back corner of this zone, as it offers little advantageous views and may leave you cornered by enemy players. Also, because it’s out in the open like the Support Beams zone, be prepared for aerial Killstreaks to rain down from above.

Those who have an elite arm may want to chuck lethal and tactical grenades to the east through the support beams of the Scaffolds Building, as you may just hit someone at the Bulldozer area. Remember this the next time an enemy team is giving your squad a lot of trouble in that popular zone.

5. Scaffolds Building

An unfinished building marked by scaffolds makes up the southwest-most zone of Hardhat.

This is where Coalition members will probably run to in objective game modes. The Bulldozer area is a hot spot, as it offers great lines of sight over the map’s southern route. The stack of crates shown above is one great place for a mid or long-range weapon user to lock down this lane; hop up on those crates and use the concrete wall for cover as you aim down the Bulldozer zone into the Containers Area.

Within this area, due to its layout, CQB weapons can easily knock out those sharpshooters, using the walls and crates for cover as they slink through to other zones.

6. Center Building

A square-like building with little cover outside of overhead protection, the Center Building will most likely descend into absolute chaos within a minute of a typical game on Hardhat.

While trekking through here, make sure the doors are closed to avoid long-range fire, or keep them open if you are a sharpshooter looking to clear this room out. CQB weapons reign supreme in this confined space, but you may have to bring some extended mags to deal with all the enemies that can show up here.

If you’re looking to get a high ground advantage, the center generator is climbable up to a point, allowing you to get a unique vantage point to the outside, or at very least, help you throw off an enemy’s aim.

7. Bulldozer

The southernmost zone of the map contains a big yellow bulldozer.

Unassuming at first, this area can offer great sightlines into the space between the Pipes and Central Building, or over to the Containers Area. Use the open spaces in the Bulldozer – the window frames and gaps between parts – to get unique lines of sight past the dozer while also maintaining cover.

This is where the B Flag in Domination, and several other objective points across multiple modes, lives. Be aware that this area is in the middle of two zones with great vantage points, making capturing an objective without a Smoke Grenade or Trophy System difficult.

8. Pipes

A long concrete pipe connects the center area to the map’s north side.

Notorious for being a sniper’s dream sightline on either end, this fast track to the center or outer limits is most often dangerous territory. It’d be wise to lob a grenade through the pipe, or over it, using concrete pillars as backboards to nail enemies on the other side.

Pipes also contains a small outdoor area and alley between the Center Building and Bulldozer, a prime place for mid to long-range weapons to counter aggressive CQB players. When running through this area, check those corners often, and try to avoid this hotly contested zone if you aren’t ready for a fight.

9. Concrete Formwork Building

A mostly open area with a hard-concrete floor, this zone overlooks one of the entrances to the main Pipe on the map.

Note the half wall in this area, which can be used for temporary cover or a barrier between you and an enemy on the other side. It may be best to run through here with a weapon suited for close-quarter engagements, or a mid-range weapon if you’re planning on staying to the outer limits of this zone.

Just remember that this area is high ground compared to the Stairs Building’s ground floor and the Pipes, so aiming down there could result in a few quality takedowns.

10. SUV

A swank SUV – probably owned by the site’s manager – is parked between the Stairs and Concrete Formwork Buildings.

Consider this a transition area into the Stairs Building, Concrete Formworks Building, and Pipes, with a big slope allowing for some high ground against those running around between Stairs and Pipes. You can still get some quality shots through this zone and fights can take place here, but it may not be as hectic as other zones in Hardhat.

Because it is an actual in-tact vehicle, ensure that the SUV is completely destroyed before travelling through here, lest an enemy blow it up from afar and get a multi-kill.

11. Stairs Building

Outside of the Center Building, this is probably the most constructed building on Hardhat, with a set of stairs allowing for multi-level fighting.

The ground floor is a great place to run through as a CQB player, allowing for a quick route between the Cherry Picker and Pipes. It’s also a popular flank route at the start of matches, as it’s the fastest path between both initial spawn areas.

Meanwhile, the second floor will be where snipers will want to aim from across the Pipes or Cherry Picker zones. Be sure to watch the staircase for any SMG or shotgun users wanting to get to higher ground.

12. Cherry Picker

This area is given its namesake thanks to a Cherry Picker right near the Stairs Building, which offers great cover and a unique route to the building’s second floor.

However, the most tactical part of this area is the wooden building shown above, as it offers a phenomenal sightline over to the Stairs Building and great protection from Operators firing from the Containers Area. Yes, the dirt slope to the outside offers a faster route, but for a more tactical approach, the building is where you may want to run through.

Be advised: this building is made of wood, which is easily penetrable. Don’t get mad if an LMG user decides to spray a full belt of ammo through here to catch you reloading.

13. Containers Area – Allegiance Spawn

Another large concrete pipe and a crate stack make up the Allegiance’s initial spawn area outside of the large containers stacked to the side.

Just like the Coalition’s spawn, this will soon devolve into an unsafe area, one that may be more popular than the Office due to its placement on the map. With a great sightline down to the Bulldozer area, it may be a hot spot for those attempting to defend that objective.

Pro tip for those looking to take people out on top of those crates: there are a few grenade spots in the central route between the Pipes and Bulldozer. Aim high and keep experimenting, and you may be able to give those crate creepers some