A Beginner’s Guide to Verdansk Operations

* Verdansk isn’t a real place. It exists only in Modern Warfare and Warzone so jump in to experience Verdansk the only way you can, in-game.   

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Verdansk Stadium (National Acropolis Arena)

North of Downtown Verdansk and near the banks of the Karst River, a massive indoor post-modern multi-purpose sports arena stood idle for months, as there was no competition taking place within the Warzone… or at least, none of the sporting variety.

Enter the Shadow Company.

Blasting open the roof and its various entrances (including its parking structure), the Stadium is now an open battleground for Operators looking to survive Verdansk. Stadium only adds to the numerous points of interest that existed in central Verdansk before the Company’s explosive arrival.

This is the Stadium within Verdansk – also known as the National Acropolis Arena – the latest subject of our Warzone Mastery series.

Lay of the Land

The home field of Verdansk’s most popular sports team, the Verdansk Sparks, this stadium is known by the locals as “Verdansk Stadium,” even if a recent sponsorship officially dubbed it the “National Acropolis Arena,” or “Verdansk Center” on exterior signage.

Before the blast, this area included plenty of places to loot and explore: From the heavily wooded south end of the northern hills, to a military checkpoint built off one of the main highways.

The Stadium itself had numerous points of interest. Even closed, the gates and concourses sometimes offered Contracts and Supply Boxes. It also gained notoriety for Operators sniping from the top, as it provided incredible 360-degree field of vision of the surrounding area.

Warzone™ Mastery: Verdansk Subway System (Metro)

Lay of the Land – Verdansk Subway System 

At the start of every Warzone match, the Metro will have a number of open stations to explore. All of them have the same layout, thanks to the massive urban planning initiative Verdansk underwent when these were first constructed.

From the ground level, head down a large staircase set and hop past a set of turnstiles to reach the first landing. Here, a set of archways and a tiled wall breaks up an otherwise open space that leads to an inaccessible ticket office. 

Once down at this landing, turn left or right to find a staircase down to the station’s platform, where old posters are plastered onto the walls along with a handy graphic that marks what station an operator is currently at.

The platform itself is broken up into two halves, with each side dedicated to a different direction of the subway line. Both sides have a small room, such as an employee break area or equipment closet, that can be accessed via double doors. Nearly every one of these rooms also has a near escape ladder, which leads up to a hole on the surface a few dozen meters from the main subway staircase entrance.

Whether it’s in these rooms, on the platform, or even back at the previously accessible ticket office landing area, there is the potential for items, Supply Boxes, and Contracts to populate these otherwise abandoned subway stations. 

After scavenging for items, head to the main platform and hop aboard the subway to access the new fast travel system. Trains will arrive frequently at each station during their journey around the map in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion through the following locales in order: