Next Reveals Urzikstan, the New Big Map Coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

Positioned in Western Asia on the eastern border of the Black Sea, Urzikstan plays an important role in the Modern Warfare series. Bordering the Republic of Adal — the location of Call of Duty: Warzone’s Al Mazrah map — Urzikstan has only recently come out from under the thumb of dictator Roman Barkov due to a joint operation between the CIA, SAS, and the Urzikstan Liberation Force founded by Farah Karim following the Tobrak Prison Break.

Though no longer occupied by General Barkov, Urzikstan faces new threats in the form of the Allegiance and the ultranationalist forces commanded by Viktor Zakhaev, both factions recently bolstered by Barkov’s remaining soldiers seeking vengeance after their defeat.

As part of an elite, multinational force, it’s up to you and your fellow Operators to determine the next chapter of the beleaguered region. It’s a difficult task, but one we know you’re up to.