Tips for Completing the Hardest Season Three Officer Challenges

Operation: Rank Up Report #0030

Day 210 – 10:24:48 PST

Somewhere in Verdansk

AGB – Lead Writer

The sun is setting on Season Three, which means time is running out to complete all 100 Officer Challenges before you miss out on exclusive emblems and bragging rights.

No time to waste – let’s get to Ranking Up:

Operators of the Week

This week, I featured Bale in his Epic Protectorate skin, found in the Security Detail Store bundle. He looks like he’s ready to successfully protect a few Spetsnaz officers, especially with that War Saw assault rifle blueprint included in the bundle (and what both my Operators are holding).

As for my Coalition Operator, I chose Alex in his ‘Back for More’ skin, his final unlockable skin in Season Three achieved by reaching Tier 100 in the Battle Pass and completing his second batch of Operator Missions. 

Once again, I reached full completion of Season Three, both in the Battle Pass and my Officer Challenges, which brings us to this week’s Top Rank Up Tip:

Top Rank Up Tip

100 Officer Challenge Ribbons is always a beautiful sight at the end of a Season.

Want to follow me in getting a full ribbon page for Season Three? As per Rank Up Report tradition, here’s the advice I have for completing 10 Ribbons that may be giving you trouble out of the last 50. For this edition, we’re going to do a lot of “stacking,” as I will be bundling a few challenges together in this guide to show you how to efficiently clear multiple challenges at once.

Let’s begin at Rank 110:

Challenge: Sniper Kills Headshots – Get 7 Headshots with Sniper Rifles or Marksman Rifles. – Rank 110 (6,000 XP)

Remember: Marksman rifles kill with a single headshot, with all but the SKS having that feature at any range. High magnification optics are recommended for precise shots.

Challenge: High Five – Get 200 kills with a Weapon with 5 attachments – Rank 112, (9,000 XP)

All kills with Legendary weapon blueprints, such as the Prototype Alpha found in the Purple Tracer Pack, counts for this challenge. You can complete this challenge in Multiplayer and Warzone, giving you extra incentive for some Legendary looting.

Challenge x3:

Longshot Headshots – Get 3 Headshot kills that are Longshots – Rank 116 (6,000 XP)

Long Shot – Get 15 Longshot kills – Rank 118 (9,000 XP)

Far Sighted – Get 5 Longshot Kills while surviving with low health. – Rank 120 (1,500 XP)

When time is not on your side, stacking Challenges can help you get to that Season Three complete ribbon sheet faster.

These three challenges, all grouped up within a few ranks, are a great example of that. 

How do you stack them? Simple:

Get 15 Longshot Kills, with three also being headshots, and five while at low health, for a grand total of 16,500 XP and three ribbons.

This challenge is easier to complete in Ground War or Warzone, since engagements can go well past the distance needed for longshots. The Variable Zoom Scope on any weapon is your friend here, although you might want to try getting longshots with handguns or SMGs, since their longshot range is shorter.

What may be the most difficult task is getting longshots at low health, but it could be remedied by either damaging yourself, or taking a few limb shots before hitting that longshot.

Challenge: Juggernaut – Call in a Juggernaut – Rank 124 (6,000 XP)

Hello Juggernaut, my old friend.

I still haven’t forgotten my blunder in Tavorsk District in Season One (which you can read all about here), so let’s cut to the chase:

My advice for getting a Juggernaut, a 15 killstreak (14 with Hardline), is to use Kill Chain or Pointman. Using Kill Chain, you want to get a good streak going by choosing either the Precision Airstrike or Cluster Strike as your first streak and picking the VTOL Jet for your second.  Use the kills from both to feed into your 15 Killstreak. As for Pointman, the point value for the Juggernaut is steep, but with enough enemy Killstreak destruction, objective plays, and kills, it can be earned.

Just remember that, once you drop the Juggernaut package, pick it up, lest you let it fall into enemy (or allied) hands and forfeit your win condition for completing this challenge.

Challenge: Search & Destroy Wins – Win 2 matches of Search and Destroy – Rank 135 (1,500 XP)

To borrow from the CDL professional’s advice kit, becoming a better S&D player is all about “playing your life.”

Remember you only have one life in these modes, so if your team is losing the numbers game during a round, don’t challenge/engage unless you can handle a potential follow-up threat… Or if you can hit your shots.

Also, if the enemy squad has more Operators alive, play the objective (plant/defuse the bomb) and hope it throws off their rhythm.

Challenge x2: 

Fury Killer – Get 2 Fury Kills (4 rapid kills) – Rank 129 (1,500 XP)

Doing Work – Earn 7 Triple Kills on enemies near an Objective Flag – Rank 145 (9,000 XP)

It seems like these two challenges are the most difficult on paper, but all it takes is a good game of 10v10 Domination or Ground War to complete this.

Push aggressively near a captured enemy flag – preferably with a weapon with extended mags, vehicle or Killstreak – and lay down as much firepower as possible. Usually in 10v10 and Ground War lobbies, you can find three or more enemies on a flag.

Within those seven Triple Kills, you’ll be able to find one more straggler lying around to net those two Fury Kills. And don’t worry about getting four kills lined up in the killfeed – that’s a Quad Feed – as you only need four kills in rapid succession for a Fury Kill.

Challenge: Bloodthirsty Killer I – Get 5 kills without dying 10 time(s) – Rank 150 (1,500 XP)

Since I’ve been using Specialist with Hardline lately, I can easily track my Bloodthirsty medals and get rewarded as I earn kills. Specialist gives you a fourth, fifth, and sixth perk at two, four, and six kills in a single life (one, three, and five with Hardline).

If I wind up hitting the Specialist Bonus, all the better; then I can go for a Tactical Nuke, earnable at 30 kills, not 25 (like in previous Call of Duty titles). 

Speaking of that, let’s talk about the weapon that helped me chase that high-end secret killstreak: the Gunsmith Custom Creation of the Week.

Gunsmith Custom Creation of the Week

This is the weapon that helped me chase greatness, and while I’ve yet to earn it, it’s gotten me close.

Based on the Prototype Omega Blueprint in the Tracer Pack Purple bundle, this weapon shoots purple tracer bullets – remember that tracer rounds are carried over to a Gunsmith Custom creation only if it’s the base weapon.

With this configuration, this SMG’s effective range is close to maxed, yet doesn’t sacrifice any movement speed – in fact, it’s faster than the stock weapon. Although it takes some practice to get used to a slower aim down sight speed and decreased aiming stability, this weapon has found a permanent place in my loadouts when I’m not on my road to Damascus camo.

What goes into creating a weapon that can do all of this? Start by only keeping the weapon’s Stippled Grip Tape for better sprint to fire and ADS speed, then add the FSS Strike Barrel, which will give you a big damage range boost. No blueprint has this attachment yet, but it’s the first barrel attachment to unlock on this weapon’s progression path, making it an easy pick-up. 

Next, grab the Bug Spray blueprint (found in the Insecticide bundle released during Season Two), and borrow the Merc Foregrip from it to get better recoil control and hip fire accuracy.

Finally, you’re going to want to take the Mud Dauber’s Monolithic Suppressor to boost that damage range even further, and its No Stock to maximize movement speed and mitigate ADS speed penalties.

Good luck ranking up; I’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.


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Ten Tips for Transitioning from Warzone to MP During the Modern Warfare® Free Access Multiplayer Weekend

Operation: Rank Up Report #0031

Day 217 – 14:11:41 PST

Somewhere in California

AGB – Lead Writer

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Welcome back, Bravo Six, and welcome back to you, Call of Duty® community, to the world of Modern Warfare Multiplayer.

We received some serious reinforcements thanks to the Free Access Multiplayer Weekend,and whether it’s your first time experiencing Multiplayer or just need a few tips to shake off some rust, this Rank Up Report has you covered.

But first, our featured Operator:

Operator of the Week

Task Force 141 is back in full swing for the Coalition, and we’re featuring the Captain himself – John Price – in his ‘Premier’ skin (left).

You can unlock this by purchasing the Season Four Battle Pass and completing his Operation Mission set, which is doing the following in order while having Price as your Coalition Operator:

1.    Get 10 Kills using a Sniper or Marksman Rifle

2.    Activate the UAV Killstreak 5 times

3.    Blind Enemies 2 times using a Flash Grenade

4.    Get 15 Kills while equipped with the Double Time Perk

We’re also breaking Rank Up Report tradition and showing off Captain Price yet again: the other image (right) is Captain Price in his ‘Nightfall’ skin, unlocked at Tier 100 of the Season Four Battle Pass. There is another set of challenges to unlock two more Price skins at that Tier, but that’s a story for another Rank Up Report.

The weapon that receives not only the honor of being the first featured weapon for Season Four, but also the spotlight of getting held by Captain Price, goes to the Fennec, the new SMG that can be unlocked for free in this season’s Battle Pass system at Tier 15. 

If you purchase the Battle Pass Bundle, you can skip right to it, otherwise you can earn it by putting in some online Multiplayer, Warzone, or Co-Op time.

Top Rank Up Tip(s)

The Free Access MP Weekend is in full swing this weekend, and if you haven’t experienced traditional Call of Duty Multiplayer yet, now is a great time to see what you’ve been missing.

Don’t be afraid to jump in and try it out; if you doubt your skills, here’s 10 tips on how to translate your Warzone skills to Multiplayer:

1. Use Everything You’ve Earned. All your progress from Warzone that includes the Fennec, which is earned at Tier 15 of this season’s Battle Pass system. Use it, and the other Battle Pass system weapons like the CR-56 AMAX, once you unlock them!

2. Diversify Your Loadouts. Although sniper rifles and assault rifles perform well across long distances in Verdansk, it’s best to have a loadout of every primary weapon class type to fit every situation in Multiplayer. This is especially important when playing on smaller maps.

3. Map Knowledge is Key. Love our Warzone Guide for finding strategies for Verdansk? Our Tactical Map Intel series does that for Multiplayer maps, so you can plan winning strategies accordingly. Check out one that we did on one of this weekend’s playable maps – Scrapyard – here.

4. 100 Health, No Armor. Weapons will feel like they behave differently in Multiplayer because there are no Armor Plates. Remember to keep your health in mind during combat and, should your screen start to go red, take some time to heal in between engagements.

5. Be Aggressive… You won’t rank up quickly by playing passive. Rotating around the map often results in more engagements. Also, sticking in one place for too long is just asking for your enemies to hunt you down, so keep moving!

6. … But Not Reckless. Especially on game modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, taking too many deaths can cost your team the game. Don’t engage in engagements you predict to be lopsided, such as when the enemy has a weapon that performs in a specific engagement type better than yours. In other words, don’t bring a shotgun to a sniper duel.

7. Practice Makes Perfect. If you enjoy Multiplayer, consider picking it up through getting the full version of Modern Warfare. Besides it being fun, it’s a great way to practice the fundamentals for Warzone and learning the ins-and-outs of nearly all the weapons you’ll find in Verdansk.

8. Blind the Eyes in the Sky. On the wrong side of the Kill-Death Ratio? Take out a launcher and shoot down enemy Killstreaks. You’ll stifle their chances of snowballing to a larger victory margin by neutralizing enemy UAVs and Personal Radars.

9. Play the Objective. Not everything is a fight to see who is left standing. If you are playing an objective game mode like Domination, capture those objective points like you would for a Recon Contract station in Warzone. Wins reward big XP bonuses, so remember this acronym: PTO – Play the Objective!

10. Be a Good Squadmate. Along with following the last two tips, a good squadmate also is patient with their allies in the field and makes clear and concise callouts.

Gunsmith Custom Creation of the Week

If I could give an 11th tip, it’d be to take full advantage of the Gunsmith Customs feature to make the weapons you have not only fit your playstyle, but also mesh with your actual style.

For me, I needed to rock out during this Free Access weekend, and I loved the design of the Lake of Fire assault rifle blueprint found in the ‘Infernal Chords’ Store bundle.

The weapon on its own – with zero Gunsmith changes – is fantastic for a Warzone loadout. From a great underbarrel launcher for dealing with vehicles to a bigger magazine for team fights, this is a great weapon out of the box.

It could also work well in Multiplayer, but this is the Gunsmith Custom Creation of the Week, so how would I kit this weapon to make it worthy of this label?

Operators, introducing the Super-Hot Fire, or SHF for short:

First of all, we’re keeping the FTAC XL Elite Comb for its aim down sight (ADS) speed benefits, since we are going to kit this assault rifle for speed rather than distance for close to medium-short range engagements.

Next, swap the 810mm Barrel for the 420mm, brought to you by the Deep Pockets blueprint found in the ‘Fool’s Gold II’ Store bundle from last Season, for a bit of gold swag and faster ADS. 

If you don’t have that blueprint, borrow the 420mm Barrel from the ‘Krampus’, a blueprint from the Season One ‘Holideadly’ Store bundle, since we’re going to use the Solozero Optics Mini Reflex sight from it anyways for a clearer sight picture.

Going back on ADS quickening attachments, we have the Stippled Grip Tape from the Ground Splitter blueprint, a part of ‘The Gatekeeper’ Store bundle released in Season Two. Along with helping with our ADS speed, it also decreases sprint to fire speed, which is the time it takes to fire your gun after sprinting.

Now let’s complete this weapon with the 12-Gauge Deputy – again, courtesy of the Ground Splitter – to cover extreme close-range engagements, a potential blind spot for this weapon. With the 12-Gauge Deputy, you have the chance to end a CQB Operator’s whole career with a well-placed spray of this powerful underbarrel shotgun.

So, what are you waiting for? You reached the end of the Rank Up Report, and unless you’re reading and playing at the same time, you’re already behind on ranking up! 

Join me and other community members playing through the Free Access Multiplayer Weekend, and I’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.


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For more information and the latest intel on Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, check out: and follow @InfinityWard and @CallofDuty on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

For more information on Activision games, follow @Activision on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Call of Duty® Warzone Top 10 Tips for the Community’s Hottest Drops

The Warzone map is massive, stretching from the northern mountain pass down into the urban valley, from Junkyard in the west to the industrial east. Whether you’re fighting for survival in Battle Royale or getting rich quick in Plunder and Blood Money, the better you know the map, the better your odds of victory.

Read on for tips taken directly from our free official Warzone strategy guide, tactics geared for starting the match right in the hottest drops in Verdansk.

Tips for Fighting in All Five Sectors of Verdansk

A good match starts with a good drop, and a good drop means knowing the terrain and what you can get out of it, whether you’re fighting alone or in a squad. Here are ten tips for starting the match right, separated into the various sectors of Verdansk as established in the strategy guide’s Tac Map atlas.



1.      Anticipating trouble at the Dam? Head to the hills or even the Comms Tower near Bloc 23, which will not only give you a great sightline over to the Damn, but also nearly all of Verdansk.

2.      The two Comms Towers are the highest points within the Military Base area. Although they come with a bit of risk, snipers who want to scout ahead for their squad should definitely put both of these points of interest on their radar.


3.      Scrapyard will be familiar ground for Call of Duty veterans, which may make it a hotly contested area if it is part of the safe area. Prepare for close quarters combat within the fuselages, warehouses, and office… And don’t forget to check the catwalk of Scrapyard Warehouse 3, one that’s been a notorious sniper perch for decades.

4.      If you parachute from the Atlas Superstore – especially from the pitched roof – you can land on top of the roof sections in the Parking Lot. Here, you could get some unique high ground against enemies within the lot or that are checking out of the Superstore. 


1.      The entire Hospital has an incredibly dense interior section. Search every wing, ward, and even bathroom for loot… And be prepared for close-quarters combat, which these interior spaces encourage.

The Barakett Promenade area has nearly every chain store within Verdansk – from the Public House and a Bank to Gas Stations and Electronic Stores – as well as a Fire House. If your squad wants to loot a reliable area for specific loot types, mark the Promenade down on your Tac Map.

Central and South

1.      Need to take out a squad who has a penthouse suite in Downtown? The JOKR launcher can target objects on the roof and deliver a powerful payload from the sky. Or, fight fire with fire by taking up residency on another rooftop.

2.      Your parachute is your best friend when taking the high ground in Downtown. Remember that you can pull the chute if you are taking a potentially fatal plunge and parachuting through the city could be one of the fastest modes of transportation.


3.      It is possible to reach the top of every crane in Port, although it requires some parachuting. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with one incredible 360-degree sightline that goes from across the Karst River all the way to Gulag.

4.      The Zordaya Prison Complex Yard can hold valuable loot and even vehicles, but the guard towers and wall can house enemy sharpshooters. Be cautious when wandering out onto the yard, lest you be sent to the Gulag.

Want more information on Warzone? Read the Free Official Warzone Strategy Guide for over 250 tips, an interactive atlas of Verdansk, strategies on game modes, and more. 

We’ll see you online.

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Top Ten Tips for 200-Player Quads in Warzone™

7. Chaos Control. Multi-team fights may be more commonplace, and you may be a third, fourth or possibly the tenth party to show up to the dance. Do you engage when everyone else’s resources are depleted? Or use the chaos to sneak around? Think tactically about these chaotic moments, and maybe, just maybe, your Quad will survive.

6. Trigger Control. To that point, those with an itchy trigger finger – or ones who ADS with a high-powered optic frequently – will be punished even moreso than usual in a bigger lobby. Scope glints and accidental fire can easily alert quads to your location, and that intel may be all they need to crush you from all sides.

5. Know your Role. A tip that even applies to traditional Quads, not everyone’s skillset is suited for the assault rifle / sniper rifle combo. Although those weapons fit common situations within the Warzone, there are times where a shotgun, launcher, or even a Riot Shield could be the best weapon for survival. In other words, play to your individual strengths to add up to well-rounded Quad.

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Contracts: Tips and Tricks


Low on loot? This Contract points you to three special Supply Boxes, one at a time by placing a special icon on your Tac Map. Once the first one is opened, the second is marked, followed by the third once both boxes are collected.

Finding even just one, or the first two special Supply Boxes, allows you and your squad to keep any loot or Cash found, but collecting all three offers the best rewards: a chance at rarer loot – Legendary weapons, Field Upgrades, and even Self-Revive Kits – as well as the XP and Cash bonuses.

1. Scavenger Contracts are great at the start of a Battle Royale match, as it allows you and your squad to immediately get started on building a loadout with high level loot. This may make places with Scavenger Contracts popular areas to drop in, though, so be prepared for a fight when deciding to parachute over to them.

2. Completing an early game Scavenger Contract sets you up to immediately move onto another Contract type, since you’ll be geared up and ready to engage with anyone who crosses you along the way. Talk about a good start. 

3. Scavenger Contracts are also great following a victory at the Gulag. Pick one up, hit all three Supply Boxes, and you’ll be back to prime fighting form in no time.

Purchase the Season Four Battle Pass and progress through the tiers to unlock new weapons, new Operators, new vehicle skins, new weapon blueprints and more, including instant access to a legendary Operator — Captain Price. Preview all the goods of the Battle Pass by visiting the Battle Pass tab in-game. 

Want more information on Warzone? Read the Free Official Warzone Strategy Guide for over 250 tips, an interactive atlas of Verdansk, strategies on game modes, and more. 

See you online.

Tips for Beating the Heat during the Days of Summer Event

Complete 12 Tasks to Unlock the Purifier – H20 Skin

If you recall The Forge trailer, you noticed the Purifier – H20 skin, a water-based skin for the Purifier Operator Skill that douses your enemies with water like a giant toy spray gun rather than in flames.

How can you unlock this, as well as other cool items and XP? By completing challenges – the full list of which is here:

·      Play 3 Juggernaut Matches   

·      Play 10 Juggernaut Matches   

·      Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Kill 15 Enemies on it  

·      Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Play 5 MP Matches with Friends on it  

·      Kill 30 Enemies in Juggernaut Matches   

·      Stay Online for 15 min in total   

·      Stay Online for 30 min in total   

·      Stay Online for 45 min in total   

·      Stay Online for 60 min in total   

·      Play 3 Gunfight Matches   

·      Send 5 XP cards to Friends   

·      Play 5 Kill Confirmed Matches

All and all, these tasks are fairly straightforward and won’t be too much of a challenge for a seasoned veteran. Still, here are our top five tips for completing them:

Welcoming in Season Five, Shadow Company and Multiplayer Tips

I ironically named it Benevolence. It has the Bloodlust blueprint as its base, and keeps its pre-configured Heavy Barrel and No Stock attachments. 

Then, if you have the The Uprising blueprint from the Season Two ‘Insurgence Store’ bundle you can attach, then customize, the Snatch Grip and Tac Laser to get a contrasting, yet sleek, look. Finally, the added Monolithic Suppressor takes on its appearance from the Forester blueprint, found in ‘The Gardener’ Store bundle released during Season One.

In terms of stats, the barrel and muzzle significantly extend the weapon’s highest damage output range, with the barrel also helping with recoil control. The Snatch Grip and Tac Laser also help with recoil control and increase aim down sight (ADS) speed, and No Stock allows for both faster movement and ADS speeds. 

Configured as such, this LMG has an emphasis on fantastic damage range, and is built for overall balance, if you can deal with its high recoil potential – despite three attachments helping it – and its iron sights. 

If you need to better control its recoil, mounting on a piece of cover will help significantly. However, once you learn its high and side-to-side recoil pattern, you might just be able to master this weapon like I have.

Warzone™ 2.0 Season 03, Including Tips and Tactics

Weapon Detail: FJX Imperium

Weapon Blueprint: “Dead Center” (Sector C17 In Battle Pass)

Since its first version in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 (2009), the FJX Imperium is a mythical Sniper Rifle that rewards accurate Operators with lightning-quick elimination potential. The weapon’s recommended attachment setup is built for more traditional sniping roles, as it kits the FJX Imperium for steadiness when aiming down sight and phenomenal accuracy at longer ranges.

If you have the hand-eye coordination, try “quickscoping” with this weapon, aiming down sight just enough to see a target down range, then firing and scoping back out. This allows for high mobility before or during engagements, which is ideal for an aggressive style of play.

FJX Imperium Full Loadout Recommendation

Secondary: Combat Knife

Perk Package: Bomb Squad, Battle Hardened, Focus, Ghost

Equipment: Proximity Mine, Shock Stick

Field Upgrade (If Applicable): Tactical Camera

Whether you need a fast way to move around the map or a blink-and-they-miss-it fisticuffs melee option, the Combat Knife is a formidable combination with the FJX Imperium. A Sidearm is also great for those not ready to play around with melee options — we especially recommend the automatic X13 Sidearm (or one of the two new ones coming at mid-season) for this job.

The Perk Package, Equipment, and Field Upgrade recommendations are all built for a traditional sniper playstyle. Bomb Squad and Battle Hardened are great Perks due to their protection against enemy equipment, and Focus allows you to aim while holding your breath longer, which is ideal for making long-range shots. Ghost rounds out the Package as an all-around great Ultimate Perk against enemy UAVs and other reconnaissance tools.

The Proximity Mine and Shock Stick are two great defensive equipment pieces that can cover your flank or make a high-traffic area tougher to navigate. Also, a quick pro tip: Both of these equipment pieces have special water properties…

As for the Tactical Camera, it is useful when placed in a high-traffic location. At the very least, it will warn you when enemy players are in its field of view, and at best, you can take a break from sniping and call out enemy positions by tapping into the camera remotely.

Mode Spotlight: Massive Resurgence

Warzone Season 04, Including Tips and Tactics

Outside of the Event, a major part of Call of Duty is ranking up. That is how you unlock nearly every Loadout item (through Rank 55) and earn Prestige rewards, which include new ranks and special Weapon Blueprints.

Ranking up is as simple as playing the game and earning XP, and XP gains can be maximized by completing challenges. This includes:

Daily Challenges: These are simple to see, as they show up in the pre-game lobby of any online mode you are in (and are visible in the Challenges menu). Complete all three — worth 2,500 XP each — to get a special Bonus Challenge worth 10,000 XP.

Weapon Challenges: In addition to leveling up weapons and unlocking attachments for them, you can also unlock camouflages — coats of paint that can be applied to nearly every weapon in the game, except Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, or the fabled Orion camouflage (read our Camo Challenge blog here before taking on this ultimate and rewarding quest).

Operators Challenges:  You can unlock over a dozen Operators by owning Modern Warfare II and by completing a variety of challenges across all of its game modes. For example, finishing the whole Campaign unlocks Hutch, while finishing Special Ops missions like Atomgrad Raid: Episode 03 unlocks Operators such as Alex, and performing tasks in Multiplayer has its own Operator rewards.

Calling Card Challenges: View Calling Cards — items that can be added to your Profile for bragging rights — via the Challenge menu (accessible in the top-right corner of any non-in-match menu screen) and see what you can earn on top of XP. Calling Cards are broken down into:

  • Games: Shared, Modern Warfare II, Warzone, and DMZ
  • Prestige: Once you hit a certain Prestige Rank, more challenges open up.

This menu also has “Premium,” for whatever Calling Cards you get outside of Challenges, such as via Bundle, Battle Pass, or other means.

Let’s keep it simple with the following math:

Let’s say, hypothetically, one of your Daily Challenges is “Get 2 Operator Longshot Kills.” It awards 2,500 XP. If you get that number of Longshots, not only will you get the standard XP, but you also get a 2,500 XP bonus from that challenge.

Now let’s add in a Double XP Token — you can get these via the Battle Pass or by completing objectives across game modes. During certain times of the year, Double XP is turned on, eliminating the need for a Double XP Token.

There is also the Prestige 1 Mastery Calling Card Challenge of “Colorful Shine — Get 50 Operator Longshot Kills with SMGs.” If you decide to do those Longshots with an SMG, you will be well on your way to getting that Calling Card.

And for fun, let’s make this the new ISO 45 SMG that you are doing these Longshots with. The Platinum Challenge for most weapons — including SMGs — are Longshots, so let’s say you are playing enough to be working toward Platinum Camo.

Alright, so that’s showing the work, now here is the equation:

2x(Base XP for Longshot Kills + 2,500 XP for Daily Challenge) + Calling Card Challenge Progress + Platinum Camo Challenge Progress = …

5,000+ XP and Challenge Progress Towards More Rewards… In other words, absolutely [[REDACTED DUE TO EXPLETIVE]] incredible value compared to just playing with one weapon constantly.

Plan tactically. Play well. And take in the rewards.

It’s as simple as that.


Everything Else You Need to Know in Season 04