Warzone™ 2.0 Season 03, Including Tips and Tactics

Weapon Detail: FJX Imperium

Weapon Blueprint: “Dead Center” (Sector C17 In Battle Pass)

Since its first version in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 (2009), the FJX Imperium is a mythical Sniper Rifle that rewards accurate Operators with lightning-quick elimination potential. The weapon’s recommended attachment setup is built for more traditional sniping roles, as it kits the FJX Imperium for steadiness when aiming down sight and phenomenal accuracy at longer ranges.

If you have the hand-eye coordination, try “quickscoping” with this weapon, aiming down sight just enough to see a target down range, then firing and scoping back out. This allows for high mobility before or during engagements, which is ideal for an aggressive style of play.

FJX Imperium Full Loadout Recommendation

Secondary: Combat Knife

Perk Package: Bomb Squad, Battle Hardened, Focus, Ghost

Equipment: Proximity Mine, Shock Stick

Field Upgrade (If Applicable): Tactical Camera

Whether you need a fast way to move around the map or a blink-and-they-miss-it fisticuffs melee option, the Combat Knife is a formidable combination with the FJX Imperium. A Sidearm is also great for those not ready to play around with melee options — we especially recommend the automatic X13 Sidearm (or one of the two new ones coming at mid-season) for this job.

The Perk Package, Equipment, and Field Upgrade recommendations are all built for a traditional sniper playstyle. Bomb Squad and Battle Hardened are great Perks due to their protection against enemy equipment, and Focus allows you to aim while holding your breath longer, which is ideal for making long-range shots. Ghost rounds out the Package as an all-around great Ultimate Perk against enemy UAVs and other reconnaissance tools.

The Proximity Mine and Shock Stick are two great defensive equipment pieces that can cover your flank or make a high-traffic area tougher to navigate. Also, a quick pro tip: Both of these equipment pieces have special water properties…

As for the Tactical Camera, it is useful when placed in a high-traffic location. At the very least, it will warn you when enemy players are in its field of view, and at best, you can take a break from sniping and call out enemy positions by tapping into the camera remotely.

Mode Spotlight: Massive Resurgence

Warzone Season 04, Including Tips and Tactics

Outside of the Event, a major part of Call of Duty is ranking up. That is how you unlock nearly every Loadout item (through Rank 55) and earn Prestige rewards, which include new ranks and special Weapon Blueprints.

Ranking up is as simple as playing the game and earning XP, and XP gains can be maximized by completing challenges. This includes:

Daily Challenges: These are simple to see, as they show up in the pre-game lobby of any online mode you are in (and are visible in the Challenges menu). Complete all three — worth 2,500 XP each — to get a special Bonus Challenge worth 10,000 XP.

Weapon Challenges: In addition to leveling up weapons and unlocking attachments for them, you can also unlock camouflages — coats of paint that can be applied to nearly every weapon in the game, except Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, or the fabled Orion camouflage (read our Camo Challenge blog here before taking on this ultimate and rewarding quest).

Operators Challenges:  You can unlock over a dozen Operators by owning Modern Warfare II and by completing a variety of challenges across all of its game modes. For example, finishing the whole Campaign unlocks Hutch, while finishing Special Ops missions like Atomgrad Raid: Episode 03 unlocks Operators such as Alex, and performing tasks in Multiplayer has its own Operator rewards.

Calling Card Challenges: View Calling Cards — items that can be added to your Profile for bragging rights — via the Challenge menu (accessible in the top-right corner of any non-in-match menu screen) and see what you can earn on top of XP. Calling Cards are broken down into:

  • Games: Shared, Modern Warfare II, Warzone, and DMZ
  • Prestige: Once you hit a certain Prestige Rank, more challenges open up.

This menu also has “Premium,” for whatever Calling Cards you get outside of Challenges, such as via Bundle, Battle Pass, or other means.

Let’s keep it simple with the following math:

Let’s say, hypothetically, one of your Daily Challenges is “Get 2 Operator Longshot Kills.” It awards 2,500 XP. If you get that number of Longshots, not only will you get the standard XP, but you also get a 2,500 XP bonus from that challenge.

Now let’s add in a Double XP Token — you can get these via the Battle Pass or by completing objectives across game modes. During certain times of the year, Double XP is turned on, eliminating the need for a Double XP Token.

There is also the Prestige 1 Mastery Calling Card Challenge of “Colorful Shine — Get 50 Operator Longshot Kills with SMGs.” If you decide to do those Longshots with an SMG, you will be well on your way to getting that Calling Card.

And for fun, let’s make this the new ISO 45 SMG that you are doing these Longshots with. The Platinum Challenge for most weapons — including SMGs — are Longshots, so let’s say you are playing enough to be working toward Platinum Camo.

Alright, so that’s showing the work, now here is the equation:

2x(Base XP for Longshot Kills + 2,500 XP for Daily Challenge) + Calling Card Challenge Progress + Platinum Camo Challenge Progress = …

5,000+ XP and Challenge Progress Towards More Rewards… In other words, absolutely [[REDACTED DUE TO EXPLETIVE]] incredible value compared to just playing with one weapon constantly.

Plan tactically. Play well. And take in the rewards.

It’s as simple as that.


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