Modern Warfare II Season 05 — Strike Map Intel

1. Learn the layout. With large buildings around every corner, you might at first feel like you can’t move a step without being spotted from some balcony. That’s not the case, however, as many of the buildings are closed off or only accessible on the ground floor. Take your time learning where the real threats are so you can ignore the rest.


2. Know your power positions. Once you’ve identified the traversable buildings, it’s time to lock in on the major power positions so that you know where to look when passing through. Get to know the Flower Shop, Apartment, and Main Store, and don’t neglect power positions located on the ground floor in places like the Hotel and Electronics Store.


3. Up in smoke. Enemy snipers clogging up Main Street? Equip a Smoke Grenade so you can obstruct their view when you need to pass. Pair it with the Drill Charge to blast enemies inside buildings and behind the walls by the Clock Tower and Restaurant.


4. Found you. On larger maps like Strike, it can be more difficult to pinpoint the enemy’s location. Use the Spotter Bonus Perk to check for fortified positions around the map, particularly within and around the main traversable buildings.


5. Special delivery. Can’t seem to dislodge the enemy Operator holed up in the Apartment or get close to that deadly sniper on Main Street? Use the Bomb Drone Killstreak to send them an explosive gift. It’s cheap and it gets the job done.


6. Pick up weapons. On bigger maps, there’s often a greater chance of running through your ammo reserves. Expand your supply by picking up weapons on the ground as you move through the map.


7. Easy Care Packages. Fall back to the Junkyard or Hill for an easy Care Package deployment. While the enemy is fighting for control over Main Street, you’ll be safely acquiring your next streak.


8. Birdseye. Use the Birdseye Ultimate Perk for a better view of the minimap, making it more difficult for enemies to catch you unaware on a flank. Pair it with the UAV and/or Portable Radar Field Upgrade to reveal the enemy’s direction on each ping.


9. Tactical Insertion. Take control of your next spawn by placing a Tactical Insertion, an especially useful item when you need to hold down a specific area of the map.


10. Buddy system. Traverse the map with a friend to better your odds against enemy encounters. The loser of each skirmish has quite a trek back to their position.


Stay frosty.



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