The Story of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Landing Site

Kate Laswell: “Zakhaev wants Barkov’s throne.”

Captain John Price: “I almost buried him in Pripyat… With MacMillan.”

Laswell: “That was the father. This is the son, ‘Victor.’”

Price: “Lovely family…”

– Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

With Season Four set to break the Al-Qatala network wide open, this landing site has the intel you need to get up to speed with the plot of Modern Warfare, including Warzone. 

Our main Story So Far article recounts the Campaign, Special Ops, and first three Seasons of Modern Warfare

While it’s not a full retelling – you have to experience the story for yourself in Modern Warfare– it is a great foundation of the game’s story for those who entered the Warzone recently, or a refresher for those who completed Campaign and Special Ops half a year ago when the game launched.

Also, there are multiple Intel Drops that reveal the plans and machinations of the major players of Modern Warfare. From Captain Price and Farah to the two men who have helped revitalize the AQ (Al-Qatala) terrorist organization in Verdansk.