Blank Stare, Glacial Polish, Blue Jay

Another Battle Pass weapon that will keep you under the radar is the Azure Hammer, a sidearm with a more greenish-blue hue. In close-quarters or if – somehow – that 60 Round Mag runs dry, quickly swap to this secondary to finish the job.

The rest of this loadout is built for an Operator who is so cool, they are Cold-Blooded… Literally; Cold-Blooded and Ghost give stealth benefits – staying off enemy radars, Heartbeat Sensors, and Thermal Optics, to name most of them –  while Tracker allows you to stay hot on your enemy’s trail via infrared footprints they leave on the ground.

As for equipment, Throwing Knives will finish your enemies without making much of a sound, while Decoy Grenades might throw off those listening for your presence as you go in for the squad wipe.

Blueprint Specific Tips for Warzone

1. The Canted Hybrid Optic, which comes with the Blank Stare and Glacial Polish blueprint weapons, gives you a clearer sight picture up-close, and a great zoom level for distant targets. Just be aware it adds some weight, which slows down your ADS speed.

2. A Monolithic Suppressor, found on the Blue Jay and Glacial Polish, doesn’t just increase range: it dampens the noise these weapons make when fired. Therefore, it might be a useful for those wanting an element of surprise against their enemy.

3. Assault rifles – such as the Blue Jay and Blank Stare – are built for engagements in between 12 to 30 meters but can hold their own outside of their most effective range. Consider these weapons jacks of all trades, and masters of the mid-range.

4. Specialization is great for squads, but in Solo modes, more versatile loadouts might be more valuable. The Blank Stare and Glacial Polish are examples of versatile weapons to consider when crafting Solo loadouts.

5. Use and experiment with all those attachment slots! The Blue Jay only comes equipped with four, leaving the door open for the optical attachment of your choice. And, if you don’t like a specific attachment on any of these blueprints, feel free to swap them out to create your perfect personalized weapon.

Purchase the Season Four Battle Pass to gain access to unlock all of the system’s 100 Tiers, and progress through them to earn these weapon blueprints for your squad alongside other goods, including Operator skins, vehicle skins, XP and Weapon XP Tokens, and instant access to the newest Operator — Price. Preview all the goods of the Battle Pass by visiting the Battle Pass tab in-game. 

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