Sniping hotspots for the Rytec AMR and Getting in the Zone with Nikto

9. Junkyard on Shoot House. Forget the middle lane, which is notorious for those going for mounting longshots; from either team’s starting Gate, check down this lane for a potential long-to-mid range engagement as you circle around to catch those pesky wall-sitters.

8. North Lane of Khandor Hideout. Third (and final) new Multiplayer map spot. Especially in Domination where one flag calls this its home, there are a few bottleneck lanes and the opportunity to snipe over into others to go for an impressive clip.

7. The Passage and Pharmacy on Crash. Near an enemy spawn, this locale can be a bottleneck that enemy players rush through to get to mid-map quickly.

6. Outside South Spawn on Vacant. Two options here: either check the South Corridor or the small rooms within the Storage area. Also, remember you can shoot through the grated archway within the South Corridor.

5. East and Main Streets on Talsik Backlot. Long streets that ultimately lead to both squad’s initial spawns with plenty of buildings to clear. Alternatively, the Construction Site can lead to some impressive shots after bouncing off the ladder.

4. Pipes on Hardhat. Whether it is a collateral chance through the main pipe, or a stroll through the mid-map, the Pipes area loves to attract players looking for a dangerous shortcut through Hardhat’s center.

3. The Red and Green Warehouses of Scrapyard. Squads will either rush out of here to enter any of the lanes, or hole up to try and scout or snipe ahead for their team. Go for the flank towards either building, and you may be rewarded with an awesome feed.

2. Tower on Rust. For now, this is where you hit your game-ending trickshot. Plenty of air-time to pull off however many spins/weapon swaps/equipment cancels before nailing an epic killcam.