Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Shipment 1944

Objective Play

Objective modes add a whole new layer of chaos to Shipment 1944, and they’re a whole lot of fun, too. Think the map is small now? Wait until you’re rushing the B flag in Domination or defending the Hardpoint with enemies bearing down on you from all sides.

In both of these modes, the Trophy System can give you the extra resilience needed to survive just a little bit longer while capping a flag or holding the Hardpoint. The Smoke Grenade can be used to great effect, too, whether you use it to cut out a line of sight or even on your own position to confuse the enemy and force them up close.

In Kill Confirmed, consider an SMG or shotgun to keep your movement speed high. Stay on the move and collect those tags. This isn’t the mode for hunkering down unless you’ve got teammates ahead of you who can pick up the tags off the enemies you kill.

Whatever mode you play, stay aggressive and remain focused on the objective. It can be easy to lose sight of the main goal when you’re caught up in the slaughter. Don’t let that be your downfall.

10 Tips

10. Grab a shotgun and lock down the center! There’s no reason to be shy here, and what better way to learn a map than by heading right into the middle of the action. Plus, you’ll take out enemies in a shot or two before moving onto the next.

9. Don’t despair snipers! Stick to the outer corners and cover the perimeter and take down enemies rushing out from the middle crates. You can be even more useful in objective modes, providing cover fire for teammates.

8. If you haven’t already, complete the Perk Prodigy seasonal event challenge to unlock the new Quick Fix perk. Equip Quick Fix to regenerate health when you get gun, melee, and combat axe kills, keeping you in tip top shape from fight to fight. Pair it with Fast Recover to patch up those wounds fast.

7. Bring along a Trip Mine and plant it in one of the three partially enclosed shipping crates before moving on. It’s always satisfying to blow up enemies rushing into what they think is a safe spot.

6. Lost track of the enemy? From the outside corners, get some cover and adjust your view to take in the middle and the two nearest side paths, giving you wide map coverage. It won’t take long to find out where they’re coming from.

5. Like the chaos of the middle? Equip the Katana Operator Skill earned during The Forge season, drop a Smoke Grenade right in the center, and make quick work of any hostiles foolish enough to try and take you on. 

4. Once the new update is live head to Gunsmith and consider customizing your weapon with attachments that improve handling speed. The faster you can aim down sights and the more quickly you can move while firing, the better. It can’t hurt to increase your reload speed, either.

3. Use your grenades. At the very least, toss a lethal into the middle for the chance to inflict damage or earn a kill on enemies passing through. Grenades are also helpful in rooting out enemies stubbornly sticking behind cover.

2. Having trouble staying alive long enough to call in your Scorestreaks? Consider the Hardline perk to help you earn those streaks faster, then use them to devastate the enemy

1. Enjoy! Shipment 1944 is an absolute classic Multiplayer map that has been featured across multiple titles, and for the first time you’ll be able take it with you wherever you go. Chaos on a whim. Now that’s a good time.

See you online, soldier.