Get Ready for an N. Sane Rumble

What an N. Sane week it has been for Crash Bandicoot and his crew! 

Players who want to jump into the fun and get access to the Closed Beta next month, don’t forget to pre-order Crash Team Rumble! Purchases can be made digitally for the Standard and Deluxe Editions for Xbox and PlayStation consoles – and fans can now pre-order the physical copy of the Deluxe Edition at participating retail stores!

While the Standard Edition comes with access to the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass**, the Deluxe Edition includes access to both Season 1 and Season 2 Premium Battle Passes**. Each season lasts roughly 3 months, so players have ample time to conquer seasonal challenges and progress the Battle Pass to earn exclusive rewards. Fans can expect seasons to include unique events, fur-ious challenges, new magnificent modes, new marvelous maps, new playable characters, new powers, and a brand new 100-tier Battle Pass.

Customize the experience with unique skins, emotes, cosmetic attachments, banners, victory music, and more – all of which can be earned through completing challenges, leveling heroes, and progressing the Battle Pass. As a reminder, players who own the Standard and Deluxe Editions will have access to the first season’s Premium Battle Pass, giving all players the opportunity to plus-up their rumbles.

We want a balanced experience for every player to enjoy the N. Sane fun that Crash Team Rumble has to offer, which is why new heroes and powers will be earned through in-game challenges and NOT tied to the Battle Pass. Battle Passes will only reward cosmetic items for those who want to get a WUMP on the season’s latest looks, however cosmetics will also be earnable through seasonal event participation.

So what can players expect from the Closed Beta? In the Closed Beta, running April 20-24 players can compete against other players in public lobbies or duke it out with friends in private matches. Need some practice? Players can perfect their skills against bots before heading into the arena. Player drops out of a match?  Don’t worry – the bots have their back there, too! The empty slot on a team will be back-filled with a bot to ensure their team still has a shot at sweet victory. Worried about getting stomped by strong players? We’ve kept that in mind too; new players will be matched with other new players to avoid being matched with veteran Rumblers –  letting new players learn the ins and outs of the game at their own pace (even if they jump in near the end of the Closed Beta).

Throughout the Closed Beta, we’ll be testing hero balance, cross-progression, and cross-platform matchmaking to prepare for the big launch in June. While progress won’t carry over from Closed Beta into launch, the early feedback we’ll receive from the Closed Beta participants will be instrumental in creating a more polished experience for all players on June 20th. We are excited to hear from the community and share this all-new spin on Crash!

Get N. Sane with Crash Team Rumble, Launching June 20 on PlayStation and Xbox

Need some help with the lingo? Let’s go over the fundamentals:

Scorers: Scorers like Crash excel at moving around the map to collect and bank Wumpa Fruit.

Blockers: Blockers like Dingodile use their might to prevent enemy players from depositing Wumpa at their bank.

Boosters: Boosters like Neo Cortex support their team by collecting Relics to trigger Relic Stations and by activating Gem Pads to gain vital Wumpa multipliers.

Relic Stations: Relic Stations trigger map-specific, game-changing events and abilities that can swing the match, like healing your team or raining hot lava on your foes. Maps feature regular Relic Stations and a central Epic Relic Station, providing even more power for a greater Relic cost.

Gem Pads: Capture a set of Gem Pads to boost your team’s scoring potential, adding a time-limited multiplier to your Wumpa deposits. Boosts are stackable, so capture as many Gem Pads as possible.

Wumpa Fruit: Mmmmm, tasty. You can never have enough. A staple item in the Crash universe and the very thing you’re battling over. Deposit at your team’s Wumpa Bank to score.


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