Guns Blazing, Officer Challenge Razing

Operation: Rank Up Report #0027

Day 189 – 09:13:46 PST

Somewhere in California

AGB – Lead Writer

Another week, another step closer to Tier 100 and Max Rank in this Season Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®.

Operators of the Week

This week, we’re featuring the new Undertaker skin for Mace. Any Operator would be lucky to even graze this terrifying tank of a soldier, who looks just as menacing as he can be in combat.

As for the Coalition, we went back to Mil Sim to show off the Tier 30 skin: the SKSF. Hailing from South Korea, this Special Forces soldier looks totally badass and ready for the Warzone.

Both of these Operators are holding the Drawn and Quartered weapon from the Guns Blazing bundle. A solid Assault Rifle Juliet blueprint, Drawn and Quartered is a fantastic weapon right out of the box for Warzone or larger Multiplayer maps, as I detailed here.

Top Rank Up Tip

By now, you are probably well on your way to max rank in Season Three, which means earning that blueprint is just around the corner. This also means you at least have the first 50 Officer Rank Challenges available. 

Since, I have the first 50 challenges completed, it’s time for the semi-seasonal tradition of giving tips on the 10 I feel are the hardest/most time-consuming.

Challenge: Three Cheers – Get 333 kills with a Weapon with 3 attachments – (Rank 64, 15,000 XP)

For this challenge, try out some Rare blueprints, which come with three attachments, that you may have stashed in your Armory, including the Black Asp.

Don’t have it? Pick up the Battle Pass to get that great weapon, along with several others and get some strategies for using them in Warzone and Multiplayer in this blog.

Challenge: Karma – Kill an enemy shortly after picking up a weapon 5 times – (Rank 68, 6,000 XP)

In Warzone, try picking up any weapon off the ground – as Ground Loot, in a Supply Box, or even an enemy’s weapon – and quickly snap to an enemy player. This may be easier if you land at a popular landing locale, such as Zhokov Boneyard, and send some hapless foe to the Gulag by picking up the first weapon you see off the ground.

In Multiplayer, it may be good to either play on small maps or within objective game modes, as it gives you a better chance of finding an enemy after snatching up a weapon.

Challenge: Focused – Kill the enemy that blinded or stunned you 5 times – (Rank 70, 9,000 XP)

Equipping Battle Hardened makes this challenge a breeze; it mitigates the effects of Flash and Stun Grenades substantially.

Challenge: Resistance – Get a 5 Kill or better against attackers while guarding a single objective without dying. (5 or more kills without dying against attackers) – (Rank 79, 15,000 XP)

A returning challenge from Season Two gets a SERIOUS XP Boost – 10 times the amount of XP to be exact!

And it’s for good reason: this challenge is possibly one of the hardest out of the bunch for Season Three.

My advice? Play Demolition, which was added to Multiplayer this week. Demolition Bomb Sites are usually heavily contested, and some of them are near sniping perches or windows with great vantage points looking down onto them. 

Challenge: Smoke Grenade – Kill 30 Enemies in proximity to a Smoke Grenade – (Rank 81, 1,500 XP)

One of the unlock criteria for the Bruen MK9 is to get LMG kills on enemies near Smoke Grenades 

Equip some Smoke Grenades, run the Restock Perk and Munitions Box Field Upgrade to replenish that Tactical Equipment, and pop them all over the map while using an LMG with a Thermal Sight, which cuts through those thick smoke clouds to finish this Challenge and work turns earning on the Bruen MK9. 

Challenge: Crushing – Run over or kill 25 enemies using Vehicles – (Rank 82, 12,000 XP)

While most of these challenges are easier to do in Multiplayer, I actually recommend completing this in Warzone – specifically, Plunder. 

Pick up a Cargo Truck, SUV, or even a Helicopter, and chase down those top teams highlighted on your Tac Map with several tons of steel. Then, when the full squad is wiped, pick up their Cash and move on to the next clueless crew of Operators. To show off while completing this challenge equip vehicle skins that can be found in the Battle Pass or in Store. 

Challenge: Spotter – Hack 7 Pieces of Equipment – (Rank 83, 9,000 XP)

My recommendation is to play Ground War or Warzone, where there are more enemies and, in theory, more chances for them to place down hackable equipment. 

Give them a taste of their own medicine by hacking those Proximity Mines near elevator shafts and laugh when they check their own traps only to be downed and out of the fight.



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