Modern Warfare II Season 05 — Punta Mar Map Intel

Mode Intel: Domination

Flags can change hands fast on a small map like this, so stay focused on the objective and strive to lock down two flags and hold them. The A and C flags are both near the starting spawns, though these points may change throughout the match if the enemy team’s spawn flag is captured.

The Intersection gains extra prominence here as the location for the B flag, so expect heavy bouts of fighting coming from all sides. Try holding down Groceries and Stores to either side of it to cut down on the incoming crossfire. When attacking the C flag in Construction, head in through Shootout to cut off overhead cover for the defenders and let them have it with an air-to-ground streak.

On A, use the Shrine for cover against the Rooftops, then set up in Fire or the Green Building to defend it. You’ve likely picked up on a theme here: Grab the flag, then fan out to cover positions around it so you’re not an easy target sitting out in the open.


Mode Intel: Search & Destroy

While Search & Destroy tends to slow things down, you can still expect a lot of fast-paced rounds here as teams go for the elimination win. With the defenders starting in the Backlot, the attacking team should be ready for Operators to appear on the Rooftops, hoping to use their height advantage to get early eliminations. Consider hoofing it through the Hotel to meet them there or taking the south path toward the B bomb site behind the blue truck in Intersection.

With the A bomb site located on the second floor of Fire, it’s a good bet that the attackers will often favor the B site, which isn’t as deep in the enemy starting spawn. The defending team may therefore want to push toward B for a strong early defense. Even if the attackers expect it, it can’t hurt to send your best sharpshooter(s) to the Rooftops, so long as they can fend off early counterattacks.


Mode Intel: Hardpoint

Prepare to explore every corner of the map with a total of eight Hardpoints, starting in the Center and then moving north to the Green Building in the Backlot. From there, head south to the first floor of Shootout, then northeast to the bottom of Stores, and then back west to the Hotel lobby. Return to the Intersection for the sixth Hardpoint in Groceries; then fight for control of both starting spawns, beginning with Construction and ending on the first floor of Fire.

That’s a lot of Hardpoints to get through, but the map’s small size makes travel fast. With the ability to see large sections of the map at a time via the Rooftops, it’s possible to shut down enemies en route before they even get to the objective, so long as you can defend your position.


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