Black Ops Cold War Editions Detailed, Available for Pre-Order Now

Land Themed Pack

Whether you call it the “motherland” or the “homeland,” these three items will help clean house of any hostile forces.

·      Operator Skin –Ground infantry with bandolier and mesh face camouflage.

·      Weapon Blueprint – “Sucker Punch” Shotgun – A sawed off-stock and shorter barrel more than mitigates the weight of shells taped to the side, with the weapon’s simple appearance allowing it to blend into most non-tundra engagement environments.

·      Vehicle Skin “Red Bear” – The colorful blue hue seems a little worn, but the bright red star on the side will made this a standout tank among a platoon.

Sea Themed Pack

Suit up for operations at sea to maneuver behind enemy lines.

·      Operator Skin –Special operations wetsuit.

·      Weapon Blueprint “Black Tide” Assault Rifle – Chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges, the Black Tide’s a gold standard for any Operator, a fitting label for a blueprint that features subtle, yet intricate, gold accents.

·      Vehicle Skin “Leviathan” Skin– A striking zebra-like pattern is only broken up by necessary accessories, including its classy seafaring trim and decals.

Air Themed Pack

Be a maverick and prepare for take-off with this pack – its contents allow any Operator with ace flying skills to also look the part.

·      Operator Skin – Airborne division operator flightsuit.

·      Weapon Blueprint “Wingman” Pistol – Like any good co-pilot or emergency parachute, this reliable sidearm can be phenomenal in a pinch, and comes with a design that includes a signature fin flash insignia and checkered muzzle.

·      Vehicle Skin “Death Dealer” Skin – This hulking beast of a chopper forgoes the more extreme checkered pattern seen on a Blueprint and Operator Skin for yellow markings on a blue-painted base, with a devilish bomb-dropping caricature plastered on for a dark comedic effect.

In addition, Ultimate edition pre-order players will receive the Battle Pass Bundle (Battle Pass + 20 immediately activated Tier Skips) for use in any Black Ops Cold War post-launch Season.

Crash Team Rumble — Pre-order now and get access to the Closed Beta April 20-24

Preorders are available now in two editions: Standard and Deluxe. Players who purchase the Standard Edition will receive access to the Closed Beta plus a Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 1. Get the Deluxe Edition to additionally earn a Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 2, along with access to the Digital Proto Pack, which includes:

●      8 “Blocky” hero skins

●      “Pixelated” Shadow

●      “Get On My Level” in-game Victory Music

●      “Blocky” Hat

●      “Blocky” Backpack

●      “Blocky” Score FX

●      Unique Banner

Purchasing the Deluxe Edition also awards a 25 Tier Instant Unlock for the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass.  


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