Vanguard Season Two Patch Notes


Experimental Playlist

A primary goal of the spawn system in Vanguard is to prevent players from spawning in a position where an enemy player immediately threatens them. We recognize that this system frequently fails to select a quality spawn point on smaller maps based on analytics and player feedback.

In the new Experimental Playlist, we have modified the spawn system to better determine the quality of a given spawn location on the map. With these changes, players should feel that spawns are less random, especially in objective-based modes. In the first iteration of what will be a reoccurring Experimental Playlist, players will experience a moshpit of the following maps and modes.

  • Maps: Shipment, Das Haus, and Dome

  • Modes (Core): Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint

The Experimental Playlist is available now! Give it a try and share your feedback with us on in our survey.


The goal of the following changes is to transition some of the Chariot 18″ Rapid Barrel penalties to the .50 BMG Mags. Players should find that the .50 BMG BAR is now more challenging, while the Barrel Attachment is a viable option on a wider variety of loadouts. Note: These changes were implemented on March 22.


Field Upgrades



  • Arms Race

    • Players can no longer spawn on squadmates who are in a contested base.

    • Lethal and Tactical Equipment is no longer immediately refilled when a Field Upgrade is purchased at a Buy Station.

    • Players will no longer respawn with weapons equipped from the ground.

    • Improved the Victory and Defeat UI at the end of a match.

    • Addressed an exploit that allowed players within the protected area of an owned base to be killed by the Goliath Field Upgrade.

Ranked Play

  • Weapon Blueprints

    • Blueprints can now be equipped in Ranked Play and appear in-game with correct visuals.

    • Restricted attachments are flagged in Create-a-Class and automatically removed if the Blueprint is equipped in-game.

  • UI Improvements


Side Quests


Vanguard Season Three Patch Notes



  • NEW: Mayhem

  • Bocage

  • Eagle’s Nest

  • Gavutu

  • Sub Pens


  • Control

  • Arms Race

    • General

      • Addressed an issue where players within the blast radius of a Base were not properly notified.

      • Destructible walls at the Castle Base are now properly damaged by the Demolition Charge Lethal Equipment.

      • Corrected the capture point boundaries at Base E to prevent players from capturing from an unintended location.

      • Players will no longer lose a Lethal Equipment after purchasing a Field Upgrade from a Buy Station.

      • Addressed an issue where Base gates could not be damaged after deploying a Motorbike.

      • Improved the Tank’s ability to traverse the terrain.

      • Addressed an issue where Operators would not be aligned with the Motorbike while driving it.

      • Friendly Base gates will no longer become stuck after a player detonates the Goliath Field Upgrade.

      • Weapons equipped with the Wreck Proficiency Attachment will now deal increased damage to walls, gates, and vehicles.

    • Stability & Exploits

      • Addressed an issue that caused a fatal error crash when players join an in-progress match.

      • Increased the distance at which enemies can be seen to prevent engagements where a player is seemingly invisible.

      • Addressed an exploit where players could survive out of the playable area using vehicles.

      • Addressed an exploit that caused players to become invulnerable when there are no lives remaining.

      • Addressed an exploit where players could obtain an unintended number of Nebula Crates.

Ranked Play

  • Ranked Play Leaves Beta

  • Season 3 Skill Rating Reset

    • Players’ Skill Ratings have been reset at the start of Season 3.

    • Play 5 Skill Evaluation Matches to earn a Season 3 Skill Rating and get placed into a Skill Division & Tier.

    • Initial Skill Rating placement has changed in Season 3. Therefore, after their 5 Skill Evaluation matches, some players may find that they get placed below where they were initially placed at the start of the Season 2 Beta.

    • Win matches after your initial placement to earn SR and advance your Skill Division & Tier over the remainder of the Season.

  • Season 3 Top 250 Skill Division & Leaderboard

    • The Season 3 Top 250 Skill Division and Ladder will go live on May 4th, one full week into Season 3, to give players time to earn a Season 3 Skill Rating and advance through divisions.

  • General

    • Fixed the “Cricket Glitch” that was causing some players to have reduced performance and chirping noises on some maps.

    • Fixed an issue where Ranked Play Camo Rewards would occasionally unequip.

    • Inactive players will now be kicked from Ranked Play matches, making them eligible for Suspension or Ladder and Skill Rating penalties.

    • Added Berlin Control to the Ranked Play map rotation.

  • UI Updates

    • Skill Division Tiers now use Roman Numerals instead of Numbers (Elite V, Elite IV, Elite III, Elite II, Elite I).

    • Once unlocked, Ladder Event Rewards correctly appear as unlocked on the My Career Rewards screen.

    • All players can now see and preview the Ranked Legend Solange Operator Skin Reward on the “Division Rewards” tab on the Rewards Screen, regardless of their current Skill Division.

    • Victory Flames now display behind Rank Icons on the Ladder and Top 250 Leaderboard when earned.

    • Updated the Top 250 Skill Division icon used in various locations.

    • Fixed an issue causing Skill Division icons to be incorrectly offset from player Rank icons on some screens.

  • Restrictions

  • Season 3 Ranked Play Rewards

  • Ranked Play Matchmaking



  • NEW: Nikita AVT (Assault Rifle)

    • Accurate and reliable with best-in-class fire rate, this AR can be outfitted to exceed in CQC or long-range combat scenarios.

    • Unlocked with Battle Pass at Tier 31.

  • NEW: M1916 (Marsman Rifle)

    • A semi-automatic rifle with a combination of power and fire rate. Impressive at any range in the hands of a capable marksman.

    • Unlocked with Battle Pass at Tier 15.

  • NEW: Sledgehammer (Melee)

    • A tool designed for breaking stone, though it works equally well on enemy bones in a punch.

    • Unlock Challenge: Get a Multikill with a Melee Weapon in 15 different matches.

  • NEW: Skål Crusher (Melee)

  • STG44 (Assault Rifle)

  • Volkssturmgewehr (Assault Rifle)

    • Decreased aim walking movement speed.

    • Shells will no longer cease to eject from the Weapon after sustained fire.

    • VDD 287mm (Barrel)

    • Reisdorf 22V Adjustable (Stock)

  • Type 100 (Submachine Gun)

    • Sakura 196mm Light (Barrel)

    • Warubachi 134mm Rapid (Barrel)

    • Warubachi Grip Folding (Stock)

    • .30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags (Magazine)

  • PPSh-41 (Submachine Gun)

  • Armaguerra 43 (Submachine Gun)

  • Welgun (Submachine Gun)

  • G-43 (Marksman Rifle)

  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (Sniper Rifle)

  • Ice Axe (Melee)

  • General

    • Camo Challenges that require Headshots or Longshots are now properly tracked.

    • Progress toward unlocking the Plague Diamond Camo in Zombies is now properly tracked.

    • Added unlock challenges for the Season Two Battle Pass weapons.



Field Upgrades

  • NEW: Trophy System

    • Deployable autonomous defense system that destroys up to three nearby pieces of equipment and projectiles.

    • Available to all players upon logging in for the first time during Season Three.

More on Trophy System

When we released Vanguard last year, our initial tuning on Lethal Equipment deemphasized their lethality in combat, focusing our combat on gun skill. With new explosive equipment added in Seasonal updates and clear player feedback indicating its appeal, it became apparent that the Trophy System should make its debut.

Upon deployment, the Trophy System will protect its immediate radius from the following incoming and pre-established items for a limited time. Notably, the Throwing Knife is an exception to these defenses due to the high-risk, high-reward nature of this Lethal Equipment.

  • Incendiary Grenade

  • Sticky Bomb

  • MK2 Frag Grenade

  • Gammon Bomb

  • Thermite

  • Demolition Charge

  • Molotov Cocktail

  • No. 69 Stun Grenade

  • MK V Gas

  • S-Mine 44

  • Decoy Grenade

  • Ammo Box

  • Trophy System

  • Jammer

  • Field Mic

User Interface & Experience

  • Party member Operators will now hold the correct showcase Weapon during the lobby walk sequence.

  • Proximity indicators are no longer displayed on the HUD for the Sticky Bomb Lethal Equipment in Hardcore modes.

  • Arms Race, Control, and Patrol are now properly tracked in the Combat Record.

  • Improved the scrolling functionality of the Friends and Recent Players lists.

  • Corrected the challenge descriptions for the NZ-41 Survivalist and Type 11 Death Artist Camo Categories.

  • Addressed an issue that caused player microphone indicators to disappear.

Bundles & Cosmetics