Last Chance for Season Three Battle Pass Gear!

Season Three of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® marked a major moment for the community. On day one, Modern Warfare including free-to-play Warzone players could unlock goods in the fully reloaded Season Three Battle Pass system, including two Free weapons or purchase the Battle Pass to access the complete incredible selection of limited-time content.

But, with just a few short days remaining in Season Three, it’s time to check in with your Battle Pass and make sure you’re not missing any tiers. This epic, rewarding system will refresh for Season Four, so unlock the gear while you still can. 

Haven’t picked up Battle Pass yet? It’s not too late. Read below to see why NOW is a great time to get the Battle Pass and snag Season Three gear for yourself.

Unlock Over 100 Limited-Time Rewards!

Below, we highlighted all the gear you can’t pass up before Season Three ends. Keep reading to see some of our favorite items and learn how to complete the Battle Pass fast. 

1.   Alex Operator Skins and Gear: Tier 100 & Tier 0

Tier 100: ‘Indomitable’ Alex Skin

Go bold and barefaced into the conflict with the ‘Indomitable’ skin for our favorite Campaign hero. This casual outfit features multi-terrain boots, distressed jeans, and a fleece pullover, for a laidback look to catch enemies off guard when you attack in battle. 

Tier 100: ‘Utility Tool’ Blueprint
This Legendary marksman rifle instantly unlocks with the ‘Indomitable’ skin. Fans of the weapon class will love this hotshot blueprint, with a dragon decal on the body and green scales dotting its ‘FTAC Hunter’ Stock. ‘Utility Tool’ attachments make this weapon great for handling long-range battles in Warzone, and it has the handling speed to compete with the higher rate of engagements in Multiplayer. 

PLUS, Tier 100 also unlocks the ‘Goblin’ vehicle skin AND a Legendary Season Three Emblem.

Tier 0: ‘Hard Wired’ Skin
Purchase Battle Pass and this full-body tactical suit instantly unlocks for Alex. The suit shows off his new prosthetic leg after miraculous surviving the events of the Campaign, while keeping Alex’s facial features under wraps. To play as Alex without hiding his identity, unlock Tier 100!

PLUS, Tier 0 also unlocks the shirtless ‘Hard Labor’ Skin for Yegor, the ‘Big Sky Country’ vehicle skin, AND a 10% Seasonal XP Boost!

2.     Unlock a Full Arsenal of Limited-Time Blueprints

Tier 85: ‘Guard One’ Handgun Blueprint
Let the Legendary ‘Guard One’ be your first line of defense. This Blueprint makes good use of the ample Gunsmith options available for the Handgun Foxtrot class. Attachments include the ‘Desperado Pro Compensator’ Muzzle, ‘MK3 Burst Mod’ Barrel, 27-Round Mags, ‘XRK Pro’ Rear Grip, and ‘Lightweight Trigger’ Under Barrel – making the ‘Guard One’ an all-around relentless aggressor.

Tier 55: FREE ‘Beefeater’ Assault Rifle Blueprint

Available for all players who reach Tier 55, the hefty ‘Beefeater’ is a standout blueprint for the Assault Rifle Bravo class. Get a feel for hard-to-find attachments like the brutal ’12-Gauge Deputy’ underbarrel and ’13.0” OSW Para’ barrel, and enjoy plenty of accuracy and mobility with the ‘Stippled Grip Tape’, ‘Aim-Op Reflex Sight’ Optic and the ‘FORGE TAC Stalker’ Stock.

Tier 45: ‘Chupacabra’ LMG Blueprint

Rack up those Bloodthirsty badges with the ravenous ‘Chupacabra’ Blueprint. With attachments like the Tac Laser, ‘XRK Striker’ Stock and 150 Round Ammo, this crimson-stained LMG is well-equipped to eat up your enemies, shot after shot.

That’s not all: the Season Three Battle Pass system offers a wide selection of blueprints for every style of loadout. Unlock all 100 tiers to arm yourself with a range of limited-time SMGs, marksman rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, LMGs, and melees. 

3.   Amp Up Your Strike Team: Limited-Edition ‘Mara’ & More!

Tier 90: ‘Death Dealer’ Mara Skin
Missed out on Season One Operator, ‘Mara’? Don’t delay: it’s your chance to unlock this Venezuelan-born sleeper agent, now with a sleek new ‘fit. Mara’s ‘Death Dealer’ skin shows off her tattooed arms and features red decals, tactical leggings and a cropped tank. Get the ‘Death Dealer’ to unlock Mara for Multiplayer & Warzone.

Tier 80: ‘Tracker’ Talon Skin
Get your claws on Talon’s new ‘Tracker’ Skin. Tier 80 unlocks Talon’s stealthy new getup, plus a special Operator Mission. The ‘Tracker’ features highwater pants for careful, soundless steps, a cropped ghillie hat for bonus camouflage, and a cargo vest and knapsack for storing supplies on the go.

Tier 30: ‘SKSF I’ Mil-Sim Operator Skin
Dress your default Operator for modern warfare, with a new Mil-Sim skin inspired by real frontline fighters. At Tier 30, unlock the ‘SKSF I’ Mil-Sim Skin, modeled after current uniforms worn by South Korean Special Forces. Unlock this daring and realistic Operator Skin, plus TWO Season Three Mil-Sim Challenges, while you still can.

AND, don’t forget: any Operator Skin acquired also unlocks that Operator for Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone – including ‘Mil-Sim’ styled default Operators. So, unlock Operators and choose your fighter before Season Three ends.

4.   Bet on Black: It’s the Latest ‘Tomogunchi’ Variant!

Tier 93: ‘Tomogunchi’ Operator Watch
Whether you’re dressed for night ops or suited up for subterfuge, there’s no reason not to take your wearable pet along for the ride. A special-edition variant of the fan-favorite Operator watch, the ‘Tomogunchi’ Black goes away when Season Three ends.

5.   AND, Get Up to 1,300 Call of Duty® Points

Still unsure whether or not to pick up Battle Pass? Maybe the opportunity to unlock 1,300 Call of DutyPoints, might have you thinking differently.  

Unlock all 100 tiers and you’ll walk away from Season Three with 1300CP: enough to treat yourself to a new Store Bundle. OR, save the CP you earned for the next jam-packed Battle Pass in Season Four!

PLUS, Unlock Tiers FAST with a Triple Feed!
Jump in and double up on rewards. From 10AM PT May 29 to 11PM PT June 2, all Multiplayer & Warzone players have access to Season Three’s LAST triple feed!

That means you can get 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, and 2X Battle Pass system tier progression until Season Three ends. If you haven’t unlocked all tiers in the Battle Pass system before then, this event is bound to give you just the boost you need. 

So, Go Get Rewarded.

This Season don’t leave anything on the table. With the action heating up in Verdansk, you’ll need all the Operators, weapon blueprints, and reinforcements you can get.

The clock is ticking! Hop into a Multiplayer, Special Ops or Warzone match to unlock any remaining Battle Pass tiers. Season Three ends 11PM PT June 2, so go after it – and stay frosty out there.


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For more information on Activision games, follow @Activision on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Modern Warfare® Season Four Battle Pass is LIVE with Captain Price

Somewhere deep in Verdansk, an unseen enemy works against the Armistice. Now that this fragile alliance is shattered, old wounds are reopened – and tensions are reaching an all-time high. 



0:00 / 0:00



Command the field of battle with Captain Price, Available in the Season Four Battle Pass

“Have to trust someone to be betrayed. I never did.”  – Captain Price, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2

Season Four brings an extremely familiar face to the fray – John Price, a Captain in the British 22nd Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment. 

The fighting in Verdansk has continued to rage unabated and additional forces are needed to contain the growing threat to pull the city back from the brink of war. Enter Captain John Price: A target-focused warfighter who deploys a cut-to-the-chase lethality.  

Read on for more intel on the Coalition’s Captain Price and learn how to add him to your squadron of elite Operators in Modern Warfare. 

Origins of an Operator

Captain John Price is a long-standing member of the British Army who has honed his skillset and proved his worth over countless of covert operations and multiple deployments in the Middle East. At the start of the Modern Warfare Campaign, CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell is tasked with finding a ‘better weapon’ to track down chemical weapons. Instead of a traditional weapon, she makes a call to Captain Price who immediately responds and heads to London.

While Captain Price is an elite seek-and-strike expert and an excellent sniper and saboteur, he’s also known for a second skill: developing and maintaining relationships with top Tier Operators across the globe. It’s that secondary skillset which allows Alex to connect with Farah on the ground in Urzikstan and kick off the events of the Campaign that lead to the eventual death of Barkov and the destruction of his gas factory. 

In the aftermath of those events, Laswell still has loose ends that Captain Price is determined to tie up. He gathers dossiers to recruit a specialized task force – Task Force 141 to put a stop to the terrorist threat in Verdansk, the criminal activities of Mr. Z, and shut down any remnants of Al-Qatala left in the region.

Want more background on Captain Price? Read his Campaign Bio here.

Two Tiers of Bravo Six

Get two distinct looks for Captain Price in the Battle Pass at Tier 0, an instant unlock, and Tier 100. Players can complete Operator Missions at both tiers to earn additional skins and other rewards. 

As soon as you purchase the Battle Pass, you can immediately start playing with Captain Price in his ‘The Captain’ skin. This skin sees Captain Price sport his signature bucket hat and is similar to the outfit worn during the Campaign mission ‘The Embassy’. Captain the squad when you drop into Verdansk in Warzone or lead the way in Multiplayer.

Progress through the tiers by playing the game and reach Tier 100. A stacked tier that includes a vehicle skin, Legendary weapon blueprint, and new skin and set of Operator Missions for Captain Price. The Tier 100 skin, ‘Nightfall’, will remind players of the Campaign Mission ‘Clean House.’ Don this look to do just that to your enemies and clean up the battlefield of any opposition. 

Purchase the Season Four Battle Pass and progress through the tiers to unlock instant access to the newest Operator – Captain Price alongside other Legendary Operator skins, Legendary blueprint weapons, vehicle skins, XP and Weapon XP Tokens, up to 1300 Call of Duty® points, and more. Preview all the goods of the Battle Pass by visiting the Battle Pass tab in-game. 

Season Four of Modern Warfare is live now. 

Stay Frosty.

Getting the Most Out of the Season Four Battle Pass with Operator Missions

My Gunsmith Custom Creation for this week – the Dream Eater– is a good example of how this LMG is being configured for a well-balanced primary weapon. Specifically, this has the base and Barrel of the Synthetic Dreams blueprint, the 60 Round Mags of The Glitch blueprint, (found in the Season Three Encryption Store Bundle), the Merc Foregrip and Stippled Grip Tape from the Phoenix Ignition, and a stock Tac Laser.

This build extends the weapon’s effective range (XRK Summit 26.8” Barrel) and gives it some more recoil control and some hip fire accuracy (Merc Foregrip), while keeping its snappy aim down sight (ADS) speed from the rest of the attachments.

Other attachments to consider are the Monolithic Suppressor for more range and sound dampening, and an optic – usually a 3.0x zoom scope – for a magnified and more precise sight picture.

In general? It’s a meta weapon for a reason. Fast-firing assault rifles and LMGs with decent damage profiles at all ranges are jacks of all trades and simple enough to pick up and play with. 

However, there are plenty of weapons that can outclass it at any range, just not at everyrange. If you keep your positioning in mind and work with your other teammates to maximize utility, I could list a few weapons that could easily outslay a player that uses a “meta weapon.”

But that is for another Rank Up Report – for now, I’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.

The Modern Warfare® Season Five Battle Pass is Now Live

Three Wartracks : Hop in your vehicle and instantly hear music courtesy of Wartracks, a new customization item for vehicles. You’ll get three songs, including the pulse pounding ‘Sepulchre’ Juggernaut song, that plays for you and your squad whenever you drive a vehicle. Equip war tracks in the Vehicle Customization menu (similar to Battle Horns) to have them queued up and ready for the ride. 

Rodion ‘Archangel’ Skin: Operator Rodion joins Lerch in the Shadow Company, donning the new ‘Archangel’ skin to show off his allegiance. Complete his Operator Mission to unlock the ‘On Guard’ and ‘Sable’ skins, the ‘Deleted’ voice quip, and the ‘Shadow Ops: Rodion’ calling card.

Seasonal XP Boost: Purchase the Season Five Battle Pass to reap the benefits of a 10% XP boost that lasts the entire Season.

This is just what you get to start, and there’s a whole lot more to earn through 100 tiers of content.

1300 Call of Duty Points

Unlock up to 1300 COD Points just by playing the game. That’s enough for next Season’s Battle Pass or can go towards picking up a new Operator or blueprint bundle in the Store. 

New Free Base Weapons

Expand your loadout choices with two new base weapons, free to earn by all players.

Lerch leads the Shadow Company and the Season Five Battle Pass of Modern Warfare®

Get Lerch and an Evolving Skin at Tier 0 (Instant Unlock)

Tier 0 of the Season Five Battle Pass is packed with multiple items including the leader of the Shadow Company, Lerch. 

Initially, you’ll pick up the ‘Behemoth’ skin a beefy all black look that comes with a tactical backpack. Complete Lerch’s Operator Missions to see increasingly tactical variants of the skin: The ‘Gargantua’ adds a cap and turns the backpack into a tactical vest, and the third skin in the set the ‘Colossus’ transform the vest to full-on riot gear and replaces the hat with helmet.

Complete the missions and along the way, you’ll also earn a Lerch calling card and quip. 

Three other items are available at Tier 0, the ‘Archangel’ skin for Rodion and an Operator Mission, war tracks a new customization item allowing players to listen to specific songs when the drive a vehicle (including ‘Sepulchre’ the Juggernaut theme),  and an XP boost that last the duration of the Season. 

Head to the Battle Pass menu to purchase and unlock Lerch or get the Battle Pass bundle (includes 20 tier skips) to also instantly own three blueprints, the ISO SMG, a Shadow Company mil-sim Operator, the deadly raven ‘Nevermore’ Finishing Move, and more.

Learn more about the Battle Pass on the Games Blog or check it out in-game. 

See you in the Shadows…

Gift the Battle Pass to a Friend with the Call of Duty® Companion App

It tracks your stats, it keeps you connected to your Call of Duty friends, it offers in-game rewards, and now it’s the best Call of Duty gift-giving app you’ve got. Using the Call of Duty Companion app, you can purchase the Battle Pass as a gift for your Activision friends.

Once they claim their gift in-game, they’ll get instant unlock Battle Pass Tier 0 content and any other progression they’ve earned, plus the ability to unlock even more content across 100 tiers. Getting the Battle Pass means you can unlock new character skins, weapon blueprints, finishing moves, Call of Duty points, and more, just by playing the game. That’s a gift any Call of Duty player can appreciate.

Make (Activision) Friends and Up Your Game

Already have a friend in mind? In order to gift them the Battle Pass, you first need to become Activision friends. Activision friends enable you to party up for cross-platform play. In the Companion app, you can view and compare each other’s stats across multiple titles, view your play feeds, and see how you stack up against one another on the leaderboards.

If you’re not already Activision friends, it’s an easy process that can be completed in the Companion app or entirely in-game. Go here for a rundown on how it’s done. After the process is complete, you must be friends for at least one week before sending them a gift.

While you’re making friends, encourage them to download the Call of Duty Companion app. In addition to in-depth stat tracking, app users can view their progress in the current Battle Pass, read up on the latest Call of Duty and Warzone related news and strategies, analyze heat maps showing your kills and deaths on recent matches, and check the schedule and competitive standings for the Call of Duty League™. App users also receive weekly login rewards like calling cards or XP tokens. 

Black Ops Cold War Cross-Play and Battle Pass Intel Overview

This means:

·      Those who earned Modern Warfare items in Modern Warfare or Warzone will retain their content when Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War arrives this November.

·      All new Black Ops Cold War functional content, such as base weapons and attachments, can be unlocked by playing Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

·      The Battle Pass System will continue to include free tiers, similar to the Modern Warfare Battle Pass system, which will include new base weapons in addition to other categories of items players can earn simply by playing the game

·      Battle Passes will launch in tandem with post-launch live seasons, which will include themed content that matches each season’s narrative.

·      Players can see the content they will earn or buy through the Battle Pass or Store.

·      The Battle Pass and Store will feature a variety of cosmetic content, including Operators, Weapons, Blueprints, Player Identity items, and more.

·      There will not be a Season Pass model. Post-launch Multiplayer maps and modes will be free and given to all players simultaneously on all platforms.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will continue this concept through a collaborative effort across multiple studios: Treyarch and Raven Software, along with additional support from High Moon Studios, Beenox, Activision Shanghai, Demonware, and Sledgehammer Games.

Be sure to check back here for additional information on the live seasons and post-release content plans for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone throughout the year and beyond.

We are looking forward to playing these experiences alongside the community next month in the Open Beta!

Modern Warfare® Campaign hero Farah and series veteran Nikolai arrive in the Season Six Battle Pass

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For more information and the latest intel on Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, check out: and follow @InfinityWard and @CallofDuty on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

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