Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Cheshire Park

As part of Season Four Reloaded, our Allegiance and Coalition forces are set to infiltrate Cheshire Park.

Unfortunately, despite its lovely name, there are no men selling ice cream and singing Italian songs. Instead, Cheshire Park is a quasi-traditional, “three lane” 6v6 map that welcomes a variety of playstyles.

This is your Tactical Map Intel for Cheshire Park:

Lay of the Land:

It’s Day 176 in the ongoing struggle between the ex-Armistice alliance members from the Coalition and Allegiance.

The battle has now spilled over to Cheshire Park, a picturesque urban environment within London, England.

Coalition top brass enlisted the help of the home-grown SAS, specifically Detachment Delta, who arrive via helicopter from the west right outside the area’s local Fish & Chips Shop (Chippy for short) and the park’s Conservatory.

Meanwhile, the Chimera’s 1st Unit within the Allegiance are rolling in from the east, parking their van outside the Cask & Dragon Pub near the Corner Market. These two fireteams are primed for first blood in and around the Garden Square, which features the Cheshire Park Café.

Circling around the Park is the famed “underground” tube system which, despite its reputation for being subterranean, is mostly above ground.

Map Detail:

Cheshire Park contains three distinct lanes of combat created by the Garden Square and four streets that circle this central park area. 

It is an asymmetrical map, the west side has an extended back area behind the Chippy, and the east offers a massive indoor glasshouse featuring local and exotic flora. 

Even the streets surrounding the center are unique with tactical opportunities: the road alongside the Row Houses in the north is broken up by cars and busses, while the south street is mostly clear aside for a bit of scaffolding.

Map Overview

The following set of maps detail the entirety of Cheshire Park, including the locations of important areas in different game modes, and a topographical image. Swipe or click left or right to see them all:

Basic Strategies

At first glance, Operators will see this as a traditional three-lane map, but there is far more strategy than what appears on the surface:

First, each of the open indoor areas, and how these buildings break up outdoor locales, offer unique engagement opportunities – for example, the Fish & Chips Shop alleys are prime opportunities for flanking.

Furthermore, the open design of this map allows for equipment pieces to be lobbed over buildings and fences. With the help of some reconnaissance – either from teammates or equipment —  one could pull off some impressive no-look throws and catch a sleeping enemy by surprise on the other side.

While the Garden Square is fit for a potpourri of effective playstyles, long-range and close-quarters loadout types could find preferential treatment on two separate streets. For those using sniper or marksman rifles, the south and east streets have great sightlines, while shotgun and SMG users could find solace in the cover-heavy north and west streets.

A Weapon to Avoid Getting in a Right Kettle of Fish

While every weapon can be used to dominate your competition, for those who favor a balanced playstyle, an assault rifle could be a good fit on this map. 

Already pre-configured in the Gaz Operator Bundle – a Store item that features an Operator who would feel right at home on Cheshire Park – this version of Assault Rifle Charlie is built for an aggressive Operator. 

The FSS 11.5” Commando Barrel, Tac Laser, and FORGE TAC CQS attachments all kit this weapon for fast aim down sight speed, while the Aim-Op Reflex Optic allows for a clearer sight picture for target acquisition. Rounding this blueprint out is the Lightweight Suppressor, which hushes acoustics when firing for those covert flanking maneuvers while not adding much additional weight, allowing an Operator to still be fairly mobile while handling this weapon.

The Fair Brass may be more suited for short-to-mid-range engagements. However, if you mount on a piece of cover – or your own Deployable Shield – it can be a boon to your recoil control and aiming stability, allowing you to make longshots down range and rival those with marksman weapons.

Killstreak Field Guide

With a variety of buildings to take refuge in, avoiding Killstreaks doesn’t have to be difficult difficult lemon difficult.

As soon as a lethal enemy Killstreak comes online, try ducking into one of the six large interior spaces around Cheshire Park, bearing in mind you may have to clear out any enemies who are waiting for those seeking cover. Alternatively, if you want to tackle a Killstreak head-on, fall back into a far-extreme side of the map – east or west – and take out a Launcher or FMJ-equipped weapon to protect your fellow Operators.

The only issue comes when ground Killstreaks come into play, as the Wheelson can maneuver well inside of shops, and the Sentry Gun and Shield Turrets can cover an entire lane effectively with proper placement on either end of one. Spotter can help you find these threats – and enemy equipment pieces – that may be set-up just around the corner awaiting your squad’s demise.

Objective Play

Learning objective locations in Cheshire Park is far easier than a uni entrance exam – just use our above maps and learn on the fly to find how you can be the best teammate in objective modes.

In terms of a general objective tip, especially within Domination, Cyber Attack, Hardpoint, and Headquarters, it’s best to heed Captain John Price’s words and “check those corners” when entering buildings. If an objective location is located within or near a building, check every nook and cranny with either lethal and tactical equipment piece. At minimum have some general awareness and a weapon built for close-quarters engagements when you head indoors.

Defenders can place Trophy Systems inside these buildings – or near objectives in general – to counter equipment throws, so ensure your munitions won’t be intercepted before tossing them out.

10 Tips:

10. … and Bob’s Your Uncle. Don’t let all these tips overwhelm you. If you need to think about this map on its simplest terms, treat it as a three-lane map with opportunities to cross lanes on either street outside the main Garden structure, as well as within it.

9. It’s Far from Bog-Standard. Still, remember that there is more to this map than three lanes. Multiple accessible shops, the difference in potential playstyles within all four streets, and plenty of open space throughout allows for plays far beyond what you’d find in a by-the-book traditional map.

8. Leave ‘em Gobsmacked with Equipment Use. Lobbing lethal or tactical equipment into and out of the center Garden might help set up some assist opportunities, or surprise kills, which have an increased chance of happening around exploding vehicles.

7. South and East Streets are Mint for Snipers. With little room to hide, these lanes offer great sightlines down range for those using long-range weaponry.

6.  Leg It through the Side Streets. For those using CQB Loadouts, tactical sprinting and sliding are both great for quickly jumping from cover-to-cover, especially when dashing through the north and west streets.

5. Go the Full Monty with an Assault Rifle. An assault rifle, such as the Fair Brass, can be an all-around great weapon to deal with whatever engagements you’ll find around Cheshire Park, from down-street longshot duels to point blank engagements in shops.

4. Don’t Faff About Outside when the Killstreaks Come. Head to one of the many indoor locations within Cheshire Park to take cover from enemy Killstreaks. Otherwise, take out a launcher and shoot them down before they do damage.

3. Take a Butchers at the Shops. Especially in objective game modes where they serve as points of interest – e.g. Hardpoint hills or HQ locations – be sure to make like Captain Price and “check those corners,” including behind cover pieces, to clean house before advancing inwards.

2. Objective Play: Get on it like a Car Bonnet. Whether it’s watching a flank of a home base flag in Domination, or rotating early to the next Hardpoint hill, use our maps to plan out your objective play, so that you can rack up score and possibly be your team’s MVP.

1. It’s O.K. to go Back to the Drawing Board. Cheshire Park is a fast and frenetic Multiplayer experience. Don’t fret if your first match is a loss; as our old buddy Gaz said whenever we lost a round, “it’s not over yet. Get ready for the next one.” 

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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“Adler is a mysterious CIA operative called in for some of the most difficult assignments. He’s a black box, even to some of his closest associates.” – Murray Kraft, Lead Writer, Raven Software

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Helen Park entered Oxford at the young age of 16. While working on her doctorate in international relations, her older brother was severely injured in an IRA car bomb attack in London, leading her to immediately drop out from the program. She began to study the origins and motivations of international para-military organizations, eventually leading her to join the ranks of MI6.