Getting the Most Out of the Season Four Battle Pass with Operator Missions

My Gunsmith Custom Creation for this week – the Dream Eater– is a good example of how this LMG is being configured for a well-balanced primary weapon. Specifically, this has the base and Barrel of the Synthetic Dreams blueprint, the 60 Round Mags of The Glitch blueprint, (found in the Season Three Encryption Store Bundle), the Merc Foregrip and Stippled Grip Tape from the Phoenix Ignition, and a stock Tac Laser.

This build extends the weapon’s effective range (XRK Summit 26.8” Barrel) and gives it some more recoil control and some hip fire accuracy (Merc Foregrip), while keeping its snappy aim down sight (ADS) speed from the rest of the attachments.

Other attachments to consider are the Monolithic Suppressor for more range and sound dampening, and an optic – usually a 3.0x zoom scope – for a magnified and more precise sight picture.

In general? It’s a meta weapon for a reason. Fast-firing assault rifles and LMGs with decent damage profiles at all ranges are jacks of all trades and simple enough to pick up and play with. 

However, there are plenty of weapons that can outclass it at any range, just not at everyrange. If you keep your positioning in mind and work with your other teammates to maximize utility, I could list a few weapons that could easily outslay a player that uses a “meta weapon.”

But that is for another Rank Up Report – for now, I’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.

Unlock the Katana Operator Skill in Call of Duty®: Mobile

Tips for Bringing a Katana to a Gunfight

1.     Map Knowledge. Consider the map you are playing on before you activate the Katana. Is it close-quarters or does it feature long sightlines? Because the Katana is a close-range weapon make sure the battlefield enables you to have success with it. 

2.     Striking Distance. If you are unsure if you are close enough to land a Katana kill, pay attention to your HUD. A crosshair will “lock-on” to an enemy hostile that is within range. 

3.     Smoke ‘Em Out. For enemies a good distance away, Smoke is a good way to close the gap undetected. If you want to continue using the Katana, you won’t have access to your standard weaponry. Use Smoke to move with stealth, then emerge with a deadly Katana surprise. 

4.     Stun’ On ‘Em. Concussion grenades disorient and slow enemies. Capitalize on the confusion and lack of speed to move in and let your blade do the rest. 

5.     Feeling Perky? If you are rolling with the Katana, choose some perks to benefit your Operator Skill. Consider Ghost to stay hidden and Skulker or Lightweight to increase your movement speed. 

Conquer the Katana Kill Challenge and wield the sword in battle on your way to victory. 

See you on the go and online!

Eliminate Your Enemies with the Elite Shadow Company Operator

Shadow of a Shadow

Full Name: [REDACTED]

First Language: [REDACTED]

Citizenship: [REDACTED]

Faction: Allegiance

Group: Shadow Company

The Shadow Company is playing this one close to the chest. Where facts are sparse, the myth surrounding Velikan’s origins only grows over time. Tales of his exploits are written off as fairytales at best and gross exaggeration at worst.

Decked out in armor from head to toe, there are few who can guess at Velikan’s true identity. Those who know him never speak ill of him. The mysterious Operator has joined the ranks of the Shadow Company alongside Marcus ‘Lerch’ Ortega, the former Marine turned Shadow Company leader, and former Army Ranger Rozlin ‘Roze’ Helms.

As Verdank descends further into chaos, the Shadow Company brings an element of mystery to their tactics as they take the fight directly to the enemy. With Velikan on their side, they’ve got a fighting chance to turn the tides.

Armed and Ready to Fight

To assist in his clandestine operations, Velikan’s bundle comes stacked with ten items including his ‘Megalith’ skin, the ‘Take a Bow’ Finishing Move, the ‘Masked Out’ weapon charm, and more. The bundle also features two Legendary blueprints: the Trencher and the Excavator.