Deliver Justice with the Mediterranean Mercenary

The Modern Embodiment of Western All’Italiana

Full Name: Sergio Sulla

First Language: Italian

Citizenship: Italy

Faction: Coalition

Group: Warcom

As a young boy, Sergio grew up in Il Repubblica Italiana watching films that his fellow countrymen produced and directed: spaghetti westerns.

Inspired by these fictional heroes, the man who would call himself the Italian word for “death” – Morte – made it his destiny to become a lawbringer of justice. That involved a personal search for his interpretation of right and wrong, as this mercenary wanted his own moral code to properly correct injustice, no matter the mission.

His incredible gunslinging skills, akin to the rangers he idolized, and true grit earned him service with the legendary “il nono” – the 9th Paratroopers Assault Regiment Col Moschin, or “Col Moschin,” the short name for this special forces unit recognized around the world.

After spending two years training to be in the regiment and participating in multiple operations, Warcom offered Morte a place among the multi-national Coalition force.

He accepted the offer, but only on two conditions: he brings along his faithful sidekick Tuco, a red-tailed hawk, and he provides his own uniform.

Armed with Two Bringers of Justice

The ten-item Morte Operator bundle is big enough for two Legendary blueprints, complete with “Morte” alternate red, white, and green Tracer Fire. It also includes Morte’s “Sentenza” skin, his hawk-related Finishing Move “Tuco,” the “Chisholm” Combat Knife blueprint, and more.