1v1 Duel on a New Map, Saloon!

It’s a good ‘ol fashioned shoot-out in the wild west on Saloon, a new map available for 1v1 duel in Call of Duty: Mobile. It seems you’ve ruffled a few of the wrong feathers in Once Upon A Time In Rust and found yourself in a fight to the death with only your weapon and your quickdraw to get you through it.  Before you fire away partner, get a few tips on Saloon and some tricks for out-maneuvering your opponent in a 1v1 match-up. 

Mastering Saloon

Saloon is a close-quarters map designed for a 1v1 match-up. You’ll still have sightlines, but not as long as a standard Multiplayer map. Saloon consists of a circular western exterior, then the interior playspace of the actual Saloon. You can choose to play either, but both have unique advantages. 

There’s more room to maneuver in the exterior and a lot more cover. You can duck behind a boarded post that holds wanted and reward signs, boxes, an overturned safe, wagons full of hay bales and more. SMGs, assault rifles, and even shotguns can be a formidable choice. Try to be super attuned to any sounds of the enemy as any noise not from you is coming from your opponent. 

Inside is a much tighter space, so shotguns will really standout. However, you’ll have a lot less cover and defeating your opponent will require a legitimate quickdraw. There’s a bar and a small table that provide minimal cover if you need a more tactical approach, but if you’re indoors the 1v1 match-up may become a pure shoot out. May the best gunslinger win.

Rules of the Battlefield

You’re a lone ranger in this fight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find success. 1v1 is a best of three matchup, with each round going to the first player to get seven kills. That means if you are down a few kills, you can still catch up. Or, if you lose the first round, go for the reverse sweep to win the match. In addition to your seven lives, health regeneration is on. Use it to disengage from fights when needed, regain your strength, then attack to make each life count. 

Players choose their loadouts on the first round, so be sure to pick something that plays to your strengths. In each successive round, the loser of the previous round chooses a loadout class and from there you are dealt a random loadout with a primary weapon from that class. For example, if you win the first round your opponent may choose LMGs. You could get a M4LMG, RUS-79U, or any other weapon from that class. With that in mind, try to familiarize yourself with all weapon classes because you never know what you might get. 

Tips for Success

1.     If stealth is your game, move swiftly, but quietly and wait until you have good visibility on your opponent before you fire. The sound of your weapon can easily tip someone off when there are no other players in the game. 

2.     Saloon is a small map built for a close-up skirmish. Keep that in mind as you select your loadout for the first round. Afterwards, consider choosing loadouts that play to the map, but always go with your strengths first.  

3.     Using lethal and tactical equipment is extremely important in a 1v1 battle. Even if you don’t hit your target you will gain critical intel on where the enemy is or isn’t. 

4.     In a game where quickdraw matters, you can benefit from hip-firing. Look into switching up your fire mode or pre-fire, that is fire before you ADS, to ensure you get the first shot. 

5.     Although Saloon is small, you can still use the space to your advantage. For instance, if your loadout is a close-quarters weapon like a shotgun, try and force the battle to the interior where you might have the upper hand. Just make sure your draw fast and aim true. 

See you online, cowboy. 



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Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Hardhat

“The only truth I found is that the world we live in is a giant tinderbox. All it takes…is someone to light the match.” – Captain John Price, Call of Duty®: MW3

A familiar construction site towering over an urban landscape will signal home for veterans of the Call of Duty franchise. For those experiencing it for the first time, Hardhat – yes, from Call of Duty: MW3– will welcome you in for fast-paced skirmishes regardless of the game mode.

Whether it’s locking down the Bulldozer to hold an important objective flag, or smoking out Operators skulking within pipes, Hardhat looks like a CQB player’s paradise with tight corners and two main interior chokepoints. However, mid-range builds and sharpshooters alike can take over the map by finding key lines of sight to command lanes and force action elsewhere.

This is your Tactical Map Intel for Hardhat:

Lay of the Land:

Previously, Hardhat was set near the first main Campaign level of MW3: “Black Tuesday”, a mile or so from Downtown at a construction site.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Hardhat takes place at an Operor Construction site in London, England on Day 157 of the global conflict. At 10:30 a.m., both Allegiance and Coalition members arrive at opposite ends of the block to investigate the area after an anonymous tip brought them here.

Unfortunately, it seems as if it was a false alarm to distract our Operators from the true fight at hand… Or maybe those containers and piles of construction material hide an actual threat.

Most everything that a veteran remembers about Hardhat is here: the big yellow Bulldozer, the massive wall held up by support beams, a busy Central Building, and, of course, the big concrete Pipe that connects the north side of the map to the south.

Map Detail:

Hardhat is a medium-small sized map that is suited for 6v6 playlists. Action will be fast-paced and take place within unfinished buildings, underneath scaffolding, and even in concrete pipes, but there are also multiple lines of sight that snipers can use to counter run-and-gun players.

Here are the 13 distinct zones that this map contains: 

1. Offices – Coalition Spawn

2. Elevator Structure

3. Support Beams

4. Dumpsters

5. Scaffolds Building

6. Center Building

7. Bulldozer

8. Pipes

9. Concrete Formwork Building

10. SUV

11. Stairs Building

12. Cherry Picker

13. Containers Area – Allegiance Spawn

Map Overview

The following set of maps detail the entirety of Hardhat, including the zones, the locations of important areas in different game modes, and a topographical image. Swipe or click left or right to see them all:

Map Zones Overview:

1. Offices – Coalition Spawn

The usual spawn area for Coalition members is comprised of two inaccessible office trailers and a stack of construction materials. At the beginning of the match, Coalition Operators will want to rush out of here towards the Pipes, or around the Elevator Structure and Support Beams to the Center Building.

Because of Hardhat’s size and design, spawn areas aren’t considered especially “safe”, meaning an enemy can just as easily flank you here as if it were just another zone.

With that in mind, use the center stack of materials to take cover from enemy bullets, or to help make unusual movement patterns to try and throw off their aim.

2. Elevator Structure

This massive block of concrete separates the offices from the Support Beams, creating two lanes down to the massive metal wall on the map’s east side.

Use either lane to move to-and-from these zones or trick an enemy into chasing you around this square structure. The slight inclines do offer a slight advantage to those coming from the Offices, but it’s not too dramatic to completely make those on the low ground sitting ducks.

Another cover piece of note is the stack of concrete blocks shown above; it’s a great place to mount a weapon and cover this zone, or the Support Beams area. Be warned, however, that a well-placed equipment piece can easily catch someone who gets too comfortable on these blocks.

3. Support Beams

Several support beams hold up a massive metal wall that separates this construction site from the rest of London.

Here, one could use the concrete bases for temporary cover, but it may be too small to hide an Operator for too long. Ultimately, this area is a transition zone to the Center Building, Dumpsters, and Elevator Structure, with a wide open playspace for big team fights to take place.

Furthermore, because this is one of the few areas with little overhead covering, this is a popular spot to drop an aerial Killstreak, such as a Cruise Missile. Keep that in mind when travelling through here.

4. Dumpsters

A few dumpsters and crates mark this zone between the Scaffolds Building and the Support Beams. As you would expect, these objects make great cover pieces, or a place to quickly stop, reload, and recover health.

Just don’t get too sucked into the back corner of this zone, as it offers little advantageous views and may leave you cornered by enemy players. Also, because it’s out in the open like the Support Beams zone, be prepared for aerial Killstreaks to rain down from above.

Those who have an elite arm may want to chuck lethal and tactical grenades to the east through the support beams of the Scaffolds Building, as you may just hit someone at the Bulldozer area. Remember this the next time an enemy team is giving your squad a lot of trouble in that popular zone.

5. Scaffolds Building

An unfinished building marked by scaffolds makes up the southwest-most zone of Hardhat.

This is where Coalition members will probably run to in objective game modes. The Bulldozer area is a hot spot, as it offers great lines of sight over the map’s southern route. The stack of crates shown above is one great place for a mid or long-range weapon user to lock down this lane; hop up on those crates and use the concrete wall for cover as you aim down the Bulldozer zone into the Containers Area.

Within this area, due to its layout, CQB weapons can easily knock out those sharpshooters, using the walls and crates for cover as they slink through to other zones.

6. Center Building

A square-like building with little cover outside of overhead protection, the Center Building will most likely descend into absolute chaos within a minute of a typical game on Hardhat.

While trekking through here, make sure the doors are closed to avoid long-range fire, or keep them open if you are a sharpshooter looking to clear this room out. CQB weapons reign supreme in this confined space, but you may have to bring some extended mags to deal with all the enemies that can show up here.

If you’re looking to get a high ground advantage, the center generator is climbable up to a point, allowing you to get a unique vantage point to the outside, or at very least, help you throw off an enemy’s aim.

7. Bulldozer

The southernmost zone of the map contains a big yellow bulldozer.

Unassuming at first, this area can offer great sightlines into the space between the Pipes and Central Building, or over to the Containers Area. Use the open spaces in the Bulldozer – the window frames and gaps between parts – to get unique lines of sight past the dozer while also maintaining cover.

This is where the B Flag in Domination, and several other objective points across multiple modes, lives. Be aware that this area is in the middle of two zones with great vantage points, making capturing an objective without a Smoke Grenade or Trophy System difficult.

8. Pipes

A long concrete pipe connects the center area to the map’s north side.

Notorious for being a sniper’s dream sightline on either end, this fast track to the center or outer limits is most often dangerous territory. It’d be wise to lob a grenade through the pipe, or over it, using concrete pillars as backboards to nail enemies on the other side.

Pipes also contains a small outdoor area and alley between the Center Building and Bulldozer, a prime place for mid to long-range weapons to counter aggressive CQB players. When running through this area, check those corners often, and try to avoid this hotly contested zone if you aren’t ready for a fight.

9. Concrete Formwork Building

A mostly open area with a hard-concrete floor, this zone overlooks one of the entrances to the main Pipe on the map.

Note the half wall in this area, which can be used for temporary cover or a barrier between you and an enemy on the other side. It may be best to run through here with a weapon suited for close-quarter engagements, or a mid-range weapon if you’re planning on staying to the outer limits of this zone.

Just remember that this area is high ground compared to the Stairs Building’s ground floor and the Pipes, so aiming down there could result in a few quality takedowns.

10. SUV

A swank SUV – probably owned by the site’s manager – is parked between the Stairs and Concrete Formwork Buildings.

Consider this a transition area into the Stairs Building, Concrete Formworks Building, and Pipes, with a big slope allowing for some high ground against those running around between Stairs and Pipes. You can still get some quality shots through this zone and fights can take place here, but it may not be as hectic as other zones in Hardhat.

Because it is an actual in-tact vehicle, ensure that the SUV is completely destroyed before travelling through here, lest an enemy blow it up from afar and get a multi-kill.

11. Stairs Building

Outside of the Center Building, this is probably the most constructed building on Hardhat, with a set of stairs allowing for multi-level fighting.

The ground floor is a great place to run through as a CQB player, allowing for a quick route between the Cherry Picker and Pipes. It’s also a popular flank route at the start of matches, as it’s the fastest path between both initial spawn areas.

Meanwhile, the second floor will be where snipers will want to aim from across the Pipes or Cherry Picker zones. Be sure to watch the staircase for any SMG or shotgun users wanting to get to higher ground.

12. Cherry Picker

This area is given its namesake thanks to a Cherry Picker right near the Stairs Building, which offers great cover and a unique route to the building’s second floor.

However, the most tactical part of this area is the wooden building shown above, as it offers a phenomenal sightline over to the Stairs Building and great protection from Operators firing from the Containers Area. Yes, the dirt slope to the outside offers a faster route, but for a more tactical approach, the building is where you may want to run through.

Be advised: this building is made of wood, which is easily penetrable. Don’t get mad if an LMG user decides to spray a full belt of ammo through here to catch you reloading.

13. Containers Area – Allegiance Spawn

Another large concrete pipe and a crate stack make up the Allegiance’s initial spawn area outside of the large containers stacked to the side.

Just like the Coalition’s spawn, this will soon devolve into an unsafe area, one that may be more popular than the Office due to its placement on the map. With a great sightline down to the Bulldozer area, it may be a hot spot for those attempting to defend that objective.

Pro tip for those looking to take people out on top of those crates: there are a few grenade spots in the central route between the Pipes and Bulldozer. Aim high and keep experimenting, and you may be able to give those crate creepers some

Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Tunisia

Gear up — we’re headed for Tunisia. This new Multiplayer map for Call of Duty: Mobile sets the stage of battle in an idyllic Mediterranean town. Don’t think that means you’re on vacation though, because the fight is just getting started. 

Read on for an in-depth map overview of Tunisia; plus, strategies and tips for beating the opposition when you get there. 

Map Overview

Tunisia is a large map in an urban setting, where buildings crowd the streets you fight through in a loose three-lane design. The initial spawns are located on the north and south ends of the map, each team facing inroads toward the dense center. 

From the south spawn, two paths lead straight up to the main square. The left of these two paths branches toward the third which leads to the mazelike streets dominating the west side of the map. Of note is a second-story window overlooking the center street from the south, a vantage point likely to be used by many players. Continue west where several staircases create a highly vertical area where attacks come from above and below.

The center path is the most direct route from top to bottom, though multiple pathways leading to and from the street mean that it’s hardly the safest. To the right, the main square offers an open battleground with scattered shipping crates providing some cover throughout. Climb up onto the scaffolding in the upper right corner to claim some high ground and a quick escape route to the north.

The north spawn faces two main paths plus one of the few interior map spaces. The left path branches toward center street and the vertical west end, while the right path from spawn funnels down into the square, with options for approaching from the ground floor or up onto the scaffolding.  

Basic Tips

Victory in Tunisia relies on successful navigation of its twisting streets and good timing in your movements. The map’s open layout and long sightlines offer ample opportunity to take out enemies moving in the open, and vice versa against you. Thus, moving through Tunisia is a matter of checking and clearing each new area before you move on toward the next.

If you’re looking for close-quarters battle, lean into the left side of the map. The areas here are tighter with large pieces of cover from which you can launch close-range attacks against enemies on the move. A ladder and the stairways here additionally grant access to greater visibility to strike with precision. When you’re coming up out of the lower level, move slowly up the stairwell to avoid unnecessary exposure to enemies on the ground floor.  

Long-range attackers will find success in the center street – especially from that south window — and in the main square. If there’s a sniper in the center street window and you need to get through, sprint to the right stairwell to find some cover and to close the distance between you and your opponent. In the main square, everything’s game, from the scaffolding to the streets where long sightlines abound.

Mid-range weapons provide the most flexibility here, lending a good balance of power and precision that performs well in the streets and the main square. You might run into trouble when confronted with SMGs and shotguns in tight areas, or when going up against snipers in long-distance battles, but skill and a good assault rifle will give you more than a fighting chance in both instances. 

Master Tactics

While its open layout invites action, remember that you don’t always have to funnel into the main square. Tunisia is a large map, and best learned by exploring all of its paths. Whether you’re spawning from the north or south, make a point of trying out different paths with different weapon types. This is the first step to mastering the map.

Once you’ve learned the map, you can better anticipate how the enemy will move through it. Each game mode directs the flow of battle somewhat differently, but overtime you’ll learn the routes and how to attack them. The window covering center street, the scaffolding in the main square, the ladder leading up to the platform in the south west corner: memorize these positions and use them to your advantage.

It pays off to stick with your teammates when possible. There will be many times when groups suddenly encounter each other — perhaps as a group turns into center street, or as the main square is flooded from top and bottom — and oftentimes the side with greater numbers wins the skirmish. Of course, a smart player can always win against greater odds, so study the mini-map and keep playing to learn all of your options at any given point.  

Scorestreak Field Guide

The vast majority of Tunisia is open ground under clear skies, making all Scorestreaks fair game.

The UAV is an excellent low cost Scorestreak that will help you and your teammate navigate the streets. 

The Sentry Gun is a solid option due to the open street and main square – Tunisia’s sparse, open layout leaves ample room for the Sentry Gun to survey the area and attack incoming threats. Place it in a heated area and stick with it for the extra firepower.

If you’re feeling confident, equip the Stealth Chopper for the chance at doing some serious damage. To help you get there, pair it with the UAV and Counter-UAV for low cost score generators that can push you toward the Stealth Chopper during good runs. If you’re still having trouble, equip Hardline to make your points go further.

With so much open space, it’s worth considering defense as well. Use the SAM Turret for powerful anti-air support when the enemy team gets on a roll and starts filling the skies. Deploy it near a back spawn where the fighting isn’t as intense.

Objective Play

Objective play condenses Tunisia’s open field into intense chokepoints, whether you’re rushing to the Hardpoint or throwing down at the Domination B flag. For these modes you want speed and resilience — the speed to get to the objective quickly and the resilience to survive when you get there.

Consider a lightweight weapon like an SMG for faster movement speed paired with Flak Jacket and Tac Mask. In Hardpoint and Domination, where you’re grouped up in tight spaces, that extra defense can mean the difference between standing your ground or getting wiped out. Prefer more speed? Swap out Flak Jacket for Lightweight and bring along the Trophy System instead.

In Search & Destroy, it pays to move more methodically. Here’s where your map knowledge really pays off. Commit to a bomb site but be ready to move when necessary. Know your options in advance so you can take the best route each time. Move carefully into new areas and check each possible pathway leading there.

10 Tips

10. On a big map like Tunisia, it’s vital to scope out the enemy. Equip the UAV and use the Tracker perk to keep tabs on where they are and from where you can best intercept them.

9. Bring a sniper rifle. Tunisia’s long streets and main square provide ample long-range sightlines for the sniper on the move. Cover your teammates as they fight up close and take the objective.

8. Prefer a more aggressive playstyle? Complete the ‘Lock, Stock, Barrel’ seasonal event challenge to unlock the Man-O-War. This weapon is a high damage assault rifle that is quite agile. Overwhelm opponents with its strength and quickly get to your next engagement. 

7. Use your grenades. Minimal ground cover makes it easier to take out multiple enemies in a single throw. Use a lethal to blow them away or disorient them with a flashbang and then run in guns blazing.

6. Consider using Cold-Blooded, or at least having a loadout on hand that does. Tunisia is wide open to the sky with few interior locations on hand. If the enemy starts calling in AI-controlled Scorestreaks, Cold-Blooded will help keep you alive while you’re out in the open.

5. For the same reason, bring a launcher. Find a safe spot, shoot down some aircraft, and earn more points toward your next Scorestreak.

4. Bring your Smoke Grenades. Need to get to an objective in the main square, but the fighting’s too hot? Use the Smoke Grenade to cause a distraction while you move to the point.

3. Care Package incoming! Tunisia’s segmented layout makes it easier to step back from the fight as you call in a Care Package. Cross your fingers for something good.

2. Equip the Tempest Operator Skill to damage multiple enemies at once. This can be used to devastating effect in the main square and during street fights where teams are often clustered.

1. Have fun! Tunisia is another great addition to the Multiplayer lineup, and your skills are sure to improve as you work toward mastery of it. 

We’ll see you online. 


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Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Scrapyard

“Makarov…you ever hear the old saying…the enemy of my enemy is my friend?” – Captain John Price, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2

Part of the Zhokov Boneyard, Scrapyard leads a trio of new maps for Modern Warfare Multiplayer and is the lone 6v6 locale out of the bunch.

However, just because it’s a standard 6v6 map doesn’t mean it’s ordinary; here, engagements are frequent, bullets can fly from all directions, and few places are safe from a well-placed Killstreak.

This is your Tactical Map Intel for Scrapyard:

Lay of the Land:

Since 2009, Scrapyard has become an iconic part of Call of Duty, so much so that it was even recreated IRL at Call of Duty: XP in 2011.

Due to its popularity over a decade after its debut, this airplane boneyard was reimagined for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and integrated into Verdansk as the Zhokov Boneyard. Now, this collection of warehouses and fuselages is back in standard Multiplayer.

Map Detail:

Scrapyard is a medium-small sized map suited for 6v6 playlists. Technically a three-lane map, fighting will take place within, between, around, and across two long streets and a field filled with fuselages. Although certain lanes and areas are more suited for specific playstyles, all weapons will find a home within the Scrapyard.

The map is bookended at the north and south by the Green and Red Warehouses respectively. Both warehouses have additional accessible levels for a wide vista over the map. Next to the Green Warehouse is an inaccessible helicopter on a platform where one usually spawns in during Warzone pre-match skirmishes.

There are two other warehouses in the map’s center on the eastern and western borders. Leading up to either of these are routes both narrow and wide, allowing for a variety of playstyles to force their preferred engagements in and around them.

Map Overview

The following set of maps detail the entirety of Scrapyard, including the locations of important areas in different game modes, and a topographical image. Swipe or click left or right to see them all:

Basic Strategies

In general, Scrapyard will play fast and frenetic – be prepared for aggressive players who will run laps through the fuselages and warehouses looking for engagements.

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to fire through scrap metal if you suspect an enemy is hiding behind them. Or, if an enemy enters a fuselage while you’re firing at them, try to keep firing through the metal on where you think they’re running. Who knows? You may get a wallbang!

If you need Longshots to earn Gold – and Platinum and Damascus – camo on a weapon, Scrapyard has awesome opportunities for that in the Green Warehouse’s second floor, or the Red Warehouse’s catwalk. There is even a ladder in the Red Warehouse, which offers an even better vista over the map.

However, don’t break out the tent and sleeping bag: veterans can, and will, bring you back down to earth the second you take a shot from here. If you want to counter these snipers, practice lobbing grenades into these windows from the ground, or flank them via the perimeter routes and take your shots from the ground.

A Marksman Match-Up

While every weapon can be used to dominate your competition, for those who want the precision of a sniper but the more agile nature of an assault rifle, a marksman rifle could be a good fit on this map. 

Marksman rifles have great handling statistics and high damage, allowing them to handle a variety of situations in Scrapyard. Need to deal with an over-aggressive SMG player? Go for a quick-scope and challenge them. Is a sniper across in the Green or Red Warehouses bothering your team? Counter-snipe them from an unconventional angle.

For the Old Growth, the FTAC Sport Comb allows for faster aiming down sights, while the Singuard Custom 27’ 8” Barrel maximizes the weapon’s one-shot range to practically cover the entire map. Plus, the Merc Thermal Optic is great for target acquisition, especially at range and through smoke.

Add two more attachments to suit your playstyle, and you’re in business.

Killstreak Field Guide

Across the Scrapyard, there are plenty of wide openings for Killstreak fire to fit through. Whether it’s threading the needle through airplane bodies or angling Gunship fire into one of the warehouses, those who master Killstreaks can wreak havoc on this map.

Conversely, the map’s open-air design makes taking out a Launcher and denying Killstreaks easy. Just take a few steps outside a Warehouse, look to the sky, and ruin your enemy’s plans for aerial domination. By the way: you might want to equip Pointman to benefit from shooting down Killstreaks.

As for ground-based Killstreaks, proper placement of a Shield Turret or Sentry Gun can lock down lanes. Try setting them up on either end of a long street for maximum coverage. And, for those Wheelson lovers out there, our favorite remote-controlled dealer of death can easily roll up into warehouses.

Objective Play

Last – and certainly not least – we have some intel to those who focus on objective play, those unsung heroes on your squad who carry you to victory. And remember: It’s never too late to play the objective.

While the Red Warehouse may not have direct objective importance in certain game modes, like Domination, locking down the catwalks could give a sniper visibility on objectives. An entire team shouldn’t stack up here, but it doesn’t hurt to have a player or two provide overwatch from that position.

In Domination, the flags are set up in a triangle pattern, making it possible to hold A and C – flags usually meant as “spawn flags” – easily without issue. Just keep in mind that you may be handing over the entire west side of the map to the enemy if you do this, as that’s where the B flag is.

Hardpoint and Headquarters is all about controlling the perimeter. In Hardpoint the rotation is always the same so, treat the points like parts of a compass and remember this neat trick for rotating effectively:

Center, North, East, West, South.

Repeat until victory.

Finally, for Search & Destroy, the defenders may find it easier to defend B than A given spawns and proximity to the Red Warehouse. Still, if you want to defend A, be sure to cover all three entry points to that warehouse either with equipment or with an Operator playing aggressive defense.

10 Tips:

In summary, this is the intel that could help you win your next scraps in Scrapyard:

10. Back to the Boneyard. Want to step up your Scrapyard game while playing Warzone or Ground War? Head for Zhokov Boneyard; Scrapyard has the exact same layout there. Already mastered it on the Boneyard? Then you’re a step ahead of the game.

9. Scrap Metal. Large caliber bullets from weapons – especially those with FMJ – can easily penetrate fuselages and other materials on Scrapyard. Don’t be afraid to attempt those wallbangs!

8. Warehouse to Warehouse. Snipers will want to go on the catwalks of the Red Warehouse or the Green Warehouse’s second floor to get fantastic sightlines…

7. Divide and Counter. … but if you suspect someone is getting too comfortable up in those sniping spots, don’t be afraid to lob some equipment, or take a shot from an unconventional angle, to bring them down.

6. Wanted: Marksmen. Weapons like the Old Growth might shine on this map, as it can counter snipers and even fight CQB Operators in a pinch. However, there is a high skill floor to using them, so try out all weapon types to see what works for you.

5. All the Right Angles. Aim Killstreaks through large gaps in buildings or fuselages for maximum damage against those that think they can hide from your aerial firepower.

4. The Great Outdoors. There are plenty of spaces to shoot down Killstreaks on Scrapyard. Make sure to have a Killstreak Denial loadout – e.g. a Launcher, Cold-Blooded – within your ten slots; you never know when you need it.

3. A-C is Fine with Me. Lock down the map’s south and east side if you want to run with an A and C Domination flag set-up. It’s just as good as going with an A-B or B-C set-up.

2. Hardpoint/HQ Rotations. Center, North, East, West, South. Repeat. Simple as that.

1. Prevent Defense. If your team wants to defend the A bomb site in S&D, set up your defenses as soon as possible off spawn in that warehouse. Otherwise, don’t expect the enemy to just waltz down the eastern perimeter towards B; check the center for flanks and the A site for a potential decoy play.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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Mobile Battle Royale Map Expansion

If you dropped into Isolated recently, you might have noticed its major expansion to the north and elsewhere.

Season Seven – Radioactive Agent – added seven new areas to Isolated, the Battle Royale map in Call of Duty: Mobile, which fundamentally changes how we explore and engage across the coastal area.

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Let’s dive into what’s new in Isolated, starting at the newest southernmost location going clockwise:


Across the estuary to the north is Isolated’s Downtown district. Here, a few small apartment complexes, shops, restaurants, and a central dance club create an intimate city-like feel in the middle of the wide open Isolated landscape.

Items are plentiful inside each of these buildings, especially ones with multiple floors to explore. These taller buildings – including the central club – also provide ample sightlines across this area and beyond.

You can access Downtown from nearly every angle: take a quick dip in the river if you are coming from the main landmass from the west, or ride along – or alongside – the roads to the north, preferably with a ground vehicle if you want to get here fast. 

If you are on the island with Nuketown, or are stranded on the smaller island north of Pier, you can take a Tactical Raft straight up to the shores just outside Downtown.

Black Market

Across a bridge from Standoff, a quiet collection of homes, stalls, and massive garage holds a savory secret: it’s the Black Market, where Isolated’s seedy underbelly does its business while hiding in plain sight.

The area lives up to its reputation: here, you’ll find plenty of loot, and while the Black Market may not always get you what you want, it may provide what you need to survive in the ensuing Battle Royale.

Of note, the main garage allows for interior fighting that may not necessarily be close-quarters engagements. Usually, those in need of a set of wheels – or air superiority – could come here to request speedy delivery of vehicles in order to aid in their mission, whatever that may be.

There are also rumors that a bunker is hidden within the Black Market. According to intel, this bunker not only tracks air traffic across Isolated, but also the movement of those who dare to try and disrupt deals that go down on the surface.


Anchored north of Downtown and northwest of Black Market, the Harbor is a port of entry and exit to freight vehicles by sea, especially if that cargo ship is in need of maintenance. 

Compared to Docks, the smaller Harbor area has two stations: one solely dedicated to repair. Currently, this station contains a ship at anchor, which can be a great loot location on par with surrounding buildings. The other station, currently inactive and not flooded with water, can pivot to maintenance if there is overflow.

Note the yellow gantry cranes above these two dry docks, as they can be used to gain a great vantage point over the area.

This Harbor was not just home to legitimate shipments; Isolated recently dealt with cargo containers full of hazardous materials, and used the Harbor in an attempt to redirect these materials away from the Docks. However, not all of these materials were disposed of properly, so be cautious around any marked barrels you find.


A long-abandoned medical facility for convalescent patients, the Sanitarium is a quick dip in the river due north from the Nuclear Plant, or a short trip east from the Black Market or south of the Frigid Wetlands.

Here, there is little – if any – functional medical equipment and few beds have been left. The Sanitarium has since been abandoned for years with little care taken to it.

Those who trespassed left plenty of resources within this space, as its large interior and vista from upper levels made for a great stronghold. In general, this space sets the stage for a variety of combat scenarios in and out of the main Sanitarium. 

During the Battle Royale, you may find yourself taking control of the Sanitarium, or maybe checking on the buildings surrounding it for additional loadout items or protection.

Frigid Wetlands

Bundle up for the Frigid Wetlands and the rest of the new areas in Isolated, because they are all at the foot of the snowy mountain range that acts as Isolated’s natural border.

The Frigid Wetlands is the most rural of the three snow-speckled communities, with little man-made elevation from the shacks and other small buildings. A natural tactical position is the area’s center, which is on a higher elevation and can partially block the vista across this small community. 

However, don’t assume that the quaint and quiet nature of this town means it lacks resources: there is plenty of opportunity to find gear and items for your loadout, even if you have to search every nook and cranny for them.

Because it is far out from “civilization” – it’s currently the northmost area on Isolated, and is a good distance away from other named areas – it may take a while to travel in, around, within, and out of the Frigid Wetlands. This could translate to a slower pace of battle, but never expect this: on any given Battle Royale, any area can become a hot spot, and the Wetlands, despite its icy exterior, is no different.

Ski Town

Grab your skis, sleds, and snowboards for Isolated’s premier resort for extreme winter sports. The town built around this recreation destination, which welcomes in both residents and tourists for day-trips, ski weekends, or just a life away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown.

Here, the cabins and other abodes contain resources that can help you survive in these sheer cold and snow conditions, and beyond. As you head further north into the mountains, you can take advantage of the natural elevation to gain a vantage point over the town.

Unfortunately, those who land at Isolated are here for survival, not recreation, so there aren’t any skis or snowboards to get down the mountain quicker.

If you’re looking for a faster way up and down the mountain, consider finding an abandoned vehicle here or bringing your own. With or without one, be prepared for a long trek to your next point of interest: the closest one is Overgrown or the Nuclear Plant to the south, but you can also head west to the Frigid Wetlands and Sanitarium or east to this final new destination:


The easternmost new area is Heat, a small village that, contrary to its name, is in an extremely chilly climate. 

Think of this as the snowy suburb bordered by a river and Ski town to the west, Overgrown to the southwest, and Sakura to the south. While a bit secluded, a good road trip or off-road adventure will bring you right back to Isolated’s busier sectors.

Just like its sister snowy zones, Heat is where you’ll find plenty of items for your loadout across numerous buildings, although there are more homes and multi-story complexes here than cabins or humble shacks.

The similarities don’t stop there: natural elevation exists within this mountainous region, which can be great to scope out your squad’s next move or see if any intruders are trespassing on this area.

Whether you land at these seven new areas or travel through them in your quest for survival, we’ll see you on the go, and online.


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Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Promenade

Get ready for a knockdown, drag out fight, soldier. Welcome to Promenade, a new 16v16 Ground War Multiplayer map that will be familiar to Warzone players who have spent time battling in Verdansk’s Barakett Promenade West. But in this version, part of Season Four’s major content offering, there is no escape.

Read on for an in-depth overview of Promenade, including tips and strategies to push forward, grab the objectives, and hold them against even the most determined enemy. 

Lay of the Land

Promenade pits teams against each other along a thin strip of land that funnels players into a constant stream of engagements. All playstyles can perform well here, from snipers covering the outside lanes to close- and mid-range fighters duking it out from building to building.

The layout is divided largely between what’s inside the fencing, where buildings and supplies offer plenty of cover opportunities, to the outside lanes where there are fewer cover points and greater opportunities for long range fights. While the outer lanes may appear to stretch out into the distance, watch your mini-map for the demarcation between in-bounds and out-of-bounds play. Warzone fans in particular will have to resist the urge to escape the map’s boundaries.

As opposed to most Ground War maps which feature a wide selection of vehicles, Promenade places just a single APC at each team’s Main HQ, but make no mistake — in a narrow map like this, these APCs constitute a major asset or threat, depending on which end of the barrel you’re looking down. 

While the majority of combat takes places on the ground floor, there are several points along the map that allow access to the top of the fence and the rooftops of buildings sitting against it. Look out for crates and other climbable objects on the outside lanes and pushed up against these buildings on the inside. 

Objective Guide

Promenade’s five capture points are laid out in a line along the map’s narrow corridor. With teams pressed so closely together, this map gives a heightened meaning to the concept of a tug of war battle. Let’s take a look at how you can best succeed in capturing and holding these points.

Flags A & B

The Allegiance spawns near the A flag, so A and B are easily within their grasp. Situated on either side of the marketplace here, a determined squad can capture and hold them while the rest of the Allegiance players push forward toward C and D. During an attack, favor falling back on A to defend the area, as it brings you closer to your Main HQ for reinforcements and it keeps you away from the street where an APC can do some real damage.

On the Coalition side, taking these flags means you’re either pushing for a DEFCON initiation or perhaps pressing too far forward. Remember, it only takes holding three flags to turn the tide in your favor. Cover your rear and only move up when you’re sure of a stable defense.

Flags C & D

The C and D flags rest in more neutral territory, somewhat favoring the Coalition spawn near the E flag. Expect fierce close quarters combat at C, where the flag sits between two buildings adjacent to one another. The D flag is in more open territory allowing for mid-range weapons to provide cover for players attacking or defending. Watch for snipers on top of buildings near the Coalition spawn.

Flag E

The E flag sits right next to the Coalition spawn, making for an easy early match capture. If you need to defend the flag against an aggressive Allegiance side, use the nearby crates or the stone column for cover to minimize exposure in the otherwise open area. If you’re sniping or have a long-range optic, pull back to the rearmost building to pick off enemy targets while your teammates regroup to take back territory.

Finally, keep an eye out for ammo resupply stations located near all of the flags. Through the intense, constant fighting within Promenade, the last thing you want is to get caught empty handed.

Killstreak Field Guide

Promenade’s corridor layout largely results in teams fighting for forward ground, and while a sneaky play can find the enemy coming up from the rear, you’ll most often be fighting face to face. Because of this, the Care Package is a useful Killstreak that can be safely called in by falling back to the rear line.

The seven-kill category is quite powerful on this map, so pick your poison. The Sentry Gun is useful in the long outer lanes as long as there’s no threat of an enemy APC to blow it up. Or go for the Infantry Assault Vehicle or Wheelson for a more aggressive option that can support your team’s APC with extra vehicular power. 

Air support can do well here with the sheer number of enemy soldiers grouped close together, but it’s a high risk, high reward proposition. While you may initially earn a cluster of kills, it’s far easier for an enemy to momentarily fall back and take shots with a launcher, making for a short-lived attack. The five-kill category may be the better option: they’re easier to earn and every flag is open to an air-to-ground attack.

Or you can forego Killstreaks altogether and opt for Specialist instead. A steady player who sticks with their teammates and doesn’t take unnecessary risks can earn a lot of kills in a short period of time, becoming more and more powerful in the process.

Top 10 Tips

10. In a map like Promenade where every inch of territory is earned, it’s especially important to keep your squad engaged in the fight. Watch your squad’s status, and when you see three skulls take a breather from the fight so they can spawn back on you and get right back to it.

9. While useful in all flag-based modes, Smoke Grenades are even more vital here. Use them to move forward through open ground when the enemy is getting in shots from a distance, paired with Cold-Blooded to deny thermal optics from spotting you in the smoke.

8. Have a launcher and/or Thermite on hand, or at least available in one of your loadouts. An unchecked APC can wreak havoc on your lines. Don’t let that happen.

7. If the enemy storms forward and starts making headway toward your main HQ, gather your squad and sprint past their vanguard to capture a rear flag. It’s a risky move that should only be attempted in emergency situations, but the resulting confusion and separation of enemy forces can create the perfect opportunity for a counterattack.

6. Use the Recon Drone Field Upgrade to mark enemies inside and outside of the fencing. The precise intel can make the difference between success or failure in your next push.

5. In fact, consider activating Field Upgrade Pro for more options. Take the always useful Trophy System to help defend against explosives while capturing or defending a flag, or pick the Tactical Insertion to keep your forward position even after a squad wipe.

4. Try pairing the High Alert and Quick Fix perks. Use High Alert to turn on enemies attempting a flank attack and heal up quick via Quick Fix after getting the kill. In this map, there’s always another threat around the corner, and you don’t want to engage while wounded. 

3. You don’t always have to face the enemy head on when they’re pushing forward. Stick your back to a wall facing the direction they’re coming from and shoot them in the back as they rush past you. 

2. Promenade is a great map for building up mounted kills required for many weapons’ Topo camo category. Move up to engage, find a piece of cover, and mount your weapon for accurate shots against enemy squads.

1. Drop that pistol for something stronger. With soldiers grouped so closely together, there’s often an abundance of weapons on the ground. Keep your eyes open and pick up anything you come across that adds more power to your loadout.

Good luck out there. We’ll see you online.

Stay Frosty.


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Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Cheshire Park

As part of Season Four Reloaded, our Allegiance and Coalition forces are set to infiltrate Cheshire Park.

Unfortunately, despite its lovely name, there are no men selling ice cream and singing Italian songs. Instead, Cheshire Park is a quasi-traditional, “three lane” 6v6 map that welcomes a variety of playstyles.

This is your Tactical Map Intel for Cheshire Park:

Lay of the Land:

It’s Day 176 in the ongoing struggle between the ex-Armistice alliance members from the Coalition and Allegiance.

The battle has now spilled over to Cheshire Park, a picturesque urban environment within London, England.

Coalition top brass enlisted the help of the home-grown SAS, specifically Detachment Delta, who arrive via helicopter from the west right outside the area’s local Fish & Chips Shop (Chippy for short) and the park’s Conservatory.

Meanwhile, the Chimera’s 1st Unit within the Allegiance are rolling in from the east, parking their van outside the Cask & Dragon Pub near the Corner Market. These two fireteams are primed for first blood in and around the Garden Square, which features the Cheshire Park Café.

Circling around the Park is the famed “underground” tube system which, despite its reputation for being subterranean, is mostly above ground.

Map Detail:

Cheshire Park contains three distinct lanes of combat created by the Garden Square and four streets that circle this central park area. 

It is an asymmetrical map, the west side has an extended back area behind the Chippy, and the east offers a massive indoor glasshouse featuring local and exotic flora. 

Even the streets surrounding the center are unique with tactical opportunities: the road alongside the Row Houses in the north is broken up by cars and busses, while the south street is mostly clear aside for a bit of scaffolding.

Map Overview

The following set of maps detail the entirety of Cheshire Park, including the locations of important areas in different game modes, and a topographical image. Swipe or click left or right to see them all:

Basic Strategies

At first glance, Operators will see this as a traditional three-lane map, but there is far more strategy than what appears on the surface:

First, each of the open indoor areas, and how these buildings break up outdoor locales, offer unique engagement opportunities – for example, the Fish & Chips Shop alleys are prime opportunities for flanking.

Furthermore, the open design of this map allows for equipment pieces to be lobbed over buildings and fences. With the help of some reconnaissance – either from teammates or equipment —  one could pull off some impressive no-look throws and catch a sleeping enemy by surprise on the other side.

While the Garden Square is fit for a potpourri of effective playstyles, long-range and close-quarters loadout types could find preferential treatment on two separate streets. For those using sniper or marksman rifles, the south and east streets have great sightlines, while shotgun and SMG users could find solace in the cover-heavy north and west streets.

A Weapon to Avoid Getting in a Right Kettle of Fish

While every weapon can be used to dominate your competition, for those who favor a balanced playstyle, an assault rifle could be a good fit on this map. 

Already pre-configured in the Gaz Operator Bundle – a Store item that features an Operator who would feel right at home on Cheshire Park – this version of Assault Rifle Charlie is built for an aggressive Operator. 

The FSS 11.5” Commando Barrel, Tac Laser, and FORGE TAC CQS attachments all kit this weapon for fast aim down sight speed, while the Aim-Op Reflex Optic allows for a clearer sight picture for target acquisition. Rounding this blueprint out is the Lightweight Suppressor, which hushes acoustics when firing for those covert flanking maneuvers while not adding much additional weight, allowing an Operator to still be fairly mobile while handling this weapon.

The Fair Brass may be more suited for short-to-mid-range engagements. However, if you mount on a piece of cover – or your own Deployable Shield – it can be a boon to your recoil control and aiming stability, allowing you to make longshots down range and rival those with marksman weapons.

Killstreak Field Guide

With a variety of buildings to take refuge in, avoiding Killstreaks doesn’t have to be difficult difficult lemon difficult.

As soon as a lethal enemy Killstreak comes online, try ducking into one of the six large interior spaces around Cheshire Park, bearing in mind you may have to clear out any enemies who are waiting for those seeking cover. Alternatively, if you want to tackle a Killstreak head-on, fall back into a far-extreme side of the map – east or west – and take out a Launcher or FMJ-equipped weapon to protect your fellow Operators.

The only issue comes when ground Killstreaks come into play, as the Wheelson can maneuver well inside of shops, and the Sentry Gun and Shield Turrets can cover an entire lane effectively with proper placement on either end of one. Spotter can help you find these threats – and enemy equipment pieces – that may be set-up just around the corner awaiting your squad’s demise.

Objective Play

Learning objective locations in Cheshire Park is far easier than a uni entrance exam – just use our above maps and learn on the fly to find how you can be the best teammate in objective modes.

In terms of a general objective tip, especially within Domination, Cyber Attack, Hardpoint, and Headquarters, it’s best to heed Captain John Price’s words and “check those corners” when entering buildings. If an objective location is located within or near a building, check every nook and cranny with either lethal and tactical equipment piece. At minimum have some general awareness and a weapon built for close-quarters engagements when you head indoors.

Defenders can place Trophy Systems inside these buildings – or near objectives in general – to counter equipment throws, so ensure your munitions won’t be intercepted before tossing them out.

10 Tips:

10. … and Bob’s Your Uncle. Don’t let all these tips overwhelm you. If you need to think about this map on its simplest terms, treat it as a three-lane map with opportunities to cross lanes on either street outside the main Garden structure, as well as within it.

9. It’s Far from Bog-Standard. Still, remember that there is more to this map than three lanes. Multiple accessible shops, the difference in potential playstyles within all four streets, and plenty of open space throughout allows for plays far beyond what you’d find in a by-the-book traditional map.

8. Leave ‘em Gobsmacked with Equipment Use. Lobbing lethal or tactical equipment into and out of the center Garden might help set up some assist opportunities, or surprise kills, which have an increased chance of happening around exploding vehicles.

7. South and East Streets are Mint for Snipers. With little room to hide, these lanes offer great sightlines down range for those using long-range weaponry.

6.  Leg It through the Side Streets. For those using CQB Loadouts, tactical sprinting and sliding are both great for quickly jumping from cover-to-cover, especially when dashing through the north and west streets.

5. Go the Full Monty with an Assault Rifle. An assault rifle, such as the Fair Brass, can be an all-around great weapon to deal with whatever engagements you’ll find around Cheshire Park, from down-street longshot duels to point blank engagements in shops.

4. Don’t Faff About Outside when the Killstreaks Come. Head to one of the many indoor locations within Cheshire Park to take cover from enemy Killstreaks. Otherwise, take out a launcher and shoot them down before they do damage.

3. Take a Butchers at the Shops. Especially in objective game modes where they serve as points of interest – e.g. Hardpoint hills or HQ locations – be sure to make like Captain Price and “check those corners,” including behind cover pieces, to clean house before advancing inwards.

2. Objective Play: Get on it like a Car Bonnet. Whether it’s watching a flank of a home base flag in Domination, or rotating early to the next Hardpoint hill, use our maps to plan out your objective play, so that you can rack up score and possibly be your team’s MVP.

1. It’s O.K. to go Back to the Drawing Board. Cheshire Park is a fast and frenetic Multiplayer experience. Don’t fret if your first match is a loss; as our old buddy Gaz said whenever we lost a round, “it’s not over yet. Get ready for the next one.” 

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Highrise

Basic Tips

Situational awareness is of paramount importance on Highrise. Success here requires knowing where the greatest threats are coming from and anticipating where future threats may arise. If there’s a shootout between the buildings, take to the tunnels and lower level to avoid sightlines as you approach the enemy position. When the lower level gets packed, toss in grenades and open fire from above. Adapt and thrive.

Players who prefer close-quarters combat will find plenty of opportunities to excel. Shotguns and SMGs can inflict major damage while fighting inside the confines of the buildings, especially when flanking enemies focused on middle map. CQB also reign in the tunnels and narrow lower level, and in various pockets along the ground floor when using cover to surprise nearby enemies.

There’s plenty of room for success with mid-range loadouts, too. Run up to the helipad to get the angle on enemies all over middle map. Stick to the top or bottom of middle map — just make sure your back isn’t pointing toward an enemy occupied building — and strafe between the left and center lane, taking out enemies on the move. In the buildings, keep your back and sides protected by the walls, and pull back to land shots on close-range players from a distance. 

While there’s danger from every angle, snipers and other long-range loadouts can make the most out of Highrise’s most famous long-range spots. Brave players can jump from the helipad to the catwalks, on top of the western elevator and again up and onto the crane for commanding long-range views. When facing the north building, climb up a fallen walkway on its far left and follow the ledge across and up to the top of the building. Make it there alive and you’ll have views over a huge portion of the map.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Shipment 1944

Objective Play

Objective modes add a whole new layer of chaos to Shipment 1944, and they’re a whole lot of fun, too. Think the map is small now? Wait until you’re rushing the B flag in Domination or defending the Hardpoint with enemies bearing down on you from all sides.

In both of these modes, the Trophy System can give you the extra resilience needed to survive just a little bit longer while capping a flag or holding the Hardpoint. The Smoke Grenade can be used to great effect, too, whether you use it to cut out a line of sight or even on your own position to confuse the enemy and force them up close.

In Kill Confirmed, consider an SMG or shotgun to keep your movement speed high. Stay on the move and collect those tags. This isn’t the mode for hunkering down unless you’ve got teammates ahead of you who can pick up the tags off the enemies you kill.

Whatever mode you play, stay aggressive and remain focused on the objective. It can be easy to lose sight of the main goal when you’re caught up in the slaughter. Don’t let that be your downfall.

10 Tips

10. Grab a shotgun and lock down the center! There’s no reason to be shy here, and what better way to learn a map than by heading right into the middle of the action. Plus, you’ll take out enemies in a shot or two before moving onto the next.

9. Don’t despair snipers! Stick to the outer corners and cover the perimeter and take down enemies rushing out from the middle crates. You can be even more useful in objective modes, providing cover fire for teammates.

8. If you haven’t already, complete the Perk Prodigy seasonal event challenge to unlock the new Quick Fix perk. Equip Quick Fix to regenerate health when you get gun, melee, and combat axe kills, keeping you in tip top shape from fight to fight. Pair it with Fast Recover to patch up those wounds fast.

7. Bring along a Trip Mine and plant it in one of the three partially enclosed shipping crates before moving on. It’s always satisfying to blow up enemies rushing into what they think is a safe spot.

6. Lost track of the enemy? From the outside corners, get some cover and adjust your view to take in the middle and the two nearest side paths, giving you wide map coverage. It won’t take long to find out where they’re coming from.

5. Like the chaos of the middle? Equip the Katana Operator Skill earned during The Forge season, drop a Smoke Grenade right in the center, and make quick work of any hostiles foolish enough to try and take you on. 

4. Once the new update is live head to Gunsmith and consider customizing your weapon with attachments that improve handling speed. The faster you can aim down sights and the more quickly you can move while firing, the better. It can’t hurt to increase your reload speed, either.

3. Use your grenades. At the very least, toss a lethal into the middle for the chance to inflict damage or earn a kill on enemies passing through. Grenades are also helpful in rooting out enemies stubbornly sticking behind cover.

2. Having trouble staying alive long enough to call in your Scorestreaks? Consider the Hardline perk to help you earn those streaks faster, then use them to devastate the enemy

1. Enjoy! Shipment 1944 is an absolute classic Multiplayer map that has been featured across multiple titles, and for the first time you’ll be able take it with you wherever you go. Chaos on a whim. Now that’s a good time.

See you online, soldier.

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Suldal Harbor

10 Tips

10. Smoke ‘Em. A Smoke Grenade can cause a lot of confusion here. Throw one down and take the objective or use it to block out a sight line as you change position. Try using one by the center Forklift when there’s a lot of fighting going on. 

9. When They Go Left, You Go Right. While it’s typically good practice to stick with your teammates, it can be a death sentence in the confines of Harbor, granting the enemy an easy multi-kill. Instead, stick to the general area your teammates are in, but try taking a different path and attack from multiple angles.

8. Climb Everything. Harbor is full of climbable objects to get up on crates and other vantage points. Climb up the crates in Containers up north and around the western Courtyard. While they’re running in a maze below, you’ve got a bird’s eye view.

7. Hall Monitor, Coming Through. If you’ve become a fan of the Kali Sticks and Dual Kodachis, stick to the middle buildings and beat up enemy players sprinting through the confined interiors. If you still need to unlock those melee weapons, equip the knife and get to work on their respective challenges.

6. More Perks, Please. Specialist works wonders here for an Operator on the roll. Buff up by stacking perks like E.O.D. and Quick Fix, Amped and Spotter, or whatever combination of perks you prefer to grant a growing advantage as you steamroll the enemy team