Modern Warfare III Is Officially Live Worldwide — Play Now!

Massive congratulations to all of the many incredible and talented developers across our Studio teams who made Modern Warfare III possible:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is published by Activision. Development for the game is led by Sledgehammer Games, in partnership with Infinity Ward. Development for Modern Warfare Zombies is led by Treyarch, working closely with Sledgehammer Games. Additional development support provided (in alphabetical order) by Activision Central Design, Activision Central Technology, Activision QA, Activision Shanghai, Beenox, Demonware, High Moon Studios, Raven Software, and Toys for Bob.


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The Modern Warfare® Season Four Battle Pass is LIVE with Captain Price

Somewhere deep in Verdansk, an unseen enemy works against the Armistice. Now that this fragile alliance is shattered, old wounds are reopened – and tensions are reaching an all-time high. 



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Radioactive Agent, the New Season of Call of Duty®: Mobile, is Now Live!

A new Season begins! Radioactive Agent is now live and comes packed with new content including new modes, an expanded Battle Royale map, earnable functional weapons, new skins for your favorite soldiers, more events like Radiated Sector, and more.  

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Read on for all the details about the latest Season in Call of Duty: Mobile.

A Single Unified Battle Pass

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Radioactive Agent brings a major change to the Battle Pass systems, as players will now progress along a single stream of content. Free tiers spread throughout the stream reward content to all players who reach those tiers, while players who purchase the Battle Pass will unlock content at each and every tier.

You still progress through the new single stream Battle Pass system in the same fashion as before, by playing matches in Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and in limited time modes. Now let’s look at some of the fun content available in the Radioactive Agent Battle Pass.

Free Tiers

At Tier 14, all players gain access to the new Cluster Strike Scorestreak — rain damage on your foes with this devastating air-to-ground attack. Progress to Tier 21 to unlock a new functional weapon, the QQ9 SMG. Free tiers throughout the stream also award the ‘Danger Zone’ and the ‘Caution’ camos for a variety of items. Get grinding and build up that armory.

Battle Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass to earn new content at every tier. Join the battle with Hazmat Ghost unlocked right at Tier 1, followed by Kreuger Alchemist at Tier 12. Earn epic weapon skins like the M4 Back Scratcher at Tier 40 and the QQ9 Flood at Tier 50. Also unlocked at Tier 50 is the Legendary Calling Card, ‘Pursuit.’ Fight your battles in style when you unlock the Rare ‘Radioactive’ and the Epic and dynamic ‘Barricade’ camo series.

An Expanded Battle Royale Experience



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Mobile Opens the Forge – New Season is Live Now

Unlock the HBRa3 and KRM-262 through Seasonal Challenges

The DR-H won’t be the only weapon that’s being crafted by The Forge.

During the Season, expect to see two challenges that will allow you to unlock common versions of two weapons from previous seasons.

Earnable in the previous Ranked Mode with a Rare camo, the base HBRa3 assault rifle will be available to unlock via a Seasonal Challenge.

The other weapon – the KRM-262 Shotgun – first appeared all the way back in Season 3. Now within The Forge, a base version (common camo) of this pump-action pulverizer is yours to earn through an upcoming challenge.

Wield Cold Steel with the Katana Operator Skill

This Season bring a knife to a gunfight and earn the Katana Operator Skill.

A weapon that can slice enemies in a single blow and detect them through the thickest of smoke, this new Operator Skill can be unlocked in its own event the Katana Kill.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can unlock this new Operator Skill and how to chop up the competition with it.

The Modern Warfare® Season Five Battle Pass is Now Live

Three Wartracks : Hop in your vehicle and instantly hear music courtesy of Wartracks, a new customization item for vehicles. You’ll get three songs, including the pulse pounding ‘Sepulchre’ Juggernaut song, that plays for you and your squad whenever you drive a vehicle. Equip war tracks in the Vehicle Customization menu (similar to Battle Horns) to have them queued up and ready for the ride. 

Rodion ‘Archangel’ Skin: Operator Rodion joins Lerch in the Shadow Company, donning the new ‘Archangel’ skin to show off his allegiance. Complete his Operator Mission to unlock the ‘On Guard’ and ‘Sable’ skins, the ‘Deleted’ voice quip, and the ‘Shadow Ops: Rodion’ calling card.

Seasonal XP Boost: Purchase the Season Five Battle Pass to reap the benefits of a 10% XP boost that lasts the entire Season.

This is just what you get to start, and there’s a whole lot more to earn through 100 tiers of content.

1300 Call of Duty Points

Unlock up to 1300 COD Points just by playing the game. That’s enough for next Season’s Battle Pass or can go towards picking up a new Operator or blueprint bundle in the Store. 

New Free Base Weapons

Expand your loadout choices with two new base weapons, free to earn by all players.

Operation Know Your History – Live in Warzone™


The rendezvous point intel may be codified to prevent accidental retrieval.

Use your provided Tac Map to determine what quadrant our asset is located in.

Note that the locked box and point of contact may be at great distance from one another. Vehicle use is encouraged without worry of stealth, as cover from the greater threat will be all but blown.

Search for the asset within the quadrant, confirm location, and make contact with the asset to complete the Contract. 

After contact, you’ll be rewarded the Bay of Pigs blueprint and other commendations that can be equipped in Identity for your efforts. The blueprint name may be familiar to veterans…

In terms of extraction – we do not know how you will escape Verdansk alongside the asset. Intel suggests the Stadium will aid in your escape. However, we cannot guarantee your survival.

Thank you for volunteering for this operation. 

Good luck, and weapons free.

The Modern Warfare® Season Six Battle Pass is Now Live

New Free War Tracks to Blast In Your Vehicles

For the first time, players can unlock up to thirteen new War Tracks all free across numerous tiers, from modern hits to classic Call of Duty tracks. War Tracks play while driving vehicles in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Modern Warfare Pack’ (Tier 11): Relive epic Campaign moments with “Bog Tank Defense” from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, “Extraction Point” from Modern Warfare 2, and “Enter Dubai” from Modern Warfare 3.

War Track Pack: Hip Hop Edition (Tier 28): Get into a combat flow with three hip hop tracks: Jack Harlow’s “WHATS POPPIN’”, DMX’s “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem”, and Clipse’s “Grindin’”.

‘Black Ops Pack’ (Tier 44): Immerse yourself in the sound of deniable operations with four classic tracks from the Black Ops series, including ‘Pentagon’ from the original Black Ops, ‘Adrenaline’ from Black Ops 2, ‘Ignition’ from Black Ops 3, and ‘Inferno’ from Black Ops 4.

War Track Pack: EDM Edition (Tier 64): Top off your Battle Pass War Tracks collection with a music pack featuring three electronic grooves. Bring a smile to the enemy’s face before you send them off to the Gulag.

New Free Functional Weapons

Season Six adds two new weapons to the arsenal, free to earn by all players.

Crash Bandicoot On the Run!™ Live Now

Take On Legendary Locations and Bosses

Tighten those laces, Bandicoots. A variety of running challenges await our heroes, starting at the Wumpa Archipelago. This vast landscape features classic levels like Turtle Woods and Temple Ruins, as well as branching paths. Will you brave the depths of Sewer or Later or take a mad dash through the Snow Go winter wonderland?

Attempting to stop you in your tracks are the most nefarious of villains: Dingodile, Doctor N. Gin, and Doctor Neo Cortex himself, to name a few. Build up your arsenal of weapons and take them on in epic boss battles. Toss bombs that rattle Nitro Crab in his shell, sloosh the Frosty Ant Drone out of his lane using serums, and humiliate Nitro Neo Cortex with a double whammy of the Ray Gun and Bazooka.

Play through the main adventure or test your skills in other game modes like time trials or the endless runner mode. Even in their quest to bash Cortex’s minions back to their own dimensions, Crash and Coco always have time for new challenges.

Unlock Skins Across Branching Paths

Watch that TNT! You wouldn’t want to scuff your new digs.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! features an array of whacky and creative skins to unlock as you progress through Wumpa Island. Start off with the classic Crash and Coco look or get snarly with the Punk skins also available from the start. The resources you find and the enemies you face depend on the path you take, so choose wisely. With multiple routes and lanes weaving to-and-fro, you never know what you might find around the next corner.