Fight Across Brand-New Battlegrounds in Season 04 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone Launching June 14

A more centralized hub for all communications and Operator upgrades within DMZ is coming to Season 04. Known as the Forward Operating Base (FOB), this menu system allows Operators to complete objectives to earn a variety of upgrades to use across DMZ. These upgrades come in four different categories:

·      Stash: Wallet and Key Stash size increases.

·      Weapons Locker: Insured and contraband armaments and upgrades.

·      Bounty Board: For Exfil, Bartering recipes, and Buy Station discounts.

·      Communications Station: Allowing Urgent Mission access.

All Operator Upgrades within the Forward Operating Base are passive, don’t need to be equipped, and allow for efficient progress across all aspects of DMZ.


Urgent Missions, Reputation with Factions, Wallet

Within the FOB you can unlock Urgent Missions. These are a new type of Faction-requested tasks. They are usually quicker to complete, and provide an excellent way to earn Faction Reputation, unlock more Story Missions, thus giving Faction Missions even more agency.

Specifically, Urgent Mission completion grants a tracked Reputation with individual Factions, all shown in the Forward Operating Base along with your objectives that allow you to unlock insured slots, the out-of-game Wallet, as well as expanding DMZ elements like the Contraband Stash, Key Stash, and Wallet Capacity.

And yes, DMZ will allow you to keep your extracted Cash from each match in a Wallet. You can then choose to re-infiltrate with a full pocket of Cash, potentially making it easier to complete objectives that require hundreds of thousands of Cash for completion… Or so your Operator can go on a spending spree.


Phalanx Faction, More DMZ Comms to Come

Get N. Sane with Crash Team Rumble, Launching June 20 on PlayStation and Xbox

Need some help with the lingo? Let’s go over the fundamentals:

Scorers: Scorers like Crash excel at moving around the map to collect and bank Wumpa Fruit.

Blockers: Blockers like Dingodile use their might to prevent enemy players from depositing Wumpa at their bank.

Boosters: Boosters like Neo Cortex support their team by collecting Relics to trigger Relic Stations and by activating Gem Pads to gain vital Wumpa multipliers.

Relic Stations: Relic Stations trigger map-specific, game-changing events and abilities that can swing the match, like healing your team or raining hot lava on your foes. Maps feature regular Relic Stations and a central Epic Relic Station, providing even more power for a greater Relic cost.

Gem Pads: Capture a set of Gem Pads to boost your team’s scoring potential, adding a time-limited multiplier to your Wumpa deposits. Boosts are stackable, so capture as many Gem Pads as possible.

Wumpa Fruit: Mmmmm, tasty. You can never have enough. A staple item in the Crash universe and the very thing you’re battling over. Deposit at your team’s Wumpa Bank to score.


More on the Way: Postlaunch Content