Got Some Time to Kill? Introducing Tomogunchi: New from Rothwynn!

The following is a paid advertisement for Rothwynn Industries 

Hello from the 21st Century.

Rugged. Dependable. Fashionable. Exclusive. Timeless. 

An interweaving of style, plastics, and cutting-edge button-related technology. Make no mistake; this is Rothwynn precision-engineering at its finest.

Want a time-piece* your fellow Tier One Operators will be watching out for? 

Rothwynn Industries is proud to introduce Tomogunchi. This is more than a mere watch: This is a nesting device that houses the most realistic artificial intelligence ever witnessed in a Rothwynn Industries wrist-based product.

Utilizing the latest advancements in pixel-based monochromatic liquid crystal display technology, your Tomogunchi’s “home” is a durable watch, machine-crafted from the finest non-biodegradable plastic designed to provide you with the most immersive pet-based, combat-related experience ever seen. 

Do YOU have the nurturing aptitude to keep your Tomogunchi alive? Will your new friendly creature become well-fed and thrive? Or will it freak out and eventually die due to inattention? 

That’s all up to YOU.



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Tomogunchi Basic Care: From Egg to Adult

Meet Tomogunchi: your new freshly hatched friend who’s the most fun to be with! Strapped to your wrist and craving almost constant attention, your very own Tomogunchi is ready to become your favorite cyber-pet in any combat zone!

Head to the Modern Warfare® Store today and purchase the Tomogunchi Bundle. Then, during your loadout selection, go to the Weapons tab, locate the Watch Select menu, and equip your new pal: The only way to feed and evolve your virtual pet is to equip it on your wrist, so put it on before you play!

In a moment, once you take to the combat zone, you’ll soon spot your critter struggling to crack open from its initial Egg form. 

Over time, your egg explodes, and out of it appears the adorable Baby Tomogunchi! Assuming you can keep it alive over a period of time, the Baby grows into a Child, a Teen, and then into a full Adult. Are there multiple pet forms and options to discover? 

We aren’t saying.

Which type of pet will YOU get to take care of?

Tomogunchi Tip: Need constant reassurance your Tomogunchi isn’t deceased? Then check your watch with the d-pad up, or up-arrow key and use the ‘Watch Interact’ gesture during a match. You can also preview your watch in the Watch Select menu. Consider doing this with the Tomogunchi to get a handle on the look and feel, and all of the buttons that are on the watch. Rothwynn is not responsible for any psychological stress caused by the demise of your Tomogunchi.

Don’t Let Your Pet Get Upset: Monitoring Moods and Evolution

Monitoring Your Tomogunchi’s Moods is the key to your new critter being the happiest cyber pet in all of Hackney Yard! But you can’t just ignore your Tomogunchi while capturing a Domination flag or gunning down an enemy Operator. You need to engage with your pet as you play!

Getting Emotional: Four Little Faces of Frustration

Look at your watch screen to the right of your Tomogunchi to see four little faces; these represent your pet’s emotional states: Hungry, Dirty, Unruly, and Sleepy.

If your Tomogunchi doesn’t have an emotional state active, then they should be happy as their needs are being met. Well done! However, be sure to keep them happy as their emotional appetite is insatiable!

However, if your pet isn’t smiling or appears sad, then your wanton neglect is causing your pet to fret: You need to provide for them immediately!

Feed your new friend into contentment by figuring out which emotional state you need to change. They head into combat and begin a rampage to feed your Tomogunchi; providing sustenance:

·      Hungry (first face from top) – Get Kills

·      Dirty (second face) – Win Games

·      Unruly (third face) – Earn Objective Score

·      Boredom / Sleepy (last face on bottom) – Activate Killstreaks

That’s going to cheer up your creature in no time! Unless your battles start to go badly, of course….

Oh no! Failure in the most basic of care duties results in your Tomogunchi going from happy to neutral, to sad, and finally… to the grave!

Bonus Charge: The Evolution Contribution

Now look underneath your Tomogunchi to see the “bonus charge”; the horizontal meter your pet sits on. This represents a bonus method of evolving your pet more quickly than normal

Every pet has a different way to fill the bonus charge meter – it could be Captures, Killstreaks, Plants, or Top Three Wins– and figuring out which one your pet prefers is key to keeping them both satisfied and evolving at an even-more rapid pace!

Tomogunchi Tip:Use the ‘Watch Interact’ gesture to bank bonus charges; there are benefits when you do!

Introducing the Tomogunchi Turbo

Evolve faster and in color with the Tomogunchi Turbo from Rothwynn!

Your pet can evolve to a teen over the course of a single match and ready up for the “challenge” of adulthood. Each completed challenge means a new adult evolution for your pet. Come for the challenges, stay for the charms you’ll unlock upon challenge completion.

Once you’ve got an unruly Tomogunchi Turbo teen on your hands work quickly to complete the challenges and evolve your watch to an adult. A faster evolution could also spell a faster disaster, so keep getting kills in game to feed your hungry Tomogunchi Turbo until you can successfully complete the challenges.

Adult evolution challenges can be completed in various modes for Multiplayer and Battle Royale. They range from kills, Finishing Moves, specific lethal equipment kills, collecting in-match cash, targeted in-match road rage, and more.

Don’t worry about taking a break between matches, your Tomogunchi Turbo’s health timer only starts when the next game begins.

The Tomogunchi Evolution Continues

Have YOU discovered all the Tomogunchi secrets yet?

The Rothwynn Tomogunchi: Available only from the very finest authorized dealer: The Modern Warfare Item Store.


*The preceding was a paid advertisement for the Tomogunchi Virtual Pet, from Rothwynn Industries. The Tomogunchi is not a real product. It exists only in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®. Rothwynn isn’t real either. Not all four buttons may be interactive. The Tomogunchi doesn’t actually tell the time, either.

Only available as a digital in-game product. Some content shown requires the purchase of Battle Pass or in-game Store Bundle. 

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Introducing the Hunt, the latest Season of Call of Duty®: Mobile

New Multiplayer Mode: Headquarters

The classic Multiplayer mode Headquarters joins the ever-expanding list of supported game modes! If you’re new to Headquarters, the premise is simple: two teams compete for the designated HQ, which will rotate through fixed points around the map. Once a team takes over, they must defend the HQ to accumulate points. Unlike the similar Hardpoint, defenders do not respawn on death.

When the attacking team destroys the HQ, it rotates to another section of the map after a brief delay, though it cannot be immediately occupied — a timer will countdown on the HUD indicating how long until the HQ activates. Once that happens, get in there and take the point.

Test Your Might in Hardcore

A staple of the Call of Duty® series, Hardcore is now live on Call of Duty: Mobile with support for Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and Headquarters.

Hardcore strips the game to its bones in a challenging variant where weapons inflict greater damage, players don’t regenerate health, and the HUD is limited. There’s no killcam either, so you’ll have to find that hidden sniper yourself. Finally, watch your fire and don’t take down your teammates — if you shoot or damage your teammates in any way, you will instead take that damage. Mistakes are sometimes made so you won’t be immediately penalized with reflective fire, however, just know this mode is not for the faint-hearted.

Introducing BlackCell, an Unparalleled Reinforcement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

The value does not stop there for those who decide to be a part of BlackCell:

As previously mentioned, in addition to accessing up to 1,400 COD Points through the full Battle Pass, BlackCell includes an instant unlock of 1,100 COD Points within the BlackCell Sector that can be used on any other Bundle in the Store.

Just in Season 03 alone, the 1,100 COD Point Battle Pass, plus 3,000 COD Points’ worth of Battle Token Tier Skips, and 1,100 COD Points in BlackCell sector with the free items immediately on purchase for over 7,000* COD Points in value.

Consider picking up BlackCell when Season 03 launches on April 12 in Modern Warfare® II and WarzoneTM 2.0. For more intel on what this season has to offer outside this new Bundle, check out the full season announcement here.



Stay frosty.


*BlackCell sector value based on comparable in-game store bundles.


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Introducing the Battle Pass and Bundles for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0 Season 03

Get 100% map completion by conquering all 20 Sectors. This gives you access to the final Victory Sector, which features the following items:

“El Sin Nombre” Valeria Operator Skin

El Sin Nombre — “the Nameless One” — is ready for business, and she’s more than willing to work outside the law. Sporting black leather pants, a gold chain, and face tattoos, this Operator Skin is sure to frighten off all but the most courageous enemies.

“La Espina” Battle Rifle Blueprint

Based on the new Battle Rifle releasing with Season 03, this red, black, and gold Weapon Blueprint fits perfectly in the hands of a cartel leader like El Sin Nombre. It features five attachments, including 6.8 Composite ammunition for improved handling and greater reserve ammo. Like the scorpions inlaid on its surface, this weapon stings.

“Vaquero” Alejandro Operator Skin

No matter the foe, Alejandro is always one step ahead. His military garb and climbing equipment ensure that he’s ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, tackling even the most difficult terrain if it means bringing his target to justice.

“Vaquero 141” Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint

Alejandro’s weapon of choice, the “Vaquero 141” Weapon Blueprint is named and stylized after the elite unit of the Mexican Special Forces led by him. It comes equipped with six attachments and is based on the new Sniper Rifle releasing with Season 03. With a weapon this strong in your hand, the cartels won’t stand a chance.

300 COD Points

Save up for the next Battle Pass or put them toward the purchase of a new Store Bundle.

Remember: If you have BlackCell, both Alejandro and Valeria get an additional Operator Skin at this Tier, and you get an additional 10 additional Operator Skins total, all exclusive to BlackCell, through completing the Battle Pass. More intel on BlackCell can be found here.


Bundle Highlight: Manticore Pro Pack

Introducing BlackCell, the Battle Pass, and Bundles for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Season 04

The ISO Platform’s answer to room clearing. This SMG dominates with a high fire rate and the stopping power of .45 Auto rounds.

A throwback to Modern Warfare (2019), the ISO 45 functions similarly to the old ISO, known for its lightweight design and decent fire rate for short- to midrange engagements.

If Shotguns and Sidearms dominate up close and Assault Rifles rule the midrange, the ISO 45 provides a strong option for action in between. Because this weapon boasts both a high fire rate and strong stopping power, Operators need to control its recoil to get the fastest eliminations possible.

Some attachments give more leeway for accuracy, while others grant better magazine capacity or mobility for those who master the ISO 45 enough to dominate in 1v1, 1v2, or even 1v3 situations.

One More Battle Pass Weapon Note:

If a master Warzone Operator wants a new Overkill Loadout on day one, then they could consider a Tempus Razorback/ISO 45 weapon combination. The ISO can punish them up close while the Razorback does damage at midrange. However, they might want to mix these into some of their other favorite weapons — LMGs, Sniper Rifles, and the like — to ensure they are ready for action whenever.


New Weapon Blueprint HVTs

Need more Weapon Blueprints? Battle Pass and BlackCell owners can get a few more for their arsenal, but there are also some Weapon Blueprints everyone — for free – just by participating in the Battle Pass System during the season.


No Tomorrow — SMG (Sector D1, HVT, Free)

Introducing BlackCell, the Battle Pass, and Bundles for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone Season 05

With a blinding fire rate and exceptional maneuverability, in the right hands, this aggressive bullpup rifle can dominate the battlefield.

Shred enemies with this midrange bullpup rifle that features a rapid-fire rate and a strong vertical recoil to match.

Its solid hip-fire spread and high damage per minute make it a phenomenal weapon up close in addition to its “category standard” range for all Assault Rifles. And with a recoil pattern that’s easy to learn, an Operator with a steady hand or trigger discipline can make this tool a devastating Primary Weapon in any operation that calls for close- to midrange combat.

The Gunsmith allows Operators to maximize efficiency with the FR Avancer. Equip it with an extended magazine, or a Laser for improved aiming capabilities, an Underbarrel for recoil control, a Stock to counter mobility penalties from other attachments, and a red dot Optic for better visibility. . . .

Or do all of the above in a well-balanced yet powerful combination fit for fighting entire squads.


New Weapon Blueprints, Vehicle Skins

A larger game is looming over the Battle Pass. . . . The Weapon Blueprints on offer give you plenty of moves to make no matter the mode, allowing you to put even the most worthy of opponents in serious checkmate.


King Hunter — Assault Rifle (Sector E1, HVT)

Introducing BlackCell, the Battle Pass, and Bundles for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone Season 06

Available: October 19

Bring the supernatural to justice with “The Investigator” Operator Skin. Fight back evil with two animated Weapon Blueprints: the “Case File” Assault Rifle and “Paranormalist’s Toolkit” Sniper Rifle. Outfit your weapons with the “Ghost Tracker” Gun Screen and “Sinister Signal” Weapon Charm.

Show who you work for using the “Fringe PI” Sticker, light up your Loading Screen with “Ghastly Energies,” and take a trip through classic horror villains using the animated “Phenomenon” Emblem.



Stay frosty.



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Gunsmith Innovations: Introducing Aftermarket Parts and More to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Pay attention to and cycle through your weapon’s attachment selection when equipping Conversion Kits. New Aftermarket Parts might become available as attachments that weren’t accessible using the base weapon, and some previously available attachments may become restricted. Because the weapon is fundamentally changed, so are the ways it can be modified.     


Conversion Kit Examples: Three Aftermarket Weapons

To give you a better idea of the kinds of changes Aftermarket Parts bring to a weapon, here are three Conversion Kit examples, beginning with the bullpup LMG conversion mentioned in the video. The examples shown below also come paired with example attachments to give an idea of how you can further customize your weapon’s lethality in the field in conjunction with Aftermarket Parts.


Aftermarket Parts Loadout #1: Pulemyot LMG