Gunsmith Innovations: Introducing Aftermarket Parts and More to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Pay attention to and cycle through your weapon’s attachment selection when equipping Conversion Kits. New Aftermarket Parts might become available as attachments that weren’t accessible using the base weapon, and some previously available attachments may become restricted. Because the weapon is fundamentally changed, so are the ways it can be modified.     


Conversion Kit Examples: Three Aftermarket Weapons

To give you a better idea of the kinds of changes Aftermarket Parts bring to a weapon, here are three Conversion Kit examples, beginning with the bullpup LMG conversion mentioned in the video. The examples shown below also come paired with example attachments to give an idea of how you can further customize your weapon’s lethality in the field in conjunction with Aftermarket Parts.


Aftermarket Parts Loadout #1: Pulemyot LMG