The Prospector’s Guide to Gold Rush and Kill Confirmed

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Once Upon a Time in Rust, the sixth season for Call of Duty: Mobile, is in full swing with the Gold Rush event, a limited time exchange program where soldiers can trade in Gold Bars earned through Multiplayer and Battle Royale for some shiny new rewards.

Here’s this ol’ prospector’s tips on the Gold Rush and the new game mode that came with it: Kill Confirmed.

How to Get in on the Gold Rush

Gold Rush, a limited-time event in Call of Duty: Mobile, will see you earning Gold Bars in Multiplayer and Battle Royale to unlock new weapons and other loot items.

These items include plenty of Flowing Bronze-plated items, a new Rare Camo introduced in Season Six, and an Epic M4LMG – Moonstone weapon.

Earning these items is as simple as getting Gold Bars, a new item that can be acquired in Battle Royale and Multiplayer. While travelling around isolated and surviving against enemy soldiers in Battle Royale, be on the lookout for treasure maps that will lead you to Gold Bar mining sites.

As for Multiplayer, Gold Bars can be earned in Kill Confirmed, a game mode new to Call of Duty: Mobile that fans of the franchise have enjoyed since Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3.

Rules of Engagement – Kill Confirmed


·      Kill Confirmed is available on Standoff, Crash, Raid, Summit, Cage, Takeoff, Meltdown, and Rust.

·      Two teams enter the lobby – each team has a maximum of five players. You can either bring your own full team into the lobby, or matchmake with a random player.

·      You can use your own Custom Loadouts in this game mode.

Your Mission:

·      Eliminate the enemy team and collect the dog tags they drop upon death (every player, including you, drops a dog tag when they die). These enemy dog tags count as a Gold Bar earned during the Gold Rush Event. 

·      If a soldier from Team A (e.g. Special Forces) collects a dog tag dropped by Team B (Guerilla Squad), then Team A (Special Forces) gets a point.

·      If a soldier from Special Forces collects a dog tag dropped by an ally, then they deny the enemy team from grabbing that point.

Your Goal:

·      The first team to hit the designated point value, or the team with the most points at the end of the time limit, wins the game.

·      If both teams are tied by the end of the time limit, the game ends in a draw.

During Gold Rush:

·      Every dog tag collected will add to your overall Gold Bar stash during Gold Rush.

·      Confirming another teammate’s kill earns a Gold Bar for both soldiers (both the one who earned the kill and the one who collected the dog tag)

Top 5 Tips

5. Like TDM, But with a Twist. Kill Confirmed is a great introductory objective mode for those coming from Frontline or Team Deathmatch. Just remember to follow up and collect those dog tags after getting those kills.

4. Be Aggressive. Don’t Be Reckless. Aggressive operators will be showered with dog tags by running and gunning their way to kills and confirms. However, it’s not wise to dive straight into lopsided engagements, as you might as well be hand-delivering those dog tags to the enemy.

3. Denied! Denying enemy kills is just as important as confirming your team’s kills. If your fellow soldier goes down, pick up their dog tag before an enemy runs over to grab it.

2. Golden Bait. If you suspect an enemy is nearby to grab your fallen teammate’s dog tag, try taking them out before denying their kill. That way, you get to pick up a point for your team AND deny the enemy team a point, all in one engagement!

1. Don’t Be Greedy. A teammate that confirms your kill by collecting the enemy dog tag earns a Gold Bar for both players. Work together to collect each other’s dog tag, and that M4LMG – Moonstone will be yours in no time! 

We’ll see you on the go, and online.

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A Guide to Season Three Trials in Modern Warfare® PT 1

Season Three remixed some classic Trials from previous seasons to create the most interesting, and potentially most difficult, collection of challenges yet for those who want to trade in their Trial tickets for a shot at a boatload of XP. One Trial ticket will allow you three tries at the best time in each Trial, with a three-star ranking giving you 10,000 XP. 

Don’t forget that a three-star ranking could reward a whopping 22,000 XP with both the 10% Battle Pass XP and Double XP activated. If you know your way around these Trials, you can earn that XP in only a few minutes of your time.

Gun Course

Make your way through the course as fast as possible while clearing all enemy targets and avoiding civilian casualties.

*** = :40

** = 1:00

* = 1:30

Season Three’s Gun Course takes place on Vacant, which we broke down in-depth here. There are two versions of this Trial: one with smoke throughout the complex, and one without. 

We highly recommend playing the smokeless version first, as there are no differences between the two outside of the smoke, which makes it more difficult to identify targets.

You have the following weapons at your disposal:

·      Handgun (Starting) – A great secondary, recommended weapon.

·      Shotgun – Double-barrel bullpup. Not recommended.

·      SMG – 10mm rounds and high mobility. Recommended weapon.

·      Assault Rifles – Three in total. Pick your poison, all are solid. Recommended weapon.

·      LMG – A high damage, but slower fire rate comparative to assault rifle; not recommended.

If you choose an assault rifle or SMG, consider changing the firing method to semi-auto to conserve ammo and place accurate shots on those one-hit targets.

Above is Vacant’s layout, with five numbers corresponding to the five areas you’ll travel through. 

1: Six targets, two civilians. Hit multiple moving targets at once to increase your accuracy past 100%. The last of the six targets pops up before the double doors.

2: 11 targets, two civilians. Thoroughly check this room for hostiles.

3. Three targets, one moving civilian. Avoid the civilian. 

4: Seven targets, two civilians. Check Offices and Atrium for hostiles and look up through the skylight to find one of the targets.

5: Seven targets, two civilians. Clean up and sprint for the finish!

In total, there are 34 targets. Getting 100% accuracy shaves five seconds off your time, so speed and precision is key to a three-star ranking.

Marksman Challenge

Engage waves of long-distance targets and beat the clock. Missed shots burn time.

*** = 4,250 Points

** = 4,000 Points

* = 3,500 Points

This Trial has two versions: One with Sniper Rifle Alpha (the semi-auto sniper rifle) and one with Handgun Echo (the hand cannon). Both take place on Euphrates Bridge against 37 total targets, some of which have flashlights to mimic sniper glints.

Remember, hitting targets only account for 3,700 points, the rest is up to seconds remaining at the end of each wave and each wave gets progressively harder.

Also, only in the sniper rifle version, civilian targets will appear, and shooting one will subtract 100 points from your score. Hitting just one of these means you must save an additional 10 seconds across the four waves in order to make up the point differential, which hinders your ability to get three stars.

In order to get that three-star ranking, you not only have to avoid the distraction of sniper glints, but also track down moving targets. Save time and hit targets when they line up for multiple collateral hits.

Ultimately, practice makes perfect; learning where the targets are across all the waves will be key to getting a three-star ranking. Once you gain this knowledge, that 10,000 XP reward is all but yours.

These are our tips for the two of the latest Trials available in Season Three. Stay tuned for Part 2 and good luck getting that three-star ranking reward. 

See you online!


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A Guide to Season Three Trials in Modern Warfare® PT 2

In our first deep dive into Season Three’s Trials, we covered the Gun Course and Marksman Challenge.

Looking for even more XP rewards? Get our tips and tricks on Shooting Range and Risky Parkour to help max out this Season’s Officer Ranks. 

Shooting Range

Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition.

*** = 0:30

** = 0:45

* = 1:00

Season Three’s two locales for the Shooting Range Trial are Docks and Stack.

These two Shooting Ranges have different target locations and weapon choice, so  the way an Operator should tackle these is wildly different; let’s begin with Docks:

Above show the number of targets in each area – 40 total –  that are found across Docks. Note that there are three targets on top of the bridge, and six under it.

Despite the three targets atop the bridge, consider staying on the ground level. There are no targets deep inside the buildings, and an Operator can easily walk from the starting location to the east and hit every target on the way.

Here’s your arsenal, as well as our recommended picks:

·      Sidearms – Two in total. One has a 13-round mag, which is our recommended secondary weapon.

·      Assault Rifles – Five solid choices. Recommend switching weapon to single fire mode to prevent overshooting.

·      LMG – A slower fire rate compared to assault rifles; not recommended.

On Stack, consider “stacking” (hitting multiple at once) targets with the help of wide-barreled shotguns. Whenever possible, aim down sights and position yourself in front of multiple targets. If you do it right, you can blow away two, three, or even four targets at once.

Your accuracy bonus here can be remarkable – potentially at 200% – which will let you shave serious seconds off your final time.  In other words, with enough practice, you can easily crush the 30 second clear time for a 10,000 XP bonus and then some.

Risky Parkour

Move through each checkpoint and finish the course as quickly as possible. (Destroy mines blocking your path and) Beware of the heavy toxic gas on the low ground.

Risky Parkour is back and riskier than ever thanks to Proximity Mines.

Mines are only present in two of the Risky Parkour variants: Gun Runner and Piccadilly. The other variant of this Trial, Hackney Yard, has you using a Riot Shield against active enemy Operators. 

Hackney Yard

*** = 1:00

** = 1:15

* = 1:30

In theory, this is a super-quick route through the Warehouse of Hackney Yard. However, those four numbered points have active hostiles. 

You can either move when they reload and bash them with the Riot Shield, or use your two Throwing Knives on hand to deal with them from a distance. Be warned: you only get two of them, and if they miss the mark, you may have a hard time getting them back.

The beginning section could trip some players up, as you’ll be walking along the walls for a bit. Tread carefully with your Riot Shield, then, if you can, chuck a Throwing Knife at the first enemy.

The rest of the course is straightforward and forgiving. Just take down those tangos and sprint to the finish.

Gun Runner

*** = 0:54

** = 1:02

* = 1:11

Gun Runner is the first of the two mine-filled Risky Parkour courses and could be described as the easier of the two. 

Note that the red X’s indicate where mines are. You must shoot them before your approach, otherwise, they will pop up and explode, killing you if you are standing up, and badly damaging you if you are crouching.

At start, shoot the first mine before leaving the truck at spawn. This will save you a little bit of time. After hopping into the building, you’ll crawl across the catwalk, shoot another mine, and pop out onto the roof.

When hopping across the trains, try landing on the corners of the red coal cars, as their checkpoints are generous enough to allow you to hit them and jump to the next one. Remember to destroy the mines before jumping, throughout, and avoid touching the ground at all costs. 


*** = 0:45

** = 0:50

* = 1:00

Arguably the hardest of the three parkour courses, Piccadilly will take you across very narrow platforms.

From the start, you should shoot the first two mines: one is directly in front of you, the other is on a police vehicle to the right. 

The homestretch could be described as a gauntlet, with two mines and a few precise jumps across vehicles and crates. Try sweeping the mines first before jumping, and if possible, run as far ahead of the clear time as possible through the first through sections before going through this trickier finish.

Above all else, be careful when making jumps around the map, especially on the central buses. It’s easy to miss platforms or slip down onto the street, where the gas will deal damage and give you a time penalty. 

With these tips, we hope you earn three-star rankings and reap the rewards. 

Feel free to share your best times with the community and stay tuned for more Trials guides in the future.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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The Survivor’s Guide to Radiated Sector and Attack of the Undead

Only the strongest will survive.

Radioactive Agent, the seventh season for Call of Duty: Mobile, presents the Radiated Sector event, a limited time challenge that starts on Jun 18 PT until July 2 during which players fight to increase their Resistance Level and earn new rewards.

Read on for tips on how to get the most out of Radiated Sector, along with details and strategies for the new game mode at the center of the event: Attack of the Undead.

Survive and Thrive in Radiated Sector

In Radiated Sector, your primary goal is to increase your Resistance Level. As your Resistance Level rises, you will gain access to increasingly rare weapons and other rewards.

Increase your Resistance Level by administering Stim Shots. You earn a Stim Shot for every kill you get in Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches. At the end of the match, you will consume earned Stim Shots based on the amount of match time you have accumulated. The longer you play and the more kills you get, the more Stim Shots you can consume, raising your Resistance Level in the process.

There are ways to earn more than one Stim Shot per kill. You can earn double Stim Shots for getting kills in the new Tunisia Multiplayer map (see our Tunisia map overview), and for kills earned in the latest Multiplayer mode — Attack of the Undead. Plus, activate certain weapon sets in-game to increase the amount of stim shots earned by fifty percent!

Rules of Engagement – Attack of the Undead


· Attack of the Undead is available on Tunisia, Standoff, Crash, Raid, and Summit

· A full team of Survivors loads into the map. Following a ten second countdown, one randomly chosen Survivor is turned to the Undead side. The first Undead player is able to use their gun to get the first kill. Afterwards they’ll attack others with a melee weapon. 

· Survivors select their preferred weapons from their Custom Loadouts at the start of the game, in addition to choosing between the Transform Shield and Sentry Gun Operator Skills. Survivors gain access to perks as they accumulate kills against the Undead. 

· Undead players are given a melee weapon and an ‘Operator Skill’ that when activated increases movement speed. 

Your Mission:

· As a Survivor, your mission is to eliminate Undead players and stay alive until the match timer runs out.

· If you are killed by an Undead player (or randomly assigned as the first Undead player), your mission changes — now you must do everything in your power to hunt down the remaining Survivors and turn them to your side before the match timer runs out.

Your Goal:

· To be the player with the most kills wins, including kills earned as a Survivor and as the Undead. More kills = More Stim Shots earned.

· Every kill in Attack of the Undead earns double Stim Shots, whether those kills are earned as a Survivor or as the Undead.

The match can end in one of two ways, when all Survivors have fallen to the Undead (Undead team wins), or when the match timer runs out (Survivors win).

Top 5 Tips for Attack of the Undead

1. Make Space. Move away from the other Survivors during the initial countdown. You never know who will be assigned as the first Undead player. You don’t want to be caught next to the one who turns.

2. Choose Your Operator Skill Wisely. The Sentry Gun is certainly a good offensive tool against the Undead, but don’t neglect the Transform Shield’s ability to slow down the horde when you most need it. Even better, pair up with another Survivor and use the two together.  

3. Bait and Kill. As the Undead, you need to use every tool at your disposal. Weave in and out of view and take out Survivors foolish enough to come after you. And if there’s a Survivor focused on another Undead player, activate your ‘Operator Skill’ and rush in for the kill.

4. Strength in Numbers. If the Survivors are huddled up in a defensive position, it’s time to overwhelm them with numbers. Gather a group of Undead companions and go for the kill together. Once they’re forced to reload, it’s all over. 

5. Competitive Cooperation. The better you work with your teammates, whether as a Survivor or the Undead, the better your chances are to win the match. Don’t forget, however, that the real rewards goes to the player who gets the most kills. Work together but do what you can to get in those killing blows.

See you online, soldier.


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The Tactician’s Guide to Gunfight on Gulag

Welcome to the Gulag, soldier. Let’s hope you’re in fighting shape, because there’s only two ways out of here.

Radioactive Agent, the seventh season for Call of Duty: Mobile, presents a new limited time event: Gunfight in the Gulag. This 2v2 tactical mode takes place on the iconic Gulag from Warzone, the Battle Royale experience from the world of Modern Warfare®. In this close-quarters map, aggression and precision win the day.

Read on for tips on how to work with your teammate to outsmart and outwit the opposition.

Map Overview

The Gulag is a small, symmetrical map featuring three primary vertical lanes that offer a clear view from one spawn to the other. Rows of sinks and shower stalls between the lanes offer cover and visual obstruction for players to weave in and out of view.

Don’t be fooled — Gulag’s straightforward design doesn’t necessarily mean that your fights will be simple as well. The sinks and shower stalls are large enough and close enough together that you can quickly lose sight of your enemies, suddenly turning every direction into a potential point of attack.

Rules of Engagement – Gunfight

Before we go in-depth on map strategies, let’s review how Gunfight works.

It’s 2v2, so pair up with a friend or matchmake with a random player to form your team. 

Your Loadout

There are no custom loadouts in Gunfight. The game assigns the same loadout to all players, consisting of a primary and secondary weapon as well as lethal and tactical equipment. All weapon classes are on the board, from assault rifles to sniper rifles as your primary weapon to pistols and launchers as your secondary. The loadout changes every two rounds.

There are no Scorestreaks or Operator Skills in Gunfight, and there is zero health regeneration.

Your Mission

Gunfight is round based. To win a round you must eliminate the enemy team or capture the overtime objective. If neither team captures the overtime objective, victory goes to the team with the most health.

The first team to win six rounds wins the match.

Gulag Tactics

These rounds are quick, so get your trigger finger ready and play aggressively. There are two main opening strategies to consider: look straight down the center or side lanes to try and catch an enemy out in the open or take cover to hide from view in an attempt to surprise and flank the enemy.

Aim down sights if you’re checking the center or side lane; the milliseconds you save in doing so will win rounds against enemies less prepared. Or move between cover to stay out of sight, but don’t sit and wait. A still target is an easy target. Stay on the move, seek out the enemy, and keep moving when you engage them.

Use your voice comms and be quick and concise in your callouts: “middle,” “left,” “rushing,” “back spawn,” whatever gets the point across. If your teammate isn’t talking, watch for patterns in their strategy. If they’re constantly rushing forward, rush with them when you’re ahead or hold back and provide cover when you’re down. Switch up your strategies so you don’t become predictable.

Top 5 Tips

5. Use All Your Tools. When you’re handed a sniper rifle, switch to the pistol and rush forward for a close-range attack; use your smoke grenades to confuse and disorient; drop a grenade to blast a pursuing enemy. Always keep them guessing.

4. Overwatch in Overtime. Consider using the objective as bait in overtime, especially if your side has more health than the other. The enemy will be forced to take it if they want the win, and you’ll be ready to shoot when they get there.   

3. Keep Your Cool. Even when you’re down several rounds, there’s always the chance of coming back for the win. Take it round by round, and don’t let yourself become frustrated. An overconfident enemy often becomes a predictable enemy. Keep your cool, counter, and knock them down a peg.

2. Resist the Reload. We’re all guilty of it, firing off a few rounds and then reloading when there’s still plenty left in the mag. Resist that temptation. Gulag is a tiny map and getting caught halfway through a reload animation puts you at a serious disadvantage. And if you really do need the ammo, consider switching to your secondary instead.

1. Make A New Friend. Communication is so important in 2v2, especially in Gulag where enemies can quickly vanish from sight. If you find a good teammate, send them a friend invite and pair up for more matches. Your win rate will shoot up and you might even make a new friend in the process.

See you in the Gulag. 


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A Beginner’s Guide to Verdansk Operations

* Verdansk isn’t a real place. It exists only in Modern Warfare and Warzone so jump in to experience Verdansk the only way you can, in-game.   

For more information and the latest intel on Warzone, visit and follow @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

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The Scavenger’s Guide to Solstice Awakened

Top 5 Tips for Solstice Awakened

1. Know Your Resources. There are three earnable resources: rations, petrol, and toilet paper. You can only work toward two of the three at any given time, so check back often for new playlists and new earning opportunities. If you miss a resource, it is likely to return soon.

2. Invest in the Weapon Set. Consider investing early in the weapon set, available in the Sweet Joke draw. Playing with weapons in this set provide a fifty percent bonus to earned resources. This adds a huge boost to your gathering potential.  

3. Over Here, We’ve Got Tips. Do a little recon and brush up on some of the maps that might rotate in during the event. It won’t hurt to revisit our posts on Cage, Tunisia, Scrapyard, and Highrise.

4. Know Your Modes. If you want to take home a haul of resources from every featured playlist, make sure you brush up on your skills for Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Check the playlist details before you start a match to know what mode you’re getting yourself in to. 

5. Gather What You Need. If you’re battling to earn rewards, check to see how much you need of the different resources. Then before you play, make sure the playlist is rewarding you with the resources you need. 

See you online, soldier.

A Guide to Season Four Trials in Modern Warfare®

Behind Enemy Lines

Live fire exercise: Find and eliminate all hostiles in the A.O. as quickly as possible.

Loadout: Demolition Weapons

Map: Azhir Cave

*** = 1:30

** = 2:00

* = 2:30

Get blasting in this Trial and use demolitions to knock out 45 hostiles. You’ll start with a Combat Knife and two lethals: C4 and Thermite. From that, choose from various weapons including the MGL-32 Grenade Launcher and the M4A1 M203 –  to kit out your loadout.

If this is your first run, consider the M4 and the Grenade Launcher. The M4A1 packs 30 round magazines and explosive underbarrel rounds, and the Grenade Launcher offers the most blasts per reload. Speedrunners who know the layout can opt for a single weapon to maintain top running speed with the Combat Knife.

Look for the red barrels! These are liberally scattered amongst the enemies here, and a single shot blows them up and can take down multiple enemies. Consider switching the M4A1 to single shot mode so you don’t waste ammo detonating them: wasted ammo equals more reloads equals a slower completion time.

Frequent UAV sweeps show where the enemies are located, but after your first or second run you should know where they are and plan a loop that hits everyone without stopping to check your intel. Try sticking to the right side of the map, blasting enemies along the way until you hit Road East, and then weaving into Cave East, out to the Main Road, and back for the finale in Cave West.

If you’re running low on ammo, don’t miss the two Ammo Crates: One by the guard post on Cliff Path and the other at the top of Main Road. Stopping to resupply cost precious time; make every shot count, so you only stop once. Extend your ammo reserves by using your C4 on clustered enemies and your Thermite on stragglers.

Price’s Alley

Sharpen your decision-making skills while engaging waves of mixed enemies and civilian targets.

*** = 12000

** = 10500

* = 9000

You’re given a semi-auto assault rifle equipped with a Hybrid Scope and tasked with shooting down as many hostile targets as possible over a course of four waves. Earn 100 points for each regular kill and 150 for a headshot. Shoot a civilian and lose 200 points.

Mount your weapon for the first wave and go for headshots: the targets will be lined up in a row, for easier extra headshot points. After that the targets will appear dispersed throughout the area, including moving targets in the last two waves. At this point, switch to your reflex sight every time new targets pop up so that you don’t miss enemies in the near corners.

Reload between waves and make every shot count — the higher your accuracy, the more bonus score you’ll earn at the end of the Trial. 

Note: it’s possible to hit multiple targets with a collateral hit. That’s great when it’s a pair of hostiles, but watch out for enemy targets moving in front of civilians.

The Tracker’s Guide to the Hunt for Makarov

Top 5 Tips for the Hunt for Makarov

1.     Stack ‘Em Up. You earn Explore Points for every match played, so why not tackle some other challenges while you’re at it? Check the Events page at the start of every play session to see how you can work toward completing other challenges while you’re out hunting Makarov.

2.     Terminal 24/7. Makarov was last spotted at the airport and the fighting remains intense after his departure. Jump into the new Terminal 24/7 playlist to experience this iconic Multiplayer map while earning Explore Points for every completed match.

3.     Get High Alert. The jungle hides all kinds of threats in its thick foliage, but the new High Alert perk will help detect those pesky flankers and hidden snipers. Complete the new Vigilance Seasonal Challenge to unlock High Alert for use in your loadouts and earn Explore Points along the way. 

4.     Explore Isolated in Battle Royale. If you haven’t yet explored the four newest Battle Royale areas —Outpost, Dormitory, Radar Base, and Campground — now’s the time to do it. You’ll earn Explore Points while you’re at it and the training will prepare you to hit the ground running when the new Hacker class becomes earnable later this Season.

5.     Read the Comic. Anxious for more intel on Makrov and our efforts to stop him? Check the in-game Comic throughout the Season as more pieces of the story unfold. Access the Comic in the Battle Pass menu to see when each new chapter becomes available.

See you online.

The Activision Holiday Gift Guide: Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot 4 Youtooz Collectibles

MSRP: $29.99

Working collaboratively with the Crash Bandicoot creative team, Youtooz styled the iconic looks of Crash, Tawna, Coco, and Dr. Neo Cortex for a limited number of collectible figurines. As with all Youtooz drops, once the Crash Bandicoot collection sells out, it will never be re-made, making the set a must have for any Crash fan. The four Crash Bandicoot figures can now be pre-ordered and will be shipping in March 2021.

Pre-order at here.