The Grau 5.56: How to Unlock the Grau Assault Rifle in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

5. Fun-Sized and Frenetic… Some Multiplayer playlists feature maps that are small like Shipment, Rust, or, in select limited-engagement events, Gunfight maps outside of the Gunfight mode. Take your assault rifle into these kinds of playlists and embrace the frequency of engagements you’ll encounter in these close quarters.

4. … or Colossal and Chaotic. Alternatively, bigger modes, such as Warzone, could also work for this challenge, as you’ll have more enemies to theoretically take down when going for five kills in a minute. Remember: Plunder gives you multiple lives and access to your own loadout from the jump, so it may be a better place to go for challenges than Battle Royale modes.

3. Go for the Mid-Range. Whether you use a fast-firing M13 or a heavy-hitting Oden, all assault rifles’ effective ranges are somewhere within the medium-distance spectrum. A good rule of thumb is to start engagements from a dozen to three dozen meters out. However, if you have a clear shot on a target even if it is “too close” or “too far”, don’t be afraid to engage!

2. A Catch-All Recommendation for a Unique Weapon Class. Because every assault rifle is unique in its strengths and weaknesses, there isn’t much of a hard and fast rule for specific loadouts except for one: anything that extends your magazine capacity or ammo supply. Extended Mags and the Fully Loaded Perk fill those two needs respectively. 

If you’re looking for a weapon with the most ammo per clip, the Kilo 141 takes the cake with a 100-Round Drum Mag. The Kilo 141 is also chambered in the super common 5.56 NATO cartridge, so running out of ammo won’t be too much of an actual concern.

1. Read it Back. Get 5 kills in a minute when using an Assault Rifle 25 times.” This means you can stack multiple tallies if you are dominating within a single game. Keep playing aggressively, don’t quit out early, and you may find yourself banking 2, 3, or even a half dozen counts towards this challenge in a single game!

Complete this challenge, and you’ll unlock the Grau 5.56, an all-around powerhouse that has found a solid place within the community’s Warzone meta weapons. Try out all its barrel attachments just to get a taste of how radically different it can be used, and keep in mind its typical recoil pattern: upwards with a slight kick to the left before it slants back hard right.

Stay frosty.