Gift the Battle Pass to a Friend with the Call of Duty® Companion App

It tracks your stats, it keeps you connected to your Call of Duty friends, it offers in-game rewards, and now it’s the best Call of Duty gift-giving app you’ve got. Using the Call of Duty Companion app, you can purchase the Battle Pass as a gift for your Activision friends.

Once they claim their gift in-game, they’ll get instant unlock Battle Pass Tier 0 content and any other progression they’ve earned, plus the ability to unlock even more content across 100 tiers. Getting the Battle Pass means you can unlock new character skins, weapon blueprints, finishing moves, Call of Duty points, and more, just by playing the game. That’s a gift any Call of Duty player can appreciate.

Make (Activision) Friends and Up Your Game

Already have a friend in mind? In order to gift them the Battle Pass, you first need to become Activision friends. Activision friends enable you to party up for cross-platform play. In the Companion app, you can view and compare each other’s stats across multiple titles, view your play feeds, and see how you stack up against one another on the leaderboards.

If you’re not already Activision friends, it’s an easy process that can be completed in the Companion app or entirely in-game. Go here for a rundown on how it’s done. After the process is complete, you must be friends for at least one week before sending them a gift.

While you’re making friends, encourage them to download the Call of Duty Companion app. In addition to in-depth stat tracking, app users can view their progress in the current Battle Pass, read up on the latest Call of Duty and Warzone related news and strategies, analyze heat maps showing your kills and deaths on recent matches, and check the schedule and competitive standings for the Call of Duty League™. App users also receive weekly login rewards like calling cards or XP tokens. 

The Activision Holiday Gift Guide: Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot 4 Youtooz Collectibles

MSRP: $29.99

Working collaboratively with the Crash Bandicoot creative team, Youtooz styled the iconic looks of Crash, Tawna, Coco, and Dr. Neo Cortex for a limited number of collectible figurines. As with all Youtooz drops, once the Crash Bandicoot collection sells out, it will never be re-made, making the set a must have for any Crash fan. The four Crash Bandicoot figures can now be pre-ordered and will be shipping in March 2021.

Pre-order at here.

The Activision Holiday Gift Guide: Call of Duty

DRKN Black Ops Cold War Capsule Collection

MSRP: Varies

Uncover the latest official Call of Duty capsule collection by DRKN, combining the premium quality of DRKN apparel with the new designs and graphics inspired by Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The official Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War capsule collection consists of a Black or White Legacy Hoodie, a Black Legacy Longsleeve T-shirt, a Scorpio Patina Grey Premium Hoodie, a Spetsnaz Grey Legacy Hoodie, a Legacy Crewneck, a selection of zip hoodies for ease of wear, and a patch pack to customize your garments.

Discover the new DRKN x Black Ops Cold War collection. Nothing is ever as it seems. That’s truer than ever with the all-new reversable and reflective bomber jackets by the gamers’ brand. See what’s on the other side.

Each product comes with a redeemable in-game sticker.

Purchase items from the DRKN Black Ops Cold War Capsule Collection here.