Learn more about Call of Duty HQ, the game launcher for Call of Duty

Starting today, Wednesday, November 8, once players download the latest software updates in advance of Modern Warfare III’s worldwide launch, Call of Duty HQ will be the central location to play new and upcoming content for Modern Warfare III, as well as the launch pad for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II. Each title will be featured on its own row within Call of Duty HQ, including a What’s Hot row highlighting specific playlists.

·       What’s Hot: The home of top playlists for Modern Warfare III

·       MWIII: Access the Modern Warfare III Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies

·       Warzone: Play Call of Duty: Warzone or the DMZ beta from this row

·       MWII: Access the Modern Warfare II Campaign, Multiplayer, Raids, and more


Call of Duty HQ will also feature an in-game store for Modern Warfare III, and at game launch will include the all-new CODE Warrior Pack and current Modern Warfare II content bundles. New Modern Warfare III content bundles will be available in Season 01.

Warzone playlists will rejoin the What’s Hot row at a later date. Players will be able to seamlessly switch between Modern Warfare III and Warzone content starting in Season 01.


Known Issues

Call of Duty HQ continues to evolve, bringing multiple titles to Call of Duty players from one, single destination. The following issues are known and are being addressed:

·       Physical Disc Identification: Players will encounter changes with how Call of Duty games are listed during the download and installation process. For example, some players who purchase the disc version of Modern Warfare III, but do not already have Modern Warfare II installed will not see the Modern Warfare III icon until COD HQ has fully updated after a Day One patch.

·       Cross-Title Parties: Cross-Title Parties: Players who form parties within Modern Warfare III may be disbanded when switching to Call of Duty: Warzone. If this happens, players can party up again to play in Warzone. This will be corrected in an update shortly after launch of Modern Warfare III.



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It’s About Time – A Hands-On Look at the Game

Chilling on Snow Way Out

The first experience of this hands-on look is Snow Way Out, set in the 11th Dimension circa 1954. During the demo, this level teaches basic mechanics of how to play the game. Movement, jumping, spinning, and wumping are all taught before you get into real danger.

Another mechanic taught in the level’s beginning involves a Quantum Mask known as Kupuna-Wa, AKA the Time Mask, who upon activation, slows down time on everything except Crash. Again, like moving, jumping, and spinning, there is a quick optional practice moment before the real test begins:

An exclamation point (“!”) box and four outlines of boxes appear before our bandicoot. If the “!” box is hit, the four outlines turn into real boxes for only a single second. Activate Kupuna-Wa, to expand that single second, and see if that bandicoot can smash those four crates in time to get that sweet, sweet Wumpa fruit inside.

The elements seen in previous Crash games are all here. You’ll encounter temporary platforms, TNT and Nitro Boxes, enemies that will destroy bandicoots in the wackiest ways possible, and plenty of Wumpa fruit to collect and boxes to break, both within the main path and the optional Bonus Path.

Mid-way through the level, the story progresses; Crash and Coco have caught up to the nefarious Doctor Neo Cortex in this zombie frozen fisherman village. Unfortunately, he had enough time to rig a ship for a massive explosion… And while his timing was way, way off, he at least sent ice chunks cascading down waterfalls to make these bandicoots’ lives more difficult.

And so, our heroes continue to jump, spin, and wump across platforms like before, while also using the powers of Kupuna-Wa to slow down enemy attacks or falling ice platforms for safer passage.

Shadows Die Twice – The Game of the Year Free Update is Here!

“Hesitation is defeat.” — Isshin, The Sword Saint.

The One-armed Wolf gains new opportunities to hone his craft.

Today, FromSoftware delivered a free update to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that includes new challenges, new unlockable outfits and new ways of interacting with the community. Read more about them here.

After downloading and installing this update, any of the Sculptor’s Idols can be used to rematch against defeated bosses in Reflection of Strength or begin a single-life trial boss rush via the Gauntlet of Strength mode.

It is here you should prepare to reach a new state of mind…

Genichiro Ashina, Father Owl and Sword Saint Isshin appear as bosses to face in the Gauntlet, but sporting different attack patterns from the main game. While they seem deceptively familiar, these battles will prove tricky for even the most skilled players.

The Gauntlet provides a fresh challenge, so prepare well, and see how long you can last.

The Next-Gen Tech Engine Inspiring a Vastly Advanced Game Performance

A big question the team faced, that Drobot shared, was, “How do you keep the game looking fantastic visually, while at the same time also still be a shooter that’s more about player skill, and not about something interfering with your gameplay?”

“We actually have a lot of systems that allow you to make sure that the players, your enemies, or friendlies, are more visible to you,” he says. “We have a very specialized type of rendering that uses something we call variable-rate shading, where we can change the resolution of the screen at a super precise level. We can actually say, ‘Oh, the middle of the screen is going to be a higher resolution than the sides of the screen.’ Or maybe there’s a point of interest on the screen that should be a higher resolution.”

“Obviously, player characters should get the highest resolution,” Drobot emphasizes. “So, whether you’re playing in HD, Ultra-HD, or 4K, we can still throw more resolution in a specific part of the screen, just to make sure that that enemy and environment appear more clearly to you.”

By focusing on several little things, Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare II developers have still managed to stay focused on the big picture: to thrill gamers. Each technical upgrade and improvement was made with a painstaking commitment to ensuring the best gameplay experience, regardless of console or platform. After all, in the heat of battle it’s the gameplay that will always matter, whether you’re a hardcore fan or a franchise newcomer.  

Modern Warfare II is already off to a great start.  And now that Warzone 2.0 is available, we will return soon to take a deeper look at how the advanced Call of Duty tech is powering the next generation of Warzone.

In addition, be sure to visit the Infinity Ward website for more news and updates directly from the studio. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 are published by Activision. Development for both games is led by Infinity Ward with additional development support provided (in alphabetical order) by Activision Central Design, Activision QA, Activision Shanghai, Beenox, Demonware, High Moon Studios, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, Toys for Bob, and Treyarch.


Stay Frosty.

Extract in game currency and support in loot for good charity extraction challenge for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Loot for Good: How It Works

From May 1 to May 7, deploy to your DMZ Extraction Zone of choice and successfully exfil with at least $30,000 of in-game Cash. Do this, and Activision Blizzard will allocate $1 (USD) per player to the Call of Duty Endowment.

Individual players can raise up to $10 in actual, real-world USD for charity – one dollar will be allocated for each successful in-game Cash extraction up to ten extractions – with a global $1 million maximum donation toward the Endowment.

Hit up those Cash Registers, complete contracts, sell off those expensive GPUs and other high-value items…whatever gets you in-game Cash fast, it’s all game in DMZ.

Players who complete the $30,000 minimum exfil objective for the first time will additionally earn the “Loot for Good” Calling Card, which commemorates your efforts in helping veterans find high-quality jobs.

Get Daily Updates with the Loot for Good Leaderboard

Detailing all Game Editions and Pre Order Benefits

All applicable console and PC platforms have a digital edition of Modern Warfare III, which includes the following preorder benefits for $69.99 Suggested Retail Price or your regional equivalent:

  • Campaign Early Access (Preorder Benefit)
  • Open Beta Early Access (Preorder Benefit)
  • Soap Operator Pack (Preorder Benefit)

Consoles and Cross-Gen Bundle Flexibility: Whether you’re playing Modern Warfare III on PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, you have flexibility in terms of potential upgrades and platform availability.

Pre-purchase or preorder any Cross Gen Digital Edition — or Vault Edition — for your preferred console, and you’ll have access to the previous generation of Modern Warfare III (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One ), as well as the current generation (PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S).

For players using a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, when the game becomes available to play, ensure you’re downloading the current generation version of the game rather than the previous generation version, as both may be available to download in the Cross-Gen Bundle.

PC Digital Editions: For players using a PC, the choice is simple: There are two different editions of Modern Warfare III to pre-purchase: the Standard Edition or the Vault Edition. All PC versions are available for pre-purchase via Battle.net or Steam (*3).

Additional Intel: If you pre-order on Battle.net, you will have the opportunity to donate to the Call of Duty Endowment. 100% of your donation, minus transaction fees, funds the placement of veterans into great jobs.

Vault Edition Upgrade: If you preorder or pre-purchase the Standard or Cross-Gen Digital Edition of Modern Warfare III, you can upgrade to the Vault Edition if the upgrade is on the same platform where you initially purchased. For example, if you pre-purchase the Battle.net Standard Edition, you can upgrade to the Battle.net Vault Edition at any time until the upgrade offer expires. The upgrade method varies depending on your platform:

PlayStation: Upgrade directly through the Call of Duty in-game store or the platform store where you purchased the Cross-Gen Digital Edition, for $30 or your regional equivalent.

Xbox: Cancel your Cross-Gen Digital Edition preorder, then purchase the Vault Edition through the Call of Duty in-game store, the Call of Duty website, or the platform store.

Battle.net: Upgrade directly through the Call of Duty in-game store or the platform store where you purchased the Standard Edition, for $30 or your regional equivalent.

Steam: Upgrade directly through the Call of Duty in-game store or the platform store where you purchased the Standard Edition, for $30 or your regional equivalent.

If you preorder or purchase a Physical Edition of Modern Warfare III, you cannot upgrade to a Vault Edition.


Soap Operator Pack (Digital Edition Benefit, Preorder Benefit) (*4)