Ten Tips for Transitioning from Warzone to MP During the Modern Warfare® Free Access Multiplayer Weekend

Operation: Rank Up Report #0031

Day 217 – 14:11:41 PST

Somewhere in California

AGB – Lead Writer

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Welcome back, Bravo Six, and welcome back to you, Call of Duty® community, to the world of Modern Warfare Multiplayer.

We received some serious reinforcements thanks to the Free Access Multiplayer Weekend,and whether it’s your first time experiencing Multiplayer or just need a few tips to shake off some rust, this Rank Up Report has you covered.

But first, our featured Operator:

Operator of the Week

Task Force 141 is back in full swing for the Coalition, and we’re featuring the Captain himself – John Price – in his ‘Premier’ skin (left).

You can unlock this by purchasing the Season Four Battle Pass and completing his Operation Mission set, which is doing the following in order while having Price as your Coalition Operator:

1.    Get 10 Kills using a Sniper or Marksman Rifle

2.    Activate the UAV Killstreak 5 times

3.    Blind Enemies 2 times using a Flash Grenade

4.    Get 15 Kills while equipped with the Double Time Perk

We’re also breaking Rank Up Report tradition and showing off Captain Price yet again: the other image (right) is Captain Price in his ‘Nightfall’ skin, unlocked at Tier 100 of the Season Four Battle Pass. There is another set of challenges to unlock two more Price skins at that Tier, but that’s a story for another Rank Up Report.

The weapon that receives not only the honor of being the first featured weapon for Season Four, but also the spotlight of getting held by Captain Price, goes to the Fennec, the new SMG that can be unlocked for free in this season’s Battle Pass system at Tier 15. 

If you purchase the Battle Pass Bundle, you can skip right to it, otherwise you can earn it by putting in some online Multiplayer, Warzone, or Co-Op time.

Top Rank Up Tip(s)

The Free Access MP Weekend is in full swing this weekend, and if you haven’t experienced traditional Call of Duty Multiplayer yet, now is a great time to see what you’ve been missing.

Don’t be afraid to jump in and try it out; if you doubt your skills, here’s 10 tips on how to translate your Warzone skills to Multiplayer:

1. Use Everything You’ve Earned. All your progress from Warzone that includes the Fennec, which is earned at Tier 15 of this season’s Battle Pass system. Use it, and the other Battle Pass system weapons like the CR-56 AMAX, once you unlock them!

2. Diversify Your Loadouts. Although sniper rifles and assault rifles perform well across long distances in Verdansk, it’s best to have a loadout of every primary weapon class type to fit every situation in Multiplayer. This is especially important when playing on smaller maps.

3. Map Knowledge is Key. Love our Warzone Guide for finding strategies for Verdansk? Our Tactical Map Intel series does that for Multiplayer maps, so you can plan winning strategies accordingly. Check out one that we did on one of this weekend’s playable maps – Scrapyard – here.

4. 100 Health, No Armor. Weapons will feel like they behave differently in Multiplayer because there are no Armor Plates. Remember to keep your health in mind during combat and, should your screen start to go red, take some time to heal in between engagements.

5. Be Aggressive… You won’t rank up quickly by playing passive. Rotating around the map often results in more engagements. Also, sticking in one place for too long is just asking for your enemies to hunt you down, so keep moving!

6. … But Not Reckless. Especially on game modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, taking too many deaths can cost your team the game. Don’t engage in engagements you predict to be lopsided, such as when the enemy has a weapon that performs in a specific engagement type better than yours. In other words, don’t bring a shotgun to a sniper duel.

7. Practice Makes Perfect. If you enjoy Multiplayer, consider picking it up through getting the full version of Modern Warfare. Besides it being fun, it’s a great way to practice the fundamentals for Warzone and learning the ins-and-outs of nearly all the weapons you’ll find in Verdansk.

8. Blind the Eyes in the Sky. On the wrong side of the Kill-Death Ratio? Take out a launcher and shoot down enemy Killstreaks. You’ll stifle their chances of snowballing to a larger victory margin by neutralizing enemy UAVs and Personal Radars.

9. Play the Objective. Not everything is a fight to see who is left standing. If you are playing an objective game mode like Domination, capture those objective points like you would for a Recon Contract station in Warzone. Wins reward big XP bonuses, so remember this acronym: PTO – Play the Objective!

10. Be a Good Squadmate. Along with following the last two tips, a good squadmate also is patient with their allies in the field and makes clear and concise callouts.

Gunsmith Custom Creation of the Week

If I could give an 11th tip, it’d be to take full advantage of the Gunsmith Customs feature to make the weapons you have not only fit your playstyle, but also mesh with your actual style.

For me, I needed to rock out during this Free Access weekend, and I loved the design of the Lake of Fire assault rifle blueprint found in the ‘Infernal Chords’ Store bundle.

The weapon on its own – with zero Gunsmith changes – is fantastic for a Warzone loadout. From a great underbarrel launcher for dealing with vehicles to a bigger magazine for team fights, this is a great weapon out of the box.

It could also work well in Multiplayer, but this is the Gunsmith Custom Creation of the Week, so how would I kit this weapon to make it worthy of this label?

Operators, introducing the Super-Hot Fire, or SHF for short:

First of all, we’re keeping the FTAC XL Elite Comb for its aim down sight (ADS) speed benefits, since we are going to kit this assault rifle for speed rather than distance for close to medium-short range engagements.

Next, swap the 810mm Barrel for the 420mm, brought to you by the Deep Pockets blueprint found in the ‘Fool’s Gold II’ Store bundle from last Season, for a bit of gold swag and faster ADS. 

If you don’t have that blueprint, borrow the 420mm Barrel from the ‘Krampus’, a blueprint from the Season One ‘Holideadly’ Store bundle, since we’re going to use the Solozero Optics Mini Reflex sight from it anyways for a clearer sight picture.

Going back on ADS quickening attachments, we have the Stippled Grip Tape from the Ground Splitter blueprint, a part of ‘The Gatekeeper’ Store bundle released in Season Two. Along with helping with our ADS speed, it also decreases sprint to fire speed, which is the time it takes to fire your gun after sprinting.

Now let’s complete this weapon with the 12-Gauge Deputy – again, courtesy of the Ground Splitter – to cover extreme close-range engagements, a potential blind spot for this weapon. With the 12-Gauge Deputy, you have the chance to end a CQB Operator’s whole career with a well-placed spray of this powerful underbarrel shotgun.

So, what are you waiting for? You reached the end of the Rank Up Report, and unless you’re reading and playing at the same time, you’re already behind on ranking up! 

Join me and other community members playing through the Free Access Multiplayer Weekend, and I’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.


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Experience Modern Warfare Multiplayer and Gunfight, Free-for-Everyone during the Multiplayer Free Access Weekend

Get more Modern Warfare during the three-day Free Access weekend which kicks off on June 12 at 10 AM PT and lasts until June 15 at 10AM PT. This action-packed weekend gives free-to-play Warzone users entrance to new Multiplayer content that debuted in Season Four including the Zhokov Scrapyard Multiplayer map and the Trench Gunfight map. 

Read on for complete details on the TWO playlists available during this epic weekend and tips on taking down the competition.

Face Off in Multiplayer

Your Operator is being enlisted in a fight, and it will take some grit to come out on top. This is Modern Warfare Multiplayer featuring the signature combat and fearsome arsenal you’ve come to know in Warzone. In the Multiplayer playlist, players will have a mix of deathmatch and objective modes across multiple maps to keep the combat fresh and give you plenty of opportunities to score some epic plays. 

The moshpit will offer two deathmatch modes: Team Deathmatch, a race to rack up 75 kills and Kill Confirmed, a 65-kill win condition where kills are only counted when they are confirmed by picking up enemy dog tags. Plus, there will be two objective modes: Domination, points are earned by holding objectives, first to 200 wins, and Hardpoint, points are earned by holding a single rotating objective, first to 250 wins. 

Need more intel on objective modes? Get complete details courtesy of the Call of Duty League™ on Hardpoint and Domination on their YouTube channel. 

The Multiplayer Playlist will feature the following maps: 

·      Scrapyard

·      Hardhat

·      Shoot House

·      Shipment

·      Rust

Tips for Multiplayer

1. Unlike Battle Royale, in most modes you have unlimited respawns. However, try to make sure anytime you go down, you take one or two enemies with you. 

2. In all modes, but particular objective ones, map knowledge is key to understanding the flow of combat. Once you find a rhythm, check for those chokepoints while you’re on the move and pre-fire before you snap on targets in known hotspots to ensure you take them out. 

3. Check your perks and Field Upgrades in your loadout to ensure they complement your playstyle. Like a stealthily approach? Consider Dead Silence. Want to earn Killstreaks faster? Double up with both Kill Chain and Hardline. Get a complete run down of how perks work in Multiplayer to make sure you equip them to your advantage.

Get in on a 3v3 Gunfight

It’s not just Multiplayer, but free-to-play Warzone users can also experience 3v3 Gunfight, a round based face-off to the death. In Gunfight players have a single life and are handed a randomized loadout (the same for all players) each round before the fight begins. Loadouts change every two rounds, and to win you must eliminate the other team or capture the Overtime flag. Teams must take 6 rounds to win the game.

Get a how-to on Gunfight here to ready yourself for a match.

The Gunfight Playlist will feature the following maps: 

·      Trench

·      Aisle 9

·      Bazaar

·      Speedball

·      King

·      Shipment

·      Rust

Tips for Gunfight

1. If you get a handed a weapon that isn’t your strength don’t worry. Loadouts change every two rounds and a new loadout can be just what you need to turn the tide.

2. You have lethal and tactical equipment – use it. Equipment can give you critical intel where the enemy is or isn’t or help smoke out a foe. 

3. If your team has more health, it isn’t necessary to grab the Overtime flag because you’ll be handed the W. Consider watching the flag before you rush because the other team most likely will also be heading toward the flag and you might pick them off en route. 

Three Days of Access

Don’t wait, this Free Access weekend only last three days, so jump in as soon as it starts on June 12 at 10AM. When you play, you’ll be leveling your weapons to further expand your range of customization options in Gunsmith. And, you’ll gain progress in this Season’s Battle Pass to unlock even more killer blueprints, Operator skins and missions, and much more. 

Consider equipping a Double XP or Double Weapon XP token to take full advantage of your playtime to climb the ranks. Check out the Challenges tab to find a full slate of Multiplayer missions, and Weekly and Daily Challenges. If you’re really trying to maximize your XP earnings, head to the Rank Progression section of the Barracks to complete ribbon challenges that will help you rise to the top of this Season’s Officer Ranks.  

Upgrade to the Full Experience

Get access to the full version of Modern Warfare Multiplayer, with a long list of stunning and varied maps, endlessly customizable weaponry, and a complete offering of high-octane game modes. 

Confront the world’s darker side in the ground-breaking Campaign AND continue the narrative in thrilling Special Ops experiences.

PLUS, all digital purchases guarantee you’ll start your game with the XRK Weapons Pack. So, don’t let this Free Access Weekend end. Buy Modern Warfare today and don’t miss a minute of the action.

As always, stay frosty.


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For more information and the latest intel on Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, check out: www.callofduty.comwww.youtube.com/callofduty and follow @InfinityWard and @CallofDuty on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

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Shadows Die Twice Free Update to Bring Gauntlets, Remnants on October 29

Remnants – Recordings for Recovery

Whether you are a new player ready to experience Sekiro for the first time or are gearing up to face past challenges once more, expect a brand-new player movement and text recording system that could aid you and your fellow wolves on your journey.

Remnants are recordings of what a player does in-game for up to 30 seconds at a time and are available for use after the game’s tutorial. After a player records their Remnant – whether it is an epic takedown of an enemy or a flawless demonstration of a tricky movement technique – it can be uploaded along with a written message so that other community members can play it back. Through these Remnants, one could hope that they or others may gain the knowledge and further insight to overcome their current obstacle. For those seeking ultimate guidance on traversing treacherous areas, or seeking hidden alcoves or curious cubby-holes, these records may prove a blessing from the gods.

If a community member watches and then rates a Remnant, the owner of it will have their HP recover for free, allowing them to get back into the fight quicker without the use of a Sculptor’s Idol, or consumable items such as Healing Gourds.

All the above will be available as part of the October 29 free update.

If you don’t have Sekiro already, buy it here for the platform of your choosing – the PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro; Xbox One X (and other Xbox One devices); and PC via Steam –  or play it on Stadia starting on October 29.

For almost 600 pages of finely-detailed tactics for this game, be sure to obtain the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Official Game Guide, available now.

Take Revenge. Restore your Honor. Kill Ingeniously.


For further details about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, check out the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice website, and follow @sekirothegame on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Play Modern Warfare® 6v6 Multiplayer, Free for Everyone

Face Off in Multiplayer

Welcome to Modern Warfare Multiplayer featuring the signature combat and fearsome arsenal you’ve come to know in Warzone. Bring your skills to the Multiplayer moshpit and gear up for a battle where you’ll likely encounter more opposition than you do in a standard Battle Royale match.

The moshpit will offer deathmatch modes like Team Deathmatch, a race to rack up 75 kills and Kill Confirmed, a 65-kill win condition where kills are only counted when they are confirmed by picking up enemy dog tags. Plus, there will be some objective modes: Domination, points are earned by holding objectives, first to 200 wins, and Hardpoint, points are earned by holding a single rotating objective, first to 250 wins. 

Need more intel on objective modes? Learn the rules of engagement from the Call of Duty League™: Hardpoint and Domination.

The Multiplayer Playlist will feature the following maps: 

·      Suldal Harbor

·      Petrov Oil Rig

·      Shoot House

·      Shipment

·      Cheshire Park

·      Rust

·      Scrapyard

Shadows Die Twice – The Game of the Year Free Update is Here!

“Hesitation is defeat.” — Isshin, The Sword Saint.

The One-armed Wolf gains new opportunities to hone his craft.

Today, FromSoftware delivered a free update to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that includes new challenges, new unlockable outfits and new ways of interacting with the community. Read more about them here.

After downloading and installing this update, any of the Sculptor’s Idols can be used to rematch against defeated bosses in Reflection of Strength or begin a single-life trial boss rush via the Gauntlet of Strength mode.

It is here you should prepare to reach a new state of mind…

Genichiro Ashina, Father Owl and Sword Saint Isshin appear as bosses to face in the Gauntlet, but sporting different attack patterns from the main game. While they seem deceptively familiar, these battles will prove tricky for even the most skilled players.

The Gauntlet provides a fresh challenge, so prepare well, and see how long you can last.

Modern Warfare® II One-Week Free Access

Here is a list of all the maps and modes that will be accessible to Free Access players:

6v6 Core Maps: Farm 18, Shoot House, Shipment, Dome, Himmelmat Expo, Pelayo’s Lighthouse

6v6 Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, Gun Game, Infected, One in the Chamber, All or Nothing

Gunfight Maps: Alley, Blacksite, Exhibit, Shipment

Battle Maps: Santa Seña

Battle Map Modes: Ground War, Invasion

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Free Access begins on April 19 at 10 AM PT and ends on April 26 at 10 AM PT. An additional download is required to play. See your platform for details on file size.

Also, for those who own the game already, remember to tell your Warzone 2.0 friends that they can join you in Modern Warfare II during Free Access!


Stay frosty.

Modern Warfare II Season 04 Free Access

The full list of maps and modes that will be available to Free Access players includes:

6v6 Core Maps: Al Bagra Fortress, Breenbergh Hotel, Dome, Embassy, Farm 18, Kunstenaar District, Mercado Las Almas, Shipment, Shoothouse, Showdown

Battle Maps: Ahkdar Village, Guijarro, Mawizeh Marsh

Core Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, Search & Destroy

Hardcore and Third Person Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind

Party Modes: Gun Game, All or Nothing, One in the Chamber, Infected

Battle Map Modes: Ground War, Invasion, Search & Destroy, Prisoner Rescue

Core Playlists: Showdown 24/7, Shipment 24/7, 6v6 MP Moshpit, 6v6 Search & Destroy, HC Shipment 24/7, Third Person Moshpit, Party Modes

Battle Map Playlists: Ground War/Invasion Moshpit, 12v12 Search & Destroy and Prisoner Rescue


Multi-Platform Modern Warfare II Sale

Crash Team Rumble is Free for a Limited time

Experience the brawling fun of the all-new spin on Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Rumble this upcoming weekend, via a limited time free trial*. The team at Toys for Bob is excited for players everywhere to have a chance to jump into the fun from August 11 – August 14! Download for free on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, or PlayStation 4, and drop into competitive matches featuring some of your favorite Crash Bandicoot heroes and villains. Race to be the first team to bank enough Wumpa fruit to take home the win, and earn progress towards the free Season 1 Battle Pass! Unlock exciting new skins and cosmetics when you upgrade to the Standard or Deluxe Edition, available now!


Play as Iconic Heroes and Villains on Every Map

During the Free Trial, play as fan-favorites Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, or Dingodile. Each hero fulfills one of the three roles on your team – scorer, booster, blocker – a balance of each type of hero is key to victory! Crash is a scorer, a hero perfect for snatching up Wumpa fruit around the map and delivering them to your team’s Wumpa Bank, the key to winning each round. Coco is a booster, who supports the team by capturing Gem Pads that boost your team’s scoring potential, and by activating Relic Stations on each map that have wild and unique effects. Finally, there’s Dingodile, a bulky powerhouse blocker who prevents the enemy team from scoring with his powerful tail attacks.

Each character can be further customized with two equippable powers in the Free Trial. Choose from either the Flytrap Spitter, which fires projectiles at your opponents, or the Healing Fridge, which recovers allies’ health if they stand nearby.

In addition to the above, every map, including the recently released Bogged Down, is playable during the Free Trial.



Unlock Cosmetics and Customize your Look

Season 1 is still going strong for Crash Team Rumble, and access to the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass is free for all players with the full version of Crash Team Rumble! Drop in today and start unlocking amazing rewards, from skins, cosmetics, music, and more. There are many more heroes and powers available in the full version of Crash Team Rumble, which can be unlocked by playing the game and earning badges. While you won’t be able to select them in the Free Trial, any progression you make towards unlocking new heroes and powers is carried over upon upgrading to the Standard, or Deluxe Edition!


Recruit Your Friends and Go Head-to-Head

Play cross-platform and compete with friends in Private Matches, or group up and rumble in Public Competitive Matches. No matter how you choose to play Crash Team Rumble, you’ll be able to download and play for free this weekend with friends and foes alike!

The Crash Team Rumble Free Trial is available on August 11 at 10 AM PT for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 and ends on August 14 at approximately 10 AM PT. For more information, head to the official Crash Bandicoot site and be sure to follow @CrashBandicoot on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok for more news and updates.




*Free Trial dates and times subject to change. Activision account and internet connection required. PlayStation®Plus subscription on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 not required. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One may be required (subscription sold separately). Some content not available in free trial. Visit www.crashbandicoot.com for more information.

© 2023 Activision Publishing Inc. ACTIVISION, CRASH, CRASH BANDICOOT, CRASH TEAM RUMBLE, and TOYS FOR BOB are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Modern Warfare II Season 05 Reloaded Free Access

Here is a full list of maps and modes that are currently planned to be available to Free Access players:

6v6 Core Maps: Shipment, Shoot House, Dome, Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, Embassy, Vondel Waterfront, DRC — Zone 1, Punta Mar, Strike

Battle Maps: Guijarro, Al Malik International

Core Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, Search & Destroy

Hardcore Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind

Party Modes: Infected, Gun Game, Havoc

Battle Map Modes: Ground War, Invasion


Modern Warfare III Carry Forward