FiNN LMG: How to Unlock the New Monster LMG in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Top 5 FiNN LMG Challenge Tips


5. Track ‘em Down. Whether you’re fighting at a distance or up close, this loadout competes. High Alert and Tracker combine for superb situational awareness, with Double Time giving you the added tactical sprint needed to catch up to foes on the run. Switch to your pistol for faster movement, and if you need a diversion, toss your smoke grenade and rush in for the melee kill.

Primary Weapon: LMG of choice (mandatory)

Secondary Weapon: Pistol (for faster movement speed)

Perk 1: Double Time (to catch fleeing enemies)

Perk 2: High Alert (to avoid getting flanked)

Perk 3: Tracker (to more easily find players)

Lethal Equipment: Molotov Cocktail (to briefly shut down enemy pathways)

Tactical Equipment: Smoke Grenade (smoke the enemy position and run in for the melee kill)

Note that you must get the melee kill while holding your LMG. The Combat Knife or other melee weapons will not count toward the required kill, even if there is an LMG in your loadout.

4. Use the Tactical Insertion. In Multiplayer, use the Tactical Insertion Field Upgrade and consider setting up your next spawn in a vertical position. Look for unsuspecting enemies and drop down on any who are immediately below you. Get the melee kill and you’re good for the match.

3. Play Small Maps. Having trouble closing in on the enemy? Choose a playlist with small maps to up your encounter rate and reduce the distance between enemies as much as possible. Melee kill in Shipment? No problem.

2. Snap a Picture. Equip the Snapshot Grenade and toss it into rooms you’re ready to clear. You’ll get intel on the enemy’s precise location provided they’re not using the Battle-Hardened perk. Pick your target and rush in for the melee kill.

1. Plunder Melee. Warzone players can get some great melee opportunities in Plunder. You’re already starting with a full loadout, so you meet the LMG requirement right away, and with multiple spawns per match, your chances of getting a melee kill are greater than in Battle Royale.

See you online.

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: FiNN LMG

2. FiNNominal

Primary: FiNN LMG

Compensator, FTAC VC-8 Harrier Adverse, Merc Foregrip, 5.56 CT 100-Round Belts, No Stock

Secondary: Old Fuss and Feathers (Tier 42 of the Season Five Battle Pass)

Perks: Scavenger, Hardline, Tune Up

Equipment: Throwing Knife, Stim

This weapon is configured for someone looking to get a FiNNominal Specialist Killstreak going, as it will leave your enemies questioning how an LMG player can move and fire so quickly. With all the benefits of a Specialist Bonus, which is made one kill easier by way of Hardline, your operator could be an agile, mobile, and most importantly, hostile force in the MP lobby.

No Stock significantly increases Movement Speed, with the 5.56 CT extended belt also contributing slightly despite the increased ammo capacity. Compensator and Merc Foregrip mitigate increased recoil, which will be due to No Stock and the potential-unlocking, ADS speed decreasing Barrel.

Because the FiNN is the only weapon in Multiplayer to use 5.56 CT rounds, Scavenger may be necessary to resupply these uncommon munitions. You could use a Munitions Box, which pairs well with Tune Up, but Stopping Power Rounds is our recommendation for those looking to amp up damage on an incredibly fast-firing weapon.

Rounding out the loadout is a Throwing Knife, which acts as a one-hit melee weapon while sheathed, Stim, to get you back into fights quicker with quicker health regeneration, and Old Fuss and Feathers, a sidearm that pull off one-shot headshots that your enemy may never see coming.

These are only just a few ways to configure the FiNN LMG in the Gunsmith. Have fun with it once you unlock it and keep levelling it up to see the near-infinite possibilities it provides for your loadouts.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.