Everything You Need to Know, Including DMZ

In the seasons of Modern Warfare (2019), the Battle Pass system offered players a collection of free items, including functional weapons and Call of Duty Points, just by playing the game. It gave our community visibility into what content they were earning or buying, with the ability to upgrade and access 100+ items, including a new Operator, Weapon Blueprints, and more.

In Season 01, we are introducing a brand-new iteration of the Battle Pass with a host of innovations — players will have more choices and more agency than ever before.

Instead of a linear stream of tiers set out in a scrolling row along the bottom of your screen, your Battle Pass takes the form of a multi-Sector map. Players will unlock items using earned Battle Token Tier Skips across this map, which is themed within the current season. Each map has at least 20 Sectors with five items in each Sector — tokens can be used to either unlock adjacent Sectors or earn more items within an unlocked Sector.

Essentially, these tokens can be used to unlock specific items within the Battle Pass at your own pace — whether it is a new free functional weapon or a cool new Operator Skin, you have control over what gets unlocked earlier on the road to 100% map completion. Are you looking for a particularly impressive Operator Skin, Weapon Blueprint, or one of the new weapons? Then pick the appropriate Sector and start acquiring tokens to unlock those items!

Check back next week to see the new Battle Pass in detail.


Four New Weapons, Two Free in Battle Pass

Eagle-eyed players may have seen (and even used) both of the season’s functional weapons within this season’s Battle Pass system while playing the Modern Warfare II Campaign. Now you can wield them across Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone 2.0 modes. Introducing the Victus XMR and the BAS-P SMG at launch and the Chimera and M13B Assault Rifles during the season:


Victus XMR Sniper Rifle — Imperatorium Platform (Launch, Battle Pass)

Everything You Need to Know, Including DMZ Building 21

Purchase Modern Warfare II to get access to a ton of content across three modes, including the ability to unlock 14 exclusive Operators to use across both games, as well as other ways to quickly level up the available 30 Weapon Platforms and over 50 Weapons through Multiplayer and Special Ops.

Modern Warfare II owners also get Premium XP while playing Warzone 2.0 — at the end of each match, owners will receive additional XP on top of any XP that can be earned by all players.

Plus, as already mentioned, those who own Modern Warfare II will have access to all the content coming as part of the Season 01 Reloaded update, including the first Special Ops Raid Atomgrad.

Those who want even more benefits should consider upgrading to the Vault Edition, which grants four additional Operators — Ghost, Farah, Price, and Soap — as Red Team 141; the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault; an ultimate version of a Weapon Blueprint with 50+ attachments; the Season 01 Battle Pass, along with 50 Battle Token Tier Skips; and more.


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The Path to Season 02: DMZ Update

Future seasons will bring more changes and new content to DMZ. While DMZ is still in Beta, our hope is to continue getting feedback to shape future iterations of the game. We do not intend to apply a mission refresh every season. Instead, we’re excited to try different approaches each season to continually improve the DMZ experience. More to come on this in the future.

We’re excited for you to jump into Season 02 on February 15! Stay up to date on all things #ModernWarfareII and #Warzone2 by following the Infinity Ward and Call of Duty channels.

And most importantly…


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Warzone™ 2.0 Season 02 Tactical Overview — Ashika Island, DMZ, and More

The main Warzone 2.0 map will have a few updates as part of Season 02…

Intel from Al Mazrah indicate that a downed aircraft has been spotted north of Sa’id City, while enemy reinforcements have gone underground, resulting in a subterranean cave network between multiple points of interest in the North. Also, we are confirming reports of a train being recommissioned, and ready for passengers, on the main railroad line in the region.

Downed Plane at Sattiq Cave

Veterans of the Call of Duty franchise may have felt the outdoor space within the Sattiq Cave region looked familiar before Season 02, and the upcoming change to this point of interest all but confirms those suspicions.

For those who do not know the tactical strategies needed, the new downed plane offers a great amount of cover in between the large cave openings, houses, and bunkers. Use it to cut-off sightlines from snipers around the area, or as a place to reload before reengaging.

New Underground Cave Network

Whether you played Battle Royale or DMZ during this past season, you may have noticed the space between Rohan Oil and Taraq Village was only populated by military camps, hills, and small homes. With the Season 02 update, a new network of caves will be open, giving Operators an additional option for getting around this part of the map by foot.

The network has five distinct entrances; some are straight drop-downs, such as one tucked within a garage, while others are cave openings. Be mindful of equipment and Killstreak traps around these entry and exit points, or set some up of your own to prevent a trailing squad from following your path.

All of this new space also means there is a chance for Supply Boxes and other loot to spawn within this network. When travelling through the nearby major point of interests, consider taking a detour through here if that loadout or backpack is looking light.

New Passenger Train

The freight train is no longer the only locomotive rolling along Al Mazrah’s major rail network.

The passenger train will offer yet another quicker way of travelling around the map and stocking up on items, including through Legendary Supply Boxes that could be found within its sleeper, bar, and normal passenger cars. Unlike the freight train, all cars on this locomotive are covered with only a few allowing for access via open skylights on the roof.

Travelling through the cars on this train is also different compared to doing so on the freight train, as it involves opening the doors in between each one. Take the extra second to “peek” by slowly opening the doors if you want to stealthily engage Operators in the other cars, or barge straight through while plating up for an aggressive start to the ensuing fight.


Walk the Path of the Ronin

Warzone™ 2.0 DMZ Season 03 Overview

By far one of the largest changes to DMZ since its launch, Active Duty Operator Slots are a critical part of this experience’s core value of taking calculated risk for incredible rewards.

At the start of Season 03, every player will have three Active Duty Operator Slots, which equates to three separate Operators that have their own on-soldier items. These items include your Backpack, Plate Carrier, Killstreaks, Self-Revive, and Gas Mask. You are free to swap around who these Operators are in your Active Slots, so if you have a Default Operator skin for a while and pick up Alejandro or Valeria in the Battle Pass, there is no need to worry about losing that Active Duty slot’s progress.

Before launching into a match, you choose which Active Duty Operator you bring into the Exclusion Zone. Whatever they bring back that is not part of the global loadout – Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Lethal, Tactical, and Field Upgrade – is only for that specific Active Duty Operator. That means Contraband Weapons are shared between Active Duty Operators, but not Keys.

As we suggested in our Announcement blog, Active Duty Operator slots allow for strategies around designated Operators for specific Missions or supply runs. Another way to think about it is that Active Duty Operators are like “lives” in DMZ, but again, remember the core part of “taking calculated risks” part of DMZ. Each Operator life is separate and can easily go back to barebones.

In other words, using just one main Operator – like in DMZ prior to this update – may limit you to strategies like building up every Operator to full strength on scavenging runs, then using them all, if necessary, to knock out a difficult Mission or secure a Weapons Case.


New Equipment – Plate Carriers, Backpacks, Rebreather

What will those Active Duty Operators bring back from Exclusion Zones? In addition to the abundance of existing on-soldier items, there are a few new items that are coming in at launch and during the season:

New Backpacks – Secure and Scavenger

Extract in game currency and support in loot for good charity extraction challenge for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Loot for Good: How It Works

From May 1 to May 7, deploy to your DMZ Extraction Zone of choice and successfully exfil with at least $30,000 of in-game Cash. Do this, and Activision Blizzard will allocate $1 (USD) per player to the Call of Duty Endowment.

Individual players can raise up to $10 in actual, real-world USD for charity – one dollar will be allocated for each successful in-game Cash extraction up to ten extractions – with a global $1 million maximum donation toward the Endowment.

Hit up those Cash Registers, complete contracts, sell off those expensive GPUs and other high-value items…whatever gets you in-game Cash fast, it’s all game in DMZ.

Players who complete the $30,000 minimum exfil objective for the first time will additionally earn the “Loot for Good” Calling Card, which commemorates your efforts in helping veterans find high-quality jobs.

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