This is the Modern Warfare Zombies Content Overview

The Vest, Gloves, Boots and Gear Perk system is not available in Zombies. Instead, receive a permanent boost (throughout a Mission, unless you fully die) to various in-game attributes by finding (or crafting) a Perk-a-Cola:


Deadshot Daiquiri

Aiming down sight moves to enemy critical location. Increase enemy critical damage.


Death Perception

Obscured enemies, chests, resources, and item drops are more easily spotted.


Elemental Pop

Every bullet you fire has a small chance to apply a random Ammo Mod effect.



Increases maximum health.


PHD Flopper

Diving to prone triggers an explosion. The explosion increases the higher you fall. Immunity from fall damage while diving. Immunity from area-of-effect damage from weapons you are using.


Quick Revive

Reduce the health regeneration delay time by 50%. Reduce the time it takes to revive an ally by 50%.


Speed Cola

Drink to reload and replate armor faster.



Increases run and sprint speed.


Tombstone Soda

On death, you create a tombstone stash at that location, containing your backpack inventory in the next game.


Ammo Mods

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Carrying Content Forward: Your Questions Answered

Example 1: Leveling up the M4 (shown above) in Modern Warfare III will also level up the weapon in Modern Warfare II (and vice versa). This includes unlocking all the weapon attachments (if applicable) as well as Camos and mastery Camos.

  • Note that Rank and Prestige XP would be awarded in the game in which you are leveling up your weapon (either MWII or MWIII, but not both).

Example 2: If a MWII player has a set of weapons still requiring Weapon XP (WXP) to level up (to unlock attachments and/or Camos), this can be done in either MWII or MWIII. However, regular Player Rank and Prestige XP (unrelated to WXP) would be awarded to the specific game in question.


12. If a Tactical or Lethal Weapon has a Skin (like the “Wumpa Grenade” from “Tracer Pack: Crash Bandicoot”), do they carry forward?

Yes, provided the tactical or lethal is accessible and available for use in MWIII.


13. Is there a reason to purchase Modern Warfare II if all the weapons are available in Modern Warfare III?


You would be able to have some or all of your Modern Warfare II weaponry arsenal fully leveled up and unlocked, along with their associated Camos, ready for Modern Warfare III launch, providing you put in the appropriate time to unlock and level up this content in MWII, prior to – or even after – playing MWIII.


Cosmetics-Related Questions


14. Do Weapon Charms (including Weapon Mastery Charms), Weapon Stickers (including Decals), Emblems, and Loading Screens all carry forward?



15. What about Vehicle Skins, Wartracks, and Calling Cards?

Generally, yes.

Caveat: Some MWII vehicles, and Wartracks from MWII will not be available to use in Modern Warfare III.

Note: Challenges within MWII (e.g., Seasonal Prestige Challenges allowing Calling Cards to be unlocked) can be unlocked only in MWII, but unlocked Calling Cards (including those you go back and unlock in MWII) will carry forward.


16. Are there any Modern Warfare II cosmetics that won’t be supported in Modern Warfare III?

Generally, no, aside from the following caveats:

Some vehicle Skins may not be available (see Question 15).

Wartracks will not carry forward.

Some Tactical and Lethal equipment may not be available depending on the removing of those items in MWIII, to be replaced with MWIII-only equipment.

Exact Tactical and Lethal equipment within MWIII will be revealed at a later date.

Otherwise, all this Modern Warfare II cosmetics will be usable in Modern Warfare III. However, as with Operators and Weapons, any cosmetic item with a limited time unlock won’t be available unless it was unlocked in MWII at the appropriate time.


Other Questions


17. How do I know whether a Modern Warfare II Store Bundle features content that can be used in Modern Warfare III?

Due to the labelling denoting that the content is usable in both games. This labelling is scheduled to be visible in the MWII store starting on August 16.