Train Station Concourse / Freight Train

Top Ten Tips – Train Station Concourse and Freight Train

In summary, here’s what you need to know about surviving in the Train Station, from landing and resource gathering to attacking and defending:

10. Hot(ish) Drop. Just like the Stadium, be mindful of the Train Station being a busier drop point than it was in prior seasons. The new interior sections give, by their very inclusion, more item and Contract opportunities, so weigh the risk and reward of dropping here with your squad (or yourself) before marking it as the Landing Zone (or LZ).

9. Tri-Level Fighting. The staircase area could be a hotbed for multi-team fights, as it is open enough for both concourse floors – and the station’s roof – to gain visuals on hostile forces that are on other levels. Usually, proceeding with caution is your squad’s (or your individual) best bet for survival when traversing this zone.

8. Leave No Corner Unchecked. Especially when it comes to the walkways beside Burger Town on the second floor, the concourse has blind spots where something could be hiding and is otherwise a deceptively dense zone for potential item and box spawns. Use the hum of Supply Boxes and reconnaissance tools – e.g. Heartbeat Sensors – to fully scout this area before deeming it vacant.

7. Open 24/7 – The Kiosk and Burger Town. Unfortunately, you can’t get your favorite Operator a nice gift at the Donna Store as it, and nearly every other concourse store, is closed. That is exclusive of Burger Town and the Tourist Info Kiosk, which have a high potential for item gathering, cover, and CQB fighting opportunities.