Becoming the Wild Card in Modern Warfare® and Warzone™

1. Play Some Games (of Summer) and Trials

Earning 10,000 XP, or a few blueprints and cosmetic items, for only a few minutes of gameplay is extremely efficient, and this all lives in Trials and the Games of Summer.

It’s your last chance to play these as a Warzone player – unless you upgrade to the full experience – and there is a whole backlog of Trials from prior seasons to play as well.

Not only do you gain those items, but you also can practice fundamental game mechanics like moving quickly, proper target acquisition, accounting for bullet drop, and more.

Again, this opportunity is available through the weekend for all players before it goes back to being a Modern Warfare exclusive, so get in while the XP is flowing!

2. Experimentation via Deviation

In Verdansk, nothing is guaranteed before the Loadout Drops begin to rain down.

You may have a favorite weapon, equipment, vehicle, or area inside Verdansk, but you might not be able to access them often, or risk running into traps just to get what, or where, you want.

So, you need to work with what you got, and to do that effectively, you need to expand your in-game knowledge, both through our guide and through playing the game differently.

Basically, play a few games where you drive new vehicles, or explore an unfamiliar area, or create loadouts with weapons and equipment you don’t normally use. I’ve found unlimited-respawn modes, especially the new mode King Slayer, helps with consistent, no frills experimentation.

Who knows? You might come out with a new favorite.

Ultimately, knowing thy enemy – or at least, what your enemy may use to defeat you – is key to dealing with them. And that brings me to the main culprit of “deviation from the norm” for some…