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Origins of an Operator

Prominently featured in Season Four, especially within Season Four Reloaded, Roze joins the Allegiance side of what remains of the Armistice alliance to defeat the ongoing threat in Verdansk and beyond.

Rozlin Helms, AKA Roze, is an American citizen who was raised up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Up in the cold and harsh conditions of the region’s wilderness, she honed her skills as a hunter and tracker.

Her natural born abilities gave her the tools she needed to become an Army Ranger, gaining proficiency in small-unit tactics and close combat engagements during her deployments. Following her discharge from the military – the details of which are classified outside of all ties being severed between her and the Rangers – she joined the Jackals, an Allegiance faction founded by Zane to protect the African continent. 

She has recently joined the Jackals, for reasons unknown, however, this faction already had an ex-Ranger – Mace – within their ranks long before her arrival.