Modern Warfare II Season 03 Reloaded — Alboran Hatchery Map Intel

1. Just a peek. Use your excellent climbing ability to get up and over the tanks or to get on top of one of the center trucks. There are climbing opportunities everywhere here, and while you risk exposure in using them, the intel you’ll gain is often worth the price.

2. Recon in the air. Sometimes climbing onto something isn’t the best way to gather intel on the enemy, especially when you’ve got enemies scanning the horizon for such plays. The Recon Drone Field Upgrade is great in these situations, providing visuals and marking capabilities from above without exposing your Operator to harm.

3. A tool for every job. Sightlines change fast here, between close engagements near the containers and interior spaces and longer ranged fights breaking out across the map. Consider pairing the Overkill and Fast Hands Perks to spawn in with and quickly switch between two Primary Weapons, each focused on a different playstyle. Or you can opt for one of the new Season 03 Reloaded full-auto Handguns as your Secondary once you’ve completed their unlock challenges.

4. Off you go. Are enemy snipers having a field day on the Storage Building rooftop? Be an anti-sniper and circle around the back and sides of the building, climbing up at different points to attack players taking advantage of the power position. Clearing this rooftop makes it much safer for your team to move around on the ground.

5. Control the fight. With the cover options available to you, it’s largely your choice whether to pursue and press the fight in a skirmish or to fall back and let the enemy come to you. Always consider your current Loadout, the match needs, and your risk of exposure when determining how to best approach each battle.

6. Nice setup there. Hatchery’s many tanks, vehicles, and other large cover objects make it difficult to know who or what might be just around the next corner. Equip the Spotter Perk to see enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, and streaks through walls, helping you better determine exactly where the biggest threats are located.

7. Delivery on the way. Midsized maps like this are perfect for calling in Care Packages. Whatever team you’re on, there’s a good chance you can use one of the two buildings as cover while you call in the goods.

8. Ground siege. With the Fishery Warehouse and Storage Building providing air cover, you might want to consider ground-based streaks instead. Set up the Sentry Gun to cover the Main Entrance by Storage or atop one of the tanks for greater firing visibility. Call in the Wheelson-HS to hunt down Operators indoors and out.

9. Danger! Danger! Having trouble anticipating enemy movements? Equip the High Alert Ultimate Perk for a visual warning when an enemy player spots you outside of your view. When your vision pulses, get down, reposition, and hunt down the Operator who triggered the ability.

10. Mark your spawn. After getting some matches in, you’ll start to find your favorite spots, whether that’s holding it down inside or battling through the greater outdoor areas. With a Tactical Insertion on hand, you’ll have more opportunities to get back in the action exactly where you want to be . . . provided the enemy doesn’t destroy the flare.


Stay frosty.