Top Ten Tips for 200-Player Quads in Warzone™

7. Chaos Control. Multi-team fights may be more commonplace, and you may be a third, fourth or possibly the tenth party to show up to the dance. Do you engage when everyone else’s resources are depleted? Or use the chaos to sneak around? Think tactically about these chaotic moments, and maybe, just maybe, your Quad will survive.

6. Trigger Control. To that point, those with an itchy trigger finger – or ones who ADS with a high-powered optic frequently – will be punished even moreso than usual in a bigger lobby. Scope glints and accidental fire can easily alert quads to your location, and that intel may be all they need to crush you from all sides.

5. Know your Role. A tip that even applies to traditional Quads, not everyone’s skillset is suited for the assault rifle / sniper rifle combo. Although those weapons fit common situations within the Warzone, there are times where a shotgun, launcher, or even a Riot Shield could be the best weapon for survival. In other words, play to your individual strengths to add up to well-rounded Quad.