Shatter Time and Space with new gameplay unveiled in Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time

Dingodile is Back… And He’s Playable!

After retiring his old ways of villainy, Dingodile settled down to live his life-long dream of owning and operating a diner… Only to have it destroyed before his very eyes, and for him to be sucked into another dimension.

Well, It’s About Time for him to find out what went wrong. In Crash 4 you’ll be able to play levels as Dingodile to alter the storytelling perspective and discover some fun new mechanics, similar to the Neo Cortex levels that have been discussed previously. Dingodile can use his vacuum gun to hover and suck up TNT crates to launch at enemies, as well as indulge in some crocodile tail-spinning fun.

Consider these fun alternative perspectives of the Bandicoot’s quest to save the multiverse… Or more importantly, Dingodile’s ill-fated diner.

Earnable Skins (er… furs?) to Show Off Your Achievements

During the original trilogy, Crash and Coco sometimes donned outfits to blend into their time period or environment, such as biker jackets for motorcycle races or scuba gear for water levels.

For It’s About Time, these fun cosmetic changes for Crash and Coco can now be earned – and used across all levels – by completing in-game challenges and earning gems.

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