Rolling Past the First 50 Officer Challenges of Season Four

Downtown – In Warzone, start Contracts in the Downtown area 30 times – Rank 76 (12,000 XP)

TECHNICALLY, you don’t HAVE to complete the Contracts in Downtown, as you only need to start them.

So rush in to grab those Contracts, and if you wind up completing them, then consider it a bonus.

Two to Tango – Get 125 Kills using a weapon with 2 attachments – Rank 77 (6,000 XP)

While not difficult, bear in mind that this challenge – and the Throwing Knife one all the way at Rank 136 – overlap with the challenges for Azur’s Tier 40 Operator Mission set. Combine and conquer, friends.

Gas Mask – In Warzone, survive in the gas for 25 seconds – Rank 88 (12,000 XP)

Completing this challenge may come naturally. However, if you are incredibly gas-averse and avoid the danger zone at all costs, purchase yourself a Gas Mask, go out to the edge of the safe zone when it isn’t collapsing, and step out of it for a few seconds to log some time towards this challenge.

Killstreaker – Call in 5 Killstreaks in a match 5 times – Rank 95 (6,000 XP)

Roughly, this equates to $15,000 worth of Killstreaks in Warzone. Playing Plunder and using the Kill Chain perk – which increases the chances of Killstreaks found in Supply Boxes – can make this challenge easier.

Alternatively, you could try running the Hardline perk in Multiplayer and rack up two-Killstreak Personal Radars or Shield Turrets.

Champion – In Warzone, Finish in the top 30% 2 times – Rank 96 (1,500 XP)

Having trouble completing this one? Don’t go it alone; call up some friends and play Duos, Trios, or Quads…

And have them carry you to a top 30% placement twice! 

Just be sure to thank them afterwards, okay?

Or, just read the Warzone guide and step up your game.

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