Incoming Reinforcements – Warzone™ Subway System, Return of Farah and Nikolai Highlight a packed Season Six of Modern Warfare®

Operator Skins and Finishing Move: Expect over two dozen skins, including those available through additional Battle Pass Missions, that cover a wide range of Operators across both factions, including “On the Rocks” Gaz, “Off Grid” Domino and, at Tier 90, the “Yenisey” Bale skin. Also, prepare to sic “Edward,” a pet bat, on your enemies with a Finishing Move that bears his name. 

Screwdriver Combat Knife Blueprint: In tandem with the Tier 0 Minotaur skin, the “Innocence Lost” Combat Knife blueprint provides a further reference to a pivotal moment in the game’s Campaign, modelling this variant after a Screwdriver Farah used to save her and her brother’s lives.

Blueprints: Bolster your arsenal with new blueprint weapons in addition to the “Innocence Lost” melee weapon and the four free blueprints on offer. Blueprints available after Battle Pass purchase include three handguns, three SMGs, three assault rifles, two shotguns, three LMGs, three marksman rifles, and one sniper rifle.

Vehicle Skins: Get a fresh, Halloween-inspired exterior for four different Warzone vehicles – the “Mutated” ATV, “Flight of Torment” Helicopter, “From the Deep” SUV and “Stained” Tac Rover skins – as part of the Season Six Battle Pass.

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: SP-R 208

Primary: SP-R 208

Tac Laser, .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Mags, Variable Zoom Scope, Sloan KR-600 Feather, XRK SP-LITE 208 Blitz

Secondary: Kali Sticks  

Perks: Scavenger, Hardline, Amped

Equipment: Throwing Knife, Stim

While not kitted for maximum speed, this configuration is a great fit for those searching for their next big feed to finish out their Modern Warfare montage.

The Tac Laser and XRK SP-LITE 208 Blitz Stock speeds up ADS time significantly, with the latter being the only attachment on the weapon to quicken sprint to fire speed. That will play well when sniping on the move and hitting rapid quickscopes with the aid of the faster bolt assembly modification, and the Variable Zoom scope. Finally, the .338 Lapua Mag ammo conversion is here to provide a substantial damage buff.

Whenever this rifle isn’t being used, whip out the Kali Sticks to move extremely fast towards that next potential montage clip spot. The Throwing Knife can be used to get awesome bank shot kills, while Stim is great for recovering health quicker in between feeds.

As for perks, Scavenger helps you resupply that rare .338 Lapua ammo from any downed enemy, Amped will give faster weapon swaps (and weapon swap cancel tricks), and Hardline ensures that every double kill results in a Personal Radar, and every triple gives a UAV, two consolation prizes for barely missing that clip-worthy quad.

These are only just a few ways to configure the SP-R 208 in the Gunsmith. After you earn it within the Battle Pass system, keep levelling it up to see the near-infinite possibilities it provides for your loadouts.

We’ll see you online. 

Stay frosty.

The Modern Warfare® Season Six Battle Pass is Now Live

New Free War Tracks to Blast In Your Vehicles

For the first time, players can unlock up to thirteen new War Tracks all free across numerous tiers, from modern hits to classic Call of Duty tracks. War Tracks play while driving vehicles in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Modern Warfare Pack’ (Tier 11): Relive epic Campaign moments with “Bog Tank Defense” from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, “Extraction Point” from Modern Warfare 2, and “Enter Dubai” from Modern Warfare 3.

War Track Pack: Hip Hop Edition (Tier 28): Get into a combat flow with three hip hop tracks: Jack Harlow’s “WHATS POPPIN’”, DMX’s “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem”, and Clipse’s “Grindin’”.

‘Black Ops Pack’ (Tier 44): Immerse yourself in the sound of deniable operations with four classic tracks from the Black Ops series, including ‘Pentagon’ from the original Black Ops, ‘Adrenaline’ from Black Ops 2, ‘Ignition’ from Black Ops 3, and ‘Inferno’ from Black Ops 4.

War Track Pack: EDM Edition (Tier 64): Top off your Battle Pass War Tracks collection with a music pack featuring three electronic grooves. Bring a smile to the enemy’s face before you send them off to the Gulag.

New Free Functional Weapons

Season Six adds two new weapons to the arsenal, free to earn by all players.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies – A New Beginning

A Connected, Thrilling Experience Across Modes and Platforms

Whether you’re a long-time Zombies veteran who also plays Multiplayer, or a first-time Call of Duty player completely new to Zombies, expect to drop into the fun faster than ever before with friends and the greater community, no matter the platform or generation you play on.

Here are just some of the updates to Zombies in Black Ops Cold War:

Cross-Play and Cross-Gen

Just like Multiplayer, squads in Zombies can be formed across platforms and generations, marking the first time in franchise history this co-op mode is available via cross-play.

Battle Pass Progression and Loadouts

Players will now advance through the Battle Pass with time played in Zombies, similar to Multiplayer and Call of Duty: Warzone™.  Requiem team members can also start the match with their Gunsmith-crafted weapon of choice via loadout support.

Weapon Rarity

In addition to the return of the Pack-a-Punch machine to transform your weapon, all weapons will now have a rarity associated with them. The higher the rarity, the greater the damage output and attachments for the weapon. For the first time, this will allow any weapon in the game to be sustainable in later rounds. This also adds more variety and fun to finding new weapons through Wall Buys and the Mystery Box.

Field Upgrades

Outside of weaponry, players can deploy Field Upgrades as proactive abilities that add another layer to squad-based tactics.

Charge them up by killing zombies, then deploy them in times of desperate need. From offensive buffs to abilities that aid in evasion or healing and reviving, these Field Upgrades are made to fit numerous playstyles and situations.


Around the map, you can craft and find lethal, tactical, and support equipment.

Lethal and tactical equipment are similar to the equipment found in Multiplayer, like Frag Grenades, while support equipment is home to high-powered offensive weaponry. This slot could be where you deploy Grenade Launchers, Sentry Turrets, Explosive Bows and even Chopper Gunners – all tools that can deliver a massive power spike when your squad needs it most.


Classic Zombies Perks are back with a reimagined Cold War aesthetic, including the return of timeless favorites like Juggernog and Speed Cola. 

There’s no longer a limit to how many different Perks you can consume, so go ahead and crack open a six-pack, if you have the points to do so.


Instead of perishing to the horde, Black Ops Cold War Zombies provides a new option to escape with your life when you’re feeling overrun… if you dare.

If the whole squad is in trouble, you can opt to exfiltrate the undead combat zone via helicopter. Although zombie spawns will be dialed up to 11, you should expect to earn some rewards if your squad completes this final push to survive.

Stay tuned for more intel from Treyarch and announcements on returning and new features for Zombies… but expect some surprises to stay redacted until launch. This is a Black Ops game, after all.

Unlock the New Hacker Battle Royale Class

5 Tips for Mastering the Hacker Class

1. Suspect enemies in the area? The Hacker’s Ice Pick gadget displays the number of enemy players being affected by your hack, making it a great tool both for disabling their intel and improving your own. 

2. If you haven’t yet explored the latest areas added last season, the Hacker is the perfect class for doing so. Outpost and Dormitory in the north and Radar Base on the coast are particularly worth a visit, as the Hacker’s Ice Pick ability will disable enemy radar across the settlement, giving you the upper hand in hunting them down.

3. For even more disabling power, visit a chip upgrade terminal to boost your Ice Pick’s range and duration, giving you the power to shut down huge swaths of territory for 30 seconds at a time.

4. The Ice Pick isn’t just helpful in setting up an attack but can be a great tool when you need to make an escape, too. If you risk getting outnumbered by an incoming squad, activate your Ice Pick ability, hop onto a vehicle, and get out of there. 

5. Remember that the Hacker’s passive Hard Wired ability keeps you off the mini-map of enemy players, making this a great class for aggressive players who like to be the first to an area. Get in, set up for incoming enemies, and take them down as they waltz in unsuspecting.

Good luck. We’ll see you online.

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Broadcast

10 Tips

10. Explore Everything. First time here? It’s easy to get caught up in and around the central broadcasting room, but there’s so much more to explore. Check out the rooftop and the upper floor, and get familiar with the parking lot, too. The more space you command, the better.

9. Scan the Room. Try using the Snapshot Grenade to mark enemies in the main broadcasting room or up on the rooftop. Lead with the grenade, note the greatest threats, and then rush in and eliminate them before they can react.

8. Up, Up. We said it above and we’ll say it again: height matters in Broadcast. Use the ground floor to capture objectives and to move from one area to the next but favor the height advantage whenever possible.

7. Shotgun in the Stairs. The stairs connecting the hallway and lower roof are crammed in a small space, perfect for shotgun users to blast enemies at close range. In Domination, you can move between the stairs and the C Flag. But tread carefully and avoid getting pulled into long-distance engagements in the main broadcasting room or the parking lot.

6. Hit Up BCH4 TV in Warzone™. Warzone players will recognize Broadcast’s layout from the BCH4 TV Station located just northwest of Verdansk Stadium. Stop by and loot up in your Battle Royale and Plunder matches so you’re already warmed up when you switch back over to Multiplayer.

5. Smile for the Camera. Pick the Recon Drone Field Upgrade to mark enemies for your team, a valuable asset when determining whether to focus on the TV station or the parking lot. Navigate into the main lobby to tag enemies in both locations.

4. Patch Up with Quick Fix. In heated encounters you’ll fight enemy after enemy and Quick Fix will keep you in top shape after each engagement. You’ll also regenerate health faster while capturing and holding objectives, so get on that point, soldier.

3. Turn it Around. The broadcast station’s hallways and upper floor are prime locations to run into enemy Claymores and Proximity Mines. Use Spotter to find and hack them, turning their lethality on the enemy team.

2. Set Your Spawn. The Tactical Insertion is another valuable field upgrade to consider here. Set your spawn on the rooftop or in the back parking lot. This is especially useful for snipers utilizing long sight lines along the edges of the map.

1. Lights, Camera, Action! Broadcast is a classic Multiplayer map set up for epic gunfights and relentless action. Keep playing, find the loadouts that work best for you, and become the star you’re destined to be. There’s no time like the present.

Stay frosty and see you online. 

It’s About Time Available Now — Save the Multiverse in this New Original Adventure

Flashback Tapes and N. Verted Mode

Hungry for the toughest platforming challenges you can get your hands on? Scattered throughout the game, Flashback Tapes lie along various main path levels. However, you can only collect them if you can reach their location without dying. These tapes unlock Flashback levels that take Crash and Coco back in time to the ‘90s to encounter Neo Cortex’s most challenging crate puzzles.

And it gets crazier. Toys for Bob teamed up with Beenox to develop the new N. Verted mode unlocked after beating the final level in the 4th dimension. N. Verted levels mark a creative and challenging twist on the traditional mirror mode, featuring new art styles like an old timey film reel or black and white levels that Crash coats with color after every spin. These aren’t always just visual changes, either, sometimes they affect the way you replay levels in new and interesting ways.

Do it All in Style with Earnable Skins

If you’re going to restore order to the multiverse, you might as well look good while doing it. Luckily, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is packed with wacky skins to match every mood and occasion. Skins are earned by collecting gems within each level, with each level sporting its own unique skin. Players can find gems on a normal playthrough and collect additional gems when playing in N. Verted mode. Lookin’ good, marsupial.

Compete Against Friends in Bandicoot Battle

Prove your spot as top marsupial in Bandicoot Battle, a local competitive mode where two to four players can compete head to head. See who’s the fastest as you race to the finish line in Checkpoint Races or get smashing and try for the highest score in Crate Combo. If you prefer to cooperate, load up Pass N. Play and take turns progressing through levels in normal or N. Verted mode. All competitive and cooperative modes only require a single controller, so you can pass, play, and easily join in on Crash’s misadventures.   

Ten Reasons Why You Should Complete Season Six’s Missions and Challenges

Operation: Rank Up Report #0046

Day 329 – 10:20:31 PST

Somewhere in California

AGB – Lead Writer

Season Six is here, and with it comes a ton of value through its Battle Pass and Missions. Thanks to another Triple Double XP weekend, these Missions are ready to provide a boatload of XP on top of their existing rewards, which are worthy of an entire Rank Up Report detailing how badass they are.

Let’s get to ranking up… and earning ten Epic and Legendary Operator skins and blueprints along the way.

Operator of the Week

The first featured Operator duo of the season combines elite forces from Multiplayer and a hero from Campaign:

On the left is the Allegiance’s Syd in her Red Menace skin, which is part of the new ‘Undead Forces’ Store bundle. 

She’s joined by Farah in her ‘Unbroken Will’ skin, unlocked as part of Season Six Battle Pass’ Tier 0 through her Operator Mission… Which immediately brings us to our Top Rank Up Tip for this season’s opening weekend:

Top Rank Up Tip – Complete Those Season Six Challenges!

Season Six brings a serious amount of value to Modern Warfare® and Warzone™ players not just within the Battle Pass, but also in various free Missions.

I’ve already highlighted how crucial these Missions are in ranking up; completing these challenges will grant you hundreds of thousands of bonus XP, not to mention dozens of items for your Armory, Operators, and Identity. There is no better time to complete these Missions now, as the Triple Double XP weekend doubles the value of all XP earned through these objectives. 

However, just to re-emphasize their importance, here’s a quick look at ten Mission rewards I’ve been working towards since the season started, beginning with the obvious…

1. Farah – Unbroken Will

Beenox Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Thomas Wilson, Co-Studio Head, Beenox

“We had everything to prove and there’s nothing I like more than a good challenge,” Wilson said. “Recruiting experienced individuals proved to be a challenge back in 2005, so we turned to schools and hired what we considered the be most promising candidates of each program. In two years’ time, we shipped our first original title (published by Activision) with a team of young, talented and passionate game developers.”

In December 2012, Wilson stepped into the role of co-studio head, helping to lead Beenox toward collaborative efforts with fellow studios Toys for Bob and Vicarious Visions on the Skylanders series. Meanwhile Nour Polloni started a year prior as a Senior Producer.

“The speed in which the team adapted to this new universe, the passion that was invested in each aspect of the game, the deep commitment to quality and respect to the license was inspiring,” Polloni said. “The teamwork and mutual support between team members to accomplish our goals, not just within Beenox, but also with our partner studio, confirmed to me even more that Beenox is an incredible studio to be part of.”

This versatility brought them to assist with another franchise starting in 2015: Call of Duty. Their efforts began initially with a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 port to previous-gen consoles, which then led to a collaboration with Raven Software to develop Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered in 2016.

In 2018, Beenox would emerge as the franchise’s official PC studio starting with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, working closely with Treyarch, where they also provided development support for some of the game’s Multiplayer content.