Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: ISO

Available at Tier 85 in the Season Five Battle Pass, the Conduit includes the FSS Revolution, the third-longest barrel attachment, which gives better bullet velocity and damage range to this weapon. The Commando Foregrip combines aiming and recoil stability benefits, while the 30 Round Mags and FTAC Vanguard Stock up your magazine size and aim down sight (ADS) speed, respectively.

With the included Viper Reflex Sight for a more precise sight picture, you have one well balanced SMG in your loadout, no matter the game mode.

Made it to the final circle of a Battle Royale? This weapon is built for that crucial short to medium range game-winning engagement. Exploring Stadium to gain some serious Cash in Plunder? This weapon is great in hallways or in individual rooms, and not so much for sniping across the pitch. What about in Multiplayer, where key chokepoint defenses or advances can be the difference between victory and defeat? Stick close to cover and away from long sightlines, and this weapon will help lead you to that hard-earned W.

Here’s a loadout you could use with this blueprint for Warzone™ and Multiplayer:

Primary: The Conduit Blueprint

Secondary: Kali Sticks

Perks: Kill Chain, Hardline, Tune Up

Equipment: Molotov Cocktail, Decoy Grenade

This class, built for CQB engagements, has dual use in both modes… right down to its perks:

The Kali Sticks are the fastest melee weapon in the game currently, allowing your Operator to run across a Multiplayer map or Verdansk swiftly.

Kill Chain is a dual-threat Perk 1: it counts Killstreak kills (earned and used during the current life) towards your next Killstreak in Multiplayer, and provides a raw increase to Killstreak drop rates out of Supply Boxes in Warzone.

Hardline is another dual-threat, as it reduces all Killstreaks by one in Multiplayer, or reduces Buy Station Prices in Warzone.

The third perk with differing uses across Multiplayer and Warzone is Tune Up, which cuts Field Upgrade time by 40% (MP) or reduces revive time by 25% (WZ). Use this with Dead Silence in Multiplayer to use silenced and quicker movement more often, or be that speedy reviving savior for your Warzone squad.

As for Equipment, a Molotov does great damage to both enemies and vehicles, while the Decoy can confound your opponents as you rush in from elsewhere for the wipe.

Two Warzone Loadout Suggestions

1. Plat Power

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