Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Suldal Harbor

10 Tips

10. Smoke ‘Em. A Smoke Grenade can cause a lot of confusion here. Throw one down and take the objective or use it to block out a sight line as you change position. Try using one by the center Forklift when there’s a lot of fighting going on. 

9. When They Go Left, You Go Right. While it’s typically good practice to stick with your teammates, it can be a death sentence in the confines of Harbor, granting the enemy an easy multi-kill. Instead, stick to the general area your teammates are in, but try taking a different path and attack from multiple angles.

8. Climb Everything. Harbor is full of climbable objects to get up on crates and other vantage points. Climb up the crates in Containers up north and around the western Courtyard. While they’re running in a maze below, you’ve got a bird’s eye view.

7. Hall Monitor, Coming Through. If you’ve become a fan of the Kali Sticks and Dual Kodachis, stick to the middle buildings and beat up enemy players sprinting through the confined interiors. If you still need to unlock those melee weapons, equip the knife and get to work on their respective challenges.

6. More Perks, Please. Specialist works wonders here for an Operator on the roll. Buff up by stacking perks like E.O.D. and Quick Fix, Amped and Spotter, or whatever combination of perks you prefer to grant a growing advantage as you steamroll the enemy team

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