Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Broadcast

10 Tips

10. Explore Everything. First time here? It’s easy to get caught up in and around the central broadcasting room, but there’s so much more to explore. Check out the rooftop and the upper floor, and get familiar with the parking lot, too. The more space you command, the better.

9. Scan the Room. Try using the Snapshot Grenade to mark enemies in the main broadcasting room or up on the rooftop. Lead with the grenade, note the greatest threats, and then rush in and eliminate them before they can react.

8. Up, Up. We said it above and we’ll say it again: height matters in Broadcast. Use the ground floor to capture objectives and to move from one area to the next but favor the height advantage whenever possible.

7. Shotgun in the Stairs. The stairs connecting the hallway and lower roof are crammed in a small space, perfect for shotgun users to blast enemies at close range. In Domination, you can move between the stairs and the C Flag. But tread carefully and avoid getting pulled into long-distance engagements in the main broadcasting room or the parking lot.

6. Hit Up BCH4 TV in Warzone™. Warzone players will recognize Broadcast’s layout from the BCH4 TV Station located just northwest of Verdansk Stadium. Stop by and loot up in your Battle Royale and Plunder matches so you’re already warmed up when you switch back over to Multiplayer.

5. Smile for the Camera. Pick the Recon Drone Field Upgrade to mark enemies for your team, a valuable asset when determining whether to focus on the TV station or the parking lot. Navigate into the main lobby to tag enemies in both locations.

4. Patch Up with Quick Fix. In heated encounters you’ll fight enemy after enemy and Quick Fix will keep you in top shape after each engagement. You’ll also regenerate health faster while capturing and holding objectives, so get on that point, soldier.

3. Turn it Around. The broadcast station’s hallways and upper floor are prime locations to run into enemy Claymores and Proximity Mines. Use Spotter to find and hack them, turning their lethality on the enemy team.

2. Set Your Spawn. The Tactical Insertion is another valuable field upgrade to consider here. Set your spawn on the rooftop or in the back parking lot. This is especially useful for snipers utilizing long sight lines along the edges of the map.

1. Lights, Camera, Action! Broadcast is a classic Multiplayer map set up for epic gunfights and relentless action. Keep playing, find the loadouts that work best for you, and become the star you’re destined to be. There’s no time like the present.

Stay frosty and see you online. 

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